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You guys look fabulous!!!!!

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Oh man. Now I really need a real picture. You guys are you too cute!

Kelly, your bare belly is perfect! And tspencer, you've still got the pregnancy glow.
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I want a real photo too!!! Maybe I can get my daughter or my photographer BFF to capture some over the holidays. Life has just been too busy lately!


You all inspired me to take one, the light is not great in my place, but you get the idea!



Edited to add: 35 weeks tomorrow!

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33 weeks. Barely anything fits the belly anymore!

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Yeah, you all look amazing! I STILL haven't taken a belly shot--I can never get a good one one my own, and I never remember to ask DH. Maybe over Christmas break.
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This was last week at 34 weeks.
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33 weeks!
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Had to share one of my and my SIL. I'm due the 10th and she is due the 18th!! 

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Ahhhhh! First time for me in this thread...everyone has me tearing up! You are all so gorgeous. Love seeing the bellies and our babies.
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Me at 33 wks//almost 37 now!
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Another from 33 wks shoot
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Ok last one I promise haha...these were fun to take though
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Love them, OrchideZ!  They're a nice contrast to tspencer's snowy ones. 


Oh and I love the SIL picture, tspencer.  So cute.

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Mrs Calvi- That's a cute idea. Did you use that for a xmas card?


tspencer- Adorable!! How cool that you have a fam member due around the same time.


orchide- How beautiful! The second one looks like you have angels surrounding you!

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35 weeks
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pamelaRRRR- Cute! 

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I thought I should add our Xmas card since it's got my bump in it...this was taken a month ago in wk 34 at our Waldorf school's Faire.
From our icy lair in Narnia, we send you tidings of cheer...LOL
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OK just one more from my photo shoot. I had to share a family picture! 

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