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I see Jaimee's Facebook posts, but recently she's been posting the same thing over here. wink1.gif

Sara, we may be. His would be the kind who hoard computer equipment so they can post YouTube videos about it's awesomeness.

Dd1 came home knowing that we could see the space station pass over at a certain time. We went out and saw it. Awesome.

She tried out for academic bowl (quiz bowl) yesterday, which is like sports for her. The coaches said girls don't usually make it because they hesitate before they ring in while boys always think they are right. We are waiting to see if she made the first cut. It will be posted by noon tomorrow. Three more try outs next week. I am nervous for her.
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Nicole, I said you're the coolest among us. And Mal. The rest of us pass on Doritos.

Amanda, very cool about quiz bowl. I hope she makes it because quiz bowl is awesome and seriously about the girls vs boys thing?
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Super cool about the quiz bowl. I was always athletic but I also really enjoyed being a nerd and doing spelling bees. Good luck to her!

My parents are watching Conner tonight. It's 1040. He's still awake. I'm really irritated.
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The girls vs boys thing was said very matter of factly and a bit sadly by the female coach. I think it was a pep talk to the girls? I have noticed how girls are not on the teams the older the kids get. And I've talked to dd about this. I always thought it was because girls didn't think it was cool.

Nicole, one late night will be okay.
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There weren't many girls on my team, but it was a really small school and we had to recruit.

Nicole, he'll just sleep later tomorrow, right?
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He will. Hopefully. Unless they wake him up with their loud ass mouths in the morning. I know I just need to chill out.
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No, family acting badly when you are super pregnant is not cool. Anyone would be pissed.
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I don't think I'd be reacting like this if it was a solo incident. It's just been the whole week and their ridiculous behavior.

I checked my BP at work tonight. 132/86.
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Nicole, how much longer will you have company? Do you know this song


Amanda, you can get mobile alerts when the space station is about to pass overhead. 


Early risers, Hopefully you all managed to sleep in today. I almost made it to 6 today. Hot damn. And I got an email that I need to teach trig to a bunch of kids who may or may not have any algebra experience. There was a division in the homeschool co-op over the summer and all the artsy folks formed a new group so the new group thrills O but not A. Because there are fewer families now, and the guy who taught all the cool science classes moved away (seriously thought O was going to cry), I told the kids' mama to sign me up to assist with anything science or math and I would brush up. So I guess I'm teaching the math portion of a 10-16 rocketry class. 

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We're early rising over here lately b/c Avery is going to bed at a decent time (8:30ish) and waking up at 4:45am.  I'm in the other room (due to night weaning) so he comes in and gets me.  Dh doesn't even know he's left the bed (massive difference between mom and dad bedsharing).  So I bring him back in to dh b/c I'm not nursing at 4:45am.  Dh attempts to get him back to sleep and despite me locking him in the room with dh, Avery manages to get out and find me again around 5:50 or 6am.  I nurse him then hoping he'll settle back down.  Today I took him back to dh, but no luck.  Right after I laid back down I heard Avery out my window.  He had run downstairs, out the back door, and into the neighbor's yard (we have a fence with a gate that apparently was left open).  So it's 6am and Avery is playing in the neighbor's yard.  I throw on clothes and go running downstairs and find dh in the bathroom.  Finally we corral Avery and dh is all pissed and handling him roughly.  He is uber grumpy.  And then he throws a line at me like, "I never did this sh*t to you when you were sleeping with him" (he's referring to me dropping Avery back off with him when he leaves the room).  Hmmm...  Well, Avery never left the room while I was bedsharing with him.  In fact, when I was bedsharing with all of our children for oh, SEVEN YEARS, I was waking up with them all. the. time.  Oh, and I've never left for weeks for conferences, requiring him to look after all the kids 24 hours a day, you know, while they're coughing, puking, peeing, rolling around, and oh yes, nursing.  I know in my logical head that his comments and behavior are due to sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation that ruins you.  I get it.  I've been there.  And that's exactly the point.  I've been there for years and years and years.  Now he's getting it for a few months and he can't see that this is what I've been dealing with?  That this is what MY life has been like?  He can't empathize?  Well, if he can't keep his sh*t together then he should recognize that I've been doing a pretty spectacular job for the last seven years.  He can complain all he wants, but when he throws it back on ME?!  Like I should be picking up the slack he can't handle in the morning?  Um...


There, see?  A rant from me.  Joanie, rant away.  That's what we're here for! 


Good luck on the trig stuff, Sara!  Trig is not my favorite unless it's just the basic sine, cosine, tangent of right triangles.  That's easy to remember.  The rest?   Blech.  I love teaching algebra, though. 


