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Coralie can open interior doors with lever handles, but hasn't attempted anything else.


Nicole, I got a lot of stretch marks with #1, and then none with my next 2 pregnancies.  I ended both pregnancies #2 and #3 lighter than with Cyan, which I think made all the difference.  My skin looks just as good now as it did after #1, which I'm thankful for.


Amanda, I have a pic of Cyan when he was about 2 sleeping with a Lightening Mcqueen car.  :)

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I started Conner's pregnancy at 145lbs and ended at 194lbs.


I started this pregnancy at 151lbs and am currently at 189lbs.


Also, I noticed swelling in my ankles/feet today... Please, Layla. COME OUT. This is a race against time.

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Oh Nicole... I hope it's just end of pregnancy stuff and not a sign of induction to come!  I see your changed your siggy and you're 38 weeks now.  Any thoughts on a stretch and sweep at your Wednesday appointment?

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What exactly is that?
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A stretch and sweep is where your care provider inserts a finger or more through the cervix (depending on how dilated your are) and stretches the cervix a bit.  Then they can try to reach all the way through the cervix to the bag of waters.  If they can get through the cervix (sometimes they can't because the cervix is more dilated at the front end and less so at the back), then they can sweep their fingers between the bag of waters and the cervix.  This releases prostaglandins, loosens the plug, and can cause bleeding and contractions.  If the body is primed for labor, it can kick start things.  You can have this done several times if necessary. 


While some women find it uncomfortable, I didn't find it any more so than an internal exam.  So if you're having one of those anyway, you can ask for a stretch and sweep while they are up there.  Risk is extremely minimal.  Concerns would be if the bag of waters has already broken that this (like an internal exam) could introduce bacteria.  But if the sac is still intact there is basically zero risk of infection- even if you're strep B+.  I recall posting studies about this a while back if you're interested.  Studies also showed that those women that received a stretch and sweep went into labor several days earlier than the control group.

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I was negative for Strep B.

He checked me at my last appointment just because I was curious and my cervix was still closed. Can he still do it if I'm still closed?
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Hope your barbecue went well, Joanie!

Nicole, I'm hoping your swelling is just normal stuff. And I wish I had more advice for you. Jaimee is the expert! Just keep us updated.

Abra, I guess McQueen is timeless.

Sara, he's had two haircuts. My dh likes it short. I'd like it to grow out (it's curly) but it doesn't grow in evenly yet.
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Nicole I think how hard and long your cervix is is the biggest factor. If its closed but stretchy and short they can still try. If its still long and firm they can't. But also, every doctor has their different standards.

So tonight we were at a family function and my MIL got drunk and handed B a piece of bread that wasn't safe. It's not something she ever would have done if she was sober, she is usually really careful and is great about checking. I took the bread away and B had a complete meltdown and I seriously just put her shoes on and left. I was torn between wanting to be understanding that it was an inebriated slip up and wanting to yell, "WTF LADY" and throw her wine glass. I have a great relationship with my in-laws, no monster in law stories and they always take great care of the kids but seriously, I'm mad.
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I'm sorry about the food slip up by your MIL, Ash!  That sucks big time.  I guess you need the name tag at family functions, too! 


And I think that Ash is right about the cervix situation, Nicole.  I know that my cervix was "funnel shaped" toward the end of my last pregnancy so a sweep wasn't possible at first (the back end was closed, while the front was open 6cm!), but a stretch may still be a possibility.  Also, you may be dilated a bit by now.  It's pretty common with subsequent pregnancies to be dilated some several weeks out (though it certainly isn't always the case!). 

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Ash, leaving was probably a good idea. It's easy to understand how it happened, but leaving kept it from happening again.
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Sorry, Ash! That's sucky. 


I know nothing of cervices. I never had an exam before 40 weeks. My midwife did the stretch/sweep thing when I was 40w 3d ish with Jasper, and I did go into labor 2 days later. But I may have gone into labor without that anyway!


So I got pulled over on my way to work because of an expired tag. I didn't know my tag was expired because they recently changed the law in GA- now you pay all your tag fees up front when you buy a new car!. I thought I was good! Apparently, you still have to pay like $20 a year for the sticker. eyesroll.gif Well, I also have an expired license. I knew about that one. Oops. It expired a couple weeks ago and I haven't made it to the DMV yet. Two tickets. It looks like if I fix both promptly and go to court, they will reduce the fines to a $15 administrative fee. I freaking hope so because otherwise each ticket is $150! Which will go nicely with the deductible on our landlord's homeowner's insurance policy which I am assuming we will be responsible for.


