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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

It's awesome that your grandma emails.


Would it fascinate you even more to know that said grandma just turned 88 years old?! thumb.gif She rocks.


My mom is 64. She can barely email, but she figures it out. She's the most clueless tech-illiterate on the planet (sorry, Mom!). But to her credit, she just learned how to text specifically to make sure she was notified when my sister went into labor. Ha! She texted me a photo of a sushi bar in the Detroit airport the other day. It was named SORA. I thought that was cute.


I just got to see my nephew via Skype. luxlove.gif Sora was so cute yelling his name. Then she hit her over-tired phase and was a hellion to get to bed. That's when I noticed DH didn't tell me we're out of milk. Kid was mad. For real. eyesroll.gif I committed the cardinal bedtime sin of giving her [grapefruit] juice before bed. I was desperate tonight. Heh.

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Amanda, you're going to live a long time with that family history ahead of you. Wowza. Lucky! My deceased grandparents passed away at 61, 75, and 91. The average doesn't look so good, but my remaining grandmother is still trucking along closing in on 90. 

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Those are old grandparents. My grandmas died 8 and 9 years ago, in their early 70s, which is really young to me. My parents are 53 and 58.

I've met plenty of 30 year old grandmas.

Joanie, I love hearing about healthy, capable old ladies. Thanks.
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My Dad's parents are 87 and 84... GPa is in a nursing home. GMa is in assisted living (In the same facility, so they're still "with" each other).


My Mom's parents are both 78/79ish... Still living on their own.

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Joanie, my parents were both adopted, so my grandparents' longevity doesn't apply to me unfortunately!
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Wait wait wait... plenty of 30-year-old grandmas? Crazy!

My co-worker is 25 and she just showed me a picture of her father who is in his late 70's! Dayum. Maybe it's not too uncommon. My dad was 50 years apart from his own father. I just don't meet too many like that.
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Well darn, Amanda. I've got nothin' then.
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Ugh... Lost my message....

My mom's brother is 60something with 3 kids aged 35, 8 and 3! My moms sister is 13 younger than my mom, and my aunt had her kids later in life... Her youngest turned 4 in July. My grandma was 44 when she had my aunt.

My grand parents lived fairly long too... My gramma died early at 60 something, my grandpa remarried. He died at 85, my step grandma died at 91 just recently, but she had severe dementia toward the end. My mom's mom died at 88, she travelled solo to Canada all the way from South Africa at 86 to meet her new grand kids. My grandpa died at 85. My DH's grandpa is still kicking at 85(?). Her is a picture of Eli and his great grandpa, grandpa and daddy.

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Okay, let me think... my students (when I taught). I had a girl in 9th grade (14) with a 3 year old. That was unusual. Babies were not at all unusual. Being pregnant with your second at graduation was not unusual. At my first school, I started a support group for my pregnant students. It was a 9th grade academy. Your mom has you at 15 and you have a baby at 15. 


I'm really not judging, just stating. There are so many factors at play that are so far out of the reach of my former kids. Generational poverty, institutionalized racism, immigration issues, sexism... 

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Sonja, I love the 4 generation picture.

Amanda, yeah. There were at least 3 babies born my 8th grade year. We had a class of 99 kids. So 50ish girls.
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I can see grandparents at 30.  If my dad was 17 when I was born, and I was 17 when I had my son, he was 34.  My brother died 5 years ago next month, and he was older than me by years, but Im not sure how many.

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Eugh, so after writing my last post I went and looked up my brothers obituary and looked through all 80 photos his mom put up on his memorial page, and the last one was his mangled car wrapped around a tree.

And now I can't sleep.

And this is like the only time in the last week I've logged on and there were no new posts.

Does that mean everyone is sleeping but me?
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I am here... Barely. I am grumpy.... Dh is grumpy.... Eli is finally asleep but he was miserable ALL DAY....
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To top it all.... I seem to have a yeast infection... Yay for me!
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Oh no! I don't know what you usually do, but Last time I got one I drank a ton of kefir and kombucha with probiotics and I didn't have to treat it with a med.
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Ash, I hope sleep has found you by now.

Sonja, I've treated yeast with garlic. Just unpeeled a clove, cut off any sharp bits and insert. You'll taste garlic, which I find disturbing, but it has almost always worked for me. The OTC stuff works, too, but garlic is cheaper.

I finally got hungry. At 4am. How cool is that? I guess it's always the right time for oatmeal.
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I'm sorry, Ash! I thought memorials were for happy memories. :-( I hope you got some sleep!

Sonja, I second the garlic, whether consumed or inserted. I swear raw garlic is the best cure-all...

Speaking of, I should eat a bunch today to see if it reduces my foot inflammation, hmm. DH found my boot and turns out it fits either foot. I so want to wear it for a day cuz it made my foot feel soooo good for the few minutes I had it on last night but I would be embarrassed at work. *sigh*

Sara, plain oatmeal or flavored? How do you dress your oats? Lol that sounds funny
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Good morning.

Joanie, doctor? I agree that you just need a good story(bull riding? Averting the end of the world?) Or camouflage like a long skirt. Or both. I love oats. Last night I did rolled oats with raisins and brown sugar. I usually do dried cranberries and walnuts, but I need to go shopping.

Sonja, you can also use yogurt topically if the garlic is too strong, but the garlic is way less messy. I try not to cut the garlic any more than I have to, by the way.
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Not fun, it is actually pretty bad and came out of nowhere.  It is 5am, I can't sleep because my lady parts are so freaking sore.  Not too sure what brought it on, usually it is antibiotics but I haven't been on any.  I have been taking probiotics but it doesn't seem to be helping... the itching is driving me nuts.  so grossed out :(:(

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If it's bad I would go straight for the meds. There are a lot of possible causes from sex to hormones to high blood sugar. There is also a possibility that it's a different infection. I've had a few friends treat for yeast when they really needed antibiotics. 

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