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139/93. =/

I'm at work so I don't have time to chime in with the actual conversation, sorry.
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My experience with raising a boy and girls, is that there are clear differences from very early on.  I used to nanny for a little girl when Cyan was a toddler.  We basically only had boy toys in the house, cars, legos, trains, etc.  Cyan would line all the cars up and crash them off of the table and Eve would make all the cars have little conversations and then put them to sleep, feed them, etc.  Girls and boys are generally different, but that doesn't mean that girls can't excel in the sciences.  I think that all children should be allowed to do what they are passionate about, not what they feel pressured to do.  An opposite example is, my female cousin, who is currently in college, is going into mechanical engineering.  Both her parents are engineers.  She really doesn't seem to be doing it because she want too.  She seems to be doing it because it's part of her family's expectations.  She really should be a kindergarten teacher or something.  It really can go both ways...  


Nicole, you better watch out with the matchbox cars.. It's a slippery slope to owning 5,000 of them.  ;)  I used to buy DS one every time we went shopping.  He would be happy to sit in the cart and stare at the package until we were done.  It was totally worth $1.00!


My tiny parenting rant for the morning.  Last night O came in, stood next to our bed and peed on the floor.  I nudged DH and asked him to get up to help her.  He then rolled over, grumbled and went back to sleep.  I nudged him again, this time he sat up, moved to the end of the bed and then proceeded to lay back down and pull the covers up.  So I hit him, which is when he woke up and said that I didn't even give him a chance.  Ha!  I got up and dealt with it and he fell right back to sleep.  The only thing he remembers this morning is that I told him not to worry about it.  :/  I think men really just aren't that capable of night-time parenting.

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Oh, and mosquito bites..  This year has been terrible in a lot of places.  Not only are there a lot, but there seem to be more people having terrible reactions this year.  I bought some natural EO blend and it works quite well.  It smells like bug spray and hippies, but it is about 95% effective, which is great for a natural product.  O has been having TERRIBLE allergic reactions this year, she gets a 2-3" welt that bruises and sometimes blisters.  :(

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We raised Avalon pretty gender neutral, too, and she ended up learning about and loving and obsessing over fairies and princesses anyway.  Austin had all the same toys Avalon did and somehow became obsessed by tractors and construction vehicles.  He plays with the baby strollers too, but he and Avery use them to play bumper strollers, crashing into everything.

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Strollers are the most popular toy in my house. They all like to ride in them.
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Sora is able to rough-house with the boys but doesn't dig into dirt much. She is at daycare with 7 females (including the DCP), so I'm not expecting her to pick up much "boyish" behavior. twins.gif They paint toenails every week, play dress-up, take care of baby dolls, etc. There are lots of other male-oriented toys there, as there used to be boys at the daycare, but the girls just follow suit with one another in activities nowadays. I tend to think a kid is going to grow up to be whatever they are destined to be regardless of if they play with cars or play with dolls (simply speaking). I was a totally nurturing doll-playing kid, into the creative arts and musically/vocally inclined, but I grew up in the direction of the maths and sciences. I have a super logical brain. Number calculations, puzzles, grammar, spelling, etc are what I'm best at. Kinda interesting because my oldest sister and I are soooo like-minded with our perfectionism and logical brains, like eerily similar, but she is in a totally different arena with a career in design/lighting technology.

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Nicole, how are you doing? What is the limit for your BP to reach? Sorry I forgot. I hope it goes back down! Are you on your feet a lot at work? Could work be adding stress to your body?

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Nicole, how are you doing? What is the limit for your BP to reach? Sorry I forgot. I hope it goes back down! Are you on your feet a lot at work? Could work be adding stress to your body?

He said 160/100 is delivery time, but I imagine he'll put me on bed rest before then. I am on my feet a lot, if we're busy. I wasn't last night but I have been today.
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So if I were to be induced again, does anyone have any advice to help me to still have a successful VBAC even with Pitocin? Any tricks I can try to move things along...
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JUST KEEP MOVING! That's the only way *I* suggest anyone get through intense contractions and/or to just keep moving baby downward. Or would you be getting an epidural?