I'm going to give up right about now. I'm going to run away and join the circus! 

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Amanda, if you're responsible for the deductible, it should come out of your security deposit, right? Sorry about the tickets, $15 would be way better than $300!
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Oh Amanda!  I'm so sorry!  What sucky, sucky luck you've been having!  Maybe some amazing things are coming your way after you get through all this!  I was pulled over for expired tags once and it scared the crap out of me.  I had no idea what I had done wrong.  It was my parents' car so I wasn't responsible for the tags to know that they were expired.  My parents helped me argue it and it was removed, but what a PITA. 


When do the insurance people come to look at the fire damage?  How much is your landlord's deductible? 

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Can I be needy for 5 minutes? I'm fine standing in line but sometime in the next week will someone just say, "your kid is fine and will be ok." ? Please? I've known that several of the kids conceived by O's donor have "issues." I recently learned the extent of some of those. They're all on the spectrum. He is functional. He is smart, funny, kind. He's going to be ok, right? And his kids?
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Is O on the spectrum?  I think you'd know by now!  If not then I guess he didn't get that genetic component.  And even if he does show some sensory issues or whatnot, he's got you to give him coping skills.  Your kid is fine and he will be okay.  hug2.gif  There's that hippie hug again.

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Thanks, Jaimee. He's never been evaluated because he's functional. So I'm assuming he's fine, but it stressed me out.One of the kids also had a horrible vaccine reaction and I'd been thinking about starting him up so he has had them before puberty.

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Sorry for my ignorance... Is it normal to be able to keep up with the other children that your donor contributed into making?

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If he is functional, smart, funny, and kind, then he will be fine. Your kid is fine and will be okay. I'm not sure evaluation is even helpful with high functioning kids. We had dd1 evaluated. So now she has a label (that she rejects). That has not helped her at all. Plus, the fancier autism center wants to reevaluate because they have doubts. So she may have a dx of Aspergers for two years, then lose it. Again, not helpful. But she is highly functional, smart, funny, and just has a bit of crazy thrown in that may have nothing to do with any diagnosis. My point? Your kid is fine and will be okay. There is a big push for autistic people (especially/mostly) high functioning to be seen as a variation of normal rather than a disability. They bring a wonderful perspective to life. They discover study string theory and design buildings and program computers. Dd1 has a close adult friend through her dad who is on the spectrum. He is married and is fine. If he has kids, they will be fine. My girls dad is likely on the spectrum. He is fine and his kids who are fine. The same will be true for O. 


Though I am not a hugger, I will follow Jaimee's lead. grouphug.gif It's a group hug. 

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Oh, and I can't speak to vaccine reactions because I have the unpopular vaccine view here. I will say that vaccinating at this late age requires many fewer shots than is standard. I've almost done with dd1 and dd2. They needed 3-4 visits total and mostly it's multiple series of the same vax. They've aged out of many. 

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Nicole, yes that is possible.  I know a couple who had 3 children from the same donor and kept in contact with him (as he did with all his 5 kids) through email.  He died of cancer and got to meet all his kids before.  Its really up to the donor, but I think Sara might have known hers?  Or am I thinking of someone else?


High functioning kids on the spectrum are awesome.  They are always so intelligent and creative in a way a lot of other kids cant be.  They have these intricate thought processes that just blow me away.  I have 2 nephews on the spectrum.  They don't sweat the small stuff we sweat, and that's not really a bad thing.  Sara, if he is or is not it wouldn't matter, it wouldn't change his life now or the life he was going to lead up  until now.  He would be the same kid he was yesterday.


And seriously, $20 tabs?  I know I live in the highest taxed state but, wow.  Ours are over $60 and usually $88 for my SUV.  I once got pulled over in my moms car for expired tabs, on my way to court while 7 months pregnant with DD1,  and found out my ex hadnt paid some tickets I had from years before.  So at 7 months pregnant even though I had a warrant the cop decided to not handcuff me and instead ask me nicely to sit in his patrol car while he sorted it out, which he did.  Because nobody wants to send someone that pregnant with no criminal record to jail.  3 hours and $850 later I never had to see a cell, luckily. 


Which reminds me, I live in the most archaic and woman hating state ever.  We are supposed to be liberal, but here in WA a pregnant woman cannot be granted a divorce.  No joke.  Because we belong to our husbands and all and our babies are their property.  Seriously.

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