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These are actually my first belly bump pictures of this pregnancy, taken minutes ago. 27 weeks and 5 days.



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Everyone looks great! I will take a new one Friday at 30 weeks! 

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27 weeks


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Catwmandu- Super cute pic! Very sweet innocent.gif
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catwmandu- Great picture!! What a sweetie you have there :)

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30 weeks

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Love that belly photo tspencer!

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Thanks! It looks like my little Gloria wanted to escape! lol She always wants to run in and be in the picture without actually posing with me! 

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So cute, all of you! Love to see the little ones in addition to their glowing mamas!


I am hoping to get my daughter to take some nice ones of me at some point, and maybe between her and the husband, we can have some professional looking photos of me with each of them.

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Oh, you are all so adorable! Beautiful, beautiful women. I am so lazy--I still haven't taken a single belly pic, but now I am definitely showing so I need to get to it! It's crazy, I'm as big now at 28 weeks as I was at 33 weeks last time. Started getting comments from strangers all of a sudden, which hardly ever happened before.
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Jello Panda - way too cute! 


here is my 28 week halloween shot 


Quin got in on this one too :)

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Love bug- So cute! I love that you dressed your bump! :thumb

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Such cute bumps!!!  :D

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30 weeks. :)

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Here is my first belly shot.  I think I need to take one with a regular camera when it's not dark inside and out!  Almost 36 weeks!


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Cutie belly bumps ladies! :D

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Cwill- You look great! Very cute! 

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This is me at 36 weeks.  We had a maternity photo shoot in our living room a couple weeks ago.  The bump has been officially documented!!

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Here I am at 36 weeks! 

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