My sister's doula mostly assists in hospital labors and said legally you can request not to be hooked up to an IV and stuck in the bed, and you can waive the fetal monitor. They will probably still put an IV into your arm/hand and plug it just in case, but that way you wouldn't be stuck to a machine if you said you didn't want to. Of course, I don't know if it's the same if you're given induction meds or if you're a VBAC. And this was out in Cali. It may be different elsewhere?


Also, may I suggest that you give birth on your side if they'll let you? I thought birthing side-lying was SO effective and comfortable! Next time I want the pool, but hey, I got the baby out in two pushes on my side so I can't complain.

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OH my goodness ... 3 pages since I last was on here... ;)

Eli loves rough housing - I was wondering where all these little blue marks on my arms are from - and then when we were on the couch, I realised it was from Eli! He runs between DH and me, while we are on the couch and just crashes into us. He is super crazy once he gets going... Eli has been pretty grumpy the last few days:(

We are pretty lucky here, there aren't many mosquitoes. I have had a few bites this year, but not many... most are from when we go to the park, there are lots of duck ponds, so I imagine that it is a breading ground for them... I was bitten way more when we visited my inlaws.

I really want another baby but we are living paycheck to paycheck .... :(:(
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Oh, update on Sora. She is still gimpy but not as bad. Will probably take her for an adjustment this week because it looks like her hip is locked up or something. She walks as if she has a wooden leg. Stiff. But at least it appears there's no pain! Whew.
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Last time, I was hooked up to stuff monitoring my BP and the Pitocin, so I couldn't do anything...

No epidural, but I still couldn't get out of bed.

Maybe I should try to self induce now so she comes on her own before they make her come out, haha.
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Nicole, I had 3 natural births and then watched Sara's hospital birth without pitocin and don't think I could have gotten through it without an epidural. Hopefully this time will be smoother all around.
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That's not a bad idea, Nicole.... LOL
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So your doctor is willing to induce? That's really good in the first place! I hear that doctors will usually go straight to c-section if a woman had a previous C because of risk of uterus rupture with induction meds. Not to put that idea in your head or anything, I just thought that was standard protocol.
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I honestly don't know. We haven't talked about it. All we've talked about is how badly I don't want to be induced because I want as much of a chance at a successful VBAC as possible. We haven't talked about my options if I do have to have her before she's ready...

Someone on my DDC posted the recipe for a drink she took that jump started her labor at 38w last time. Maybe I should try it. Walking, sex, and eating pineapples aren't cutting it.
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I have a few thoughts from a medical perspective- first, if you combine pitocin with a VBAC they probably would not let you skip the IV. Your already a hemorrhage and rupture risk, and in case of either of those you need to be medicated and in surgery within minutes, and they need to have access to give you blood quickly, the few minutes it would take to get an IV going or placed could be the difference between life or death, literally. Not to mention Pitocin is an IV drug. So an IV is pretty non optional. And Im not saying VBAC is risky, I'm saying pitocin births have a high hemorrhage rate themselves but a VBAC with pitocin is even higher.

An IV itself won't keep you tied to the bed, though.

Also, is there a certain point of BP elevation where they consider being up and moving or laboring a risk? That's something you should definitely talk to your doctor about. If you wait until it gets to 160/90 or whatever the magic number was, are you no longer a candidate for VBAC where you plan to birth?
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I'll talk to him about all of this on Wednesday at my appointment. I really have no idea. I know it wasn't the Pitocin keeping me bedridden last time, it was the high blood pressure. I spent my entire labor on either my right side or left side.
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I had the opposite problem this last time- my BP was so low they didn't want me laying down. It's very frustrating to not be able to do what our body wants. I will keep my fingers crossed your body tries to expel that child soon!
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