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Needing to transition

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I am looking for some help with ways to transition my 13 month towards solids or alternative formula.


After a very sleep deprived period, along with extended bf with my first dd, which impacted my marriage and health negatively-I decided that I would not go as long with with my second dd. My goal was to do gentle weaning by the time she is 2 years old. So here we are-my health is starting to suffer and I know in part it is due to 4-6 night wakings with the youngest dd (13months).


We are starting a gentle night weaning process tonight. So that is the first step. 


In addition, my milk supply is not great even though she is at about 90% bf. I feel very confident that I want to move towards a change where dd is getting more nutrition from alternative formula than breast milk. I tried the Sally Falon recipe, but it appears she is allergic to raw cows milk-she broke out in hives-the same reaction she gets from eggs.


Any suggestions towards gentle and nutritious transition foods and milk alternatives that don't involve cow milk. Something she can have in a bottle for comfort and nutrition  because she is just not that interested in solids.


I am not looking for "stick it out": advice. It was a very harmful strategy with my first, and I wish I had heeded the messages my body was sending me earlier. Thanks

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Hi Lily and Lucy and welcome to Mothering! have you read the Mama-Led Weaning Support thread? It's in this forum. I'll bump it up for you but the link is: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1146938/mama-led-weaning-support-thread


Good luck!

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Hi Lily and Lucy!

I'm sorry but I don't know much about alternative formula. My dd had issues with cow's milk and we switched her to a soy based formula but not sure I'd do that again. Have you tried goat or sheep's milk as an alternative to cow's milk?

Also just wanted to say congrats on breastfeeding your LO for 13 months! A wonderful achievement to be proud of. Hope everything is going well with weaning, we're embarking on that journey too (mother led) so just wanted to offer my support smile.gif
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