Cool about the space station... I didn't hear that one.  Not that I'm ever outside at night anymore. 


Amanda, I've got my fingers crossed for your dd that she makes the first cut.  Let us know!


Nicole, I hope they don't ruin Conner's schedule too much for you.  That's lame. 

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Sara, I've been deleting a lot lately, for sure. I've been way stressed. My last semester of school starts in 10 days. Expect more blank/deleted posts from me. LOL


Amanda, I missed something along the way, but were you referring to your husband as being a computer component YouTube-posting junkie? If that is the case, he seriously has to come along to our meet-up because I'm bringing my DH for sure and he is the uber-tech guy who reviews computer components and has an entire guest bedroom/office full of equipment (grrrr). They may get along! My DH is an introvert hiding in an extrovert's body, so he just needs some nudging in the socializing department. winky.gif


I slept in until 6:20am! WOOHOO! Exciting, but I would kill for some coffee. I just spent two days getting out of the vicious caffeine cycle and my sleep is a million times better, but my mornings aren't as enjoyable without a few cups of coffee. I had gotten my mix down to a science... Breakfast blend w/ cocoa powder and vanilla stevia. Tastes like the best caffeinated hot chocolate ever with none of the calories. So sad... Time to go make some tea... teapot2.GIF

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Sara, I just woke up. I made it to 7 today, woot! I had 2 beers last night. Maybe that helped.

Amanda, a friend of mine has those same nerdy hipster glasses with the math symbols. I love them! And you're right about me, I'm not much of a geek. DH's geekiest rubs off on me a little though. I am a bit of a Dr. Who fan, does that make me geeky?

Joanie, hope sora is okay this morning. And I hope you're not taking the reactions here personally. As someone said up thread, we all have different levels of comfort. Greta has been jumping off the coffee table onto the couch lately, but the kid is such a daredevil. If it's not dangerous enough for her liking she will push the table back farther away from the couch. She's like a ninja when she jumps. It makes me nervous but I don't usually stop her. DH doesn't allow it in his presence.

We got the house!!!! It was late by the time the renters were out so we didn't get much accomplished with moving. We waited until the girls were asleep, left them with my dad, loaded up the truck with some boxes and spent a few hours just hanging out in our new house together. We had to christen the new place, iykwim. Best date ever. Moving day is today!
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hug2.gif Jaimee, thanks for sharing a rant! Wow @ Avery being determined to get a head start to his day. Going outside bright and early?! Jeesh. I'm sorry night-weaning is presenting some challenges in the early morn. HEY - Jaimee's DH - suck it up for a few weeks, will ya?! smile.gif

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Yay for moving, Mal! New house christening is the best. LOL!

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Oh and Jaimee, I don't think there's an Ashley in my other DDC. I know Courtney keeps in touch with at least one of her other ddc's though, so she probably knows her from there. smile.gif
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And you ladies don't move too fast while I'm away moving today! It's going to be at least a few days before I have Internet access at the new house, so you probably won't be hearing much out of me for a minute.
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We're up. 8am.

Screaming nephew, loud ass sister, coughing dad, TV for a deaf person... I'm not surprised.

I'm pissed. Tired. Sore. Still pregnant.

They'll be here until the 31st. My oldest sister is adding herself to the mix on Tuesday.
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Congrats on the house, Mal. Have fun moving. Christening the house is the first thing we did, too. smile.gif

Jaimee, sorry your DH is being a bone head. They really are clueless sometimes, aren't they? I could go on a huge rant about my DH right now, but it's just sleep deprivation talking and I already have enough keeping me pissed ATM. =) Happy thoughts.

I am going to the drive in tonight. One final date before Layla comes. I'm excited.
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

Oh and Jaimee, I don't think there's an Ashley in my other DDC. I know Courtney keeps in touch with at least one of her other ddc's though, so she probably knows her from there. smile.gif

Unless Courtney has a younger kid that's just over a year, then you two must be in the same club for your older kids.  Ashley has a girl that turned 4 a couple months ago, just like Owyn.

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Jaimee, Yikes! I'm glad he made noise! I'd have been murderous if one of the babies got out of the house on someone else's watch. 


Mal, enjoy the new house! 


Nicole, that's a long time.


I just sprayed pesticide all over my yard.The mosquitoes are too much. Half an hour in the yard, covered in DEET and Shay has at least 20 new mosquito bites.


Oh, and all the buttons on the back of my camera quit working, so I can't turn off the flash or change settings. The bites are way darker without the flash washing them out.

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