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Jaimee, the bananas stop for me sometimes, too. Weird.
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That's not what I like to hear! I guess there's never really a GOOD time to get chicken pox, but my daughter has her Taylor Swift concert in 3 days, first day of school in 7 days, and we are supposed to go on vacation in 10 days. That's a lot of things to miss.

If your OD gets it from Bettie, she should be ok until vacation at least. If she got it from the same source, it would be milder (hopefully) but sooner. Do you remember my really long, get the shot rant? Some of the kids in our community who got it were only contagious for 2 days.
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Abra, substance abuse is bad for the skin.as is poor nutrition.
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I honestly have no clue where it came from. But yeah, I read typical incubation is 14-16 days. So if we assume B was contagious from Sunday we should be ok. My older daughter can't have vaccinations anyways, so it's really for the best that she get it.
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Ash, the only cases of pox I've seen lately came from a vaxed child and shingles. It's very easy to get it from shingles. Someone scratched their lesions, touched an object. B touched the object and then her mouth. You would never know. If someone had shingles along a thoracic nerve, you would never see them. I've seen cases with as few as two lesions, so they were harder to Dx. Ok, now I'm thinking of all the disgusting surfaces we touch every day. I hear our phones are among the worst at this point. Off to wash my hands!

Oh, and my kids were more like 18-21 days.
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So I finished reading Free Range Kids and mostly enjoyed it.  It's really short and an easy read. I only disagreed with one section and was irked by one other, but mostly I felt inspired to try harder to instill in my kids the skills and tools they'll need to be more capable and empowered. While most of her examples were for older kids (probably about 8+) I am looking for things that I can teach to my younger kids.  The other day I let Avalon run around the park path by herself.  It goes out of my sight for about half a mile.  I also let her climb up some ridiculously crazy high things b/c she really can do it.  And I let her cut vegetables with a real knife the other day.  I would like to let her cook something on the stove, too.  Maybe grilled cheese or something.   For Austin, it's harder, but I'm allowing him to play with Avalon out in the cul-de-sac and around the back of the neighbor's house, which is out of my sight, without supervision. He rides his bike up and down the block, too, but not yet around it.  I actually haven't let Avalon do that yet. I probably should.  Then they could go together.  Any other free range ideas for a three year old?

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Jaimee, my kids were allowed to ride their bikes out of my sight about a mile at 8. Shay cuts squash and all my toddlers have handled real knives with close supervision. I want to say I let them stand at the stove and stir around 4? They can both make simple dinners now with instruction.
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Aww I can't wait until Sora can cook with me! :D I always loved helping my mom in the kitchen.
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Amanda, did your day get any better? :-/
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Yeah, Austin has stirred at the stove.  Real knives for toddlers, huh?  I don't think Avery could handle that safely.  Maybe a butter knife?  Is that what you mean?  I really should get Avalon prepping more food.

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Ari started making pancake batter at 2. Right now Shay does hand over hand with a chef knife or steak knife. My knives aren't all that sharp. He helps with baking, too, but not the oven.
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I let my 10 year old babysit the baby while I went to the store to get Benedryl and suckers today lol.gif  Does that count? 


Seriously though my kids go all kinds of places.  My DS has a cell phone so I can keep track of him.  He knows he isnt allowed to go past busy streets but sometimes he is out riding his bike for hours.  I dropped him off at the skate park alone last week.  DD1 goes out and plays with neighborhood kids and only has to check in once every hour, 2 hours if they are in someones house. 


The suckers are because everyone wants our cooties.  Im just handing them to Bettie for a few minutes each and wrapping them up all slobbery with some worn infected pants for pick up. 

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Dang. I want some infected suckers, Ash! For real! You are so far away. :(
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I started giving Cyan lessons with a knife at age 4.  The link to a video I took is below.  A parenting group found the video and went on a HUGE (like 50 pages) rant about how dangerous it is to let young children 'play' with knives.  As you can see, he's not 'playing' nor did he ever sneak a knife when he wasn't supposed to.  The second video is my friends son using a plastic knife at 2.5yo.






Olivine has been using butter knives to cut soft veggies for awhile now.  She has has a recent desire to help in the kitchen.  I'm sure she could handle stirring a pot, but I haven't tried yet.  Coralie is still too chaotic to have a knife.

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Are you sending infected suckers??  I will totally pay for a couple!

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Okay, I'm never Googling images of chicken pox again. I had a mild case as a child. Some of those pictures of severe cases outright scared me. AHHH! :( Poor kiddos.
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Conner peed on the potty tonight. Then when he got up, he grabbed his man parts again. I said, "Do you need to go potty again?" He shook his head yes. I said, "Then come sit down on the potty again. That's where you go potty." And he walked over, sat down, and PEED AGAIN!!! =D

Yay for peeing on the potty!!


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Kali, how is your pregnancy going? Are the kids excited?


Ehh.. it's ok. I'll be 24 weeks Friday. I am healthy and baby Zephyr is healthy, so thats good. The only thing that was weird was my last prenatal visit last week my BP was REALLY low- my midwife said that if I was postpartum she would think I was hemoraging. Don't know what causes that. I have restless legs syndrome at night; it's awful, even with remedies. I also have antenatal depression. I just started on SAM-e and Omega 3 Mood capsules yesterday so hopefully those will help some. The older kids are excited, especially my daughter (since this is a girl); Nochy has no clue, lol.

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Cervix still closed. No stretch and sweep but...

118/68!!! Woo! The nurse probably thought I was clinically insane with how excited I was. Haha.

130bpm. 190lbs. Zero swelling. Measuring 38w.

I started drinking Raspberry Red Leaf Tea... That's the only explanation I have for my awesomely fantastic BP.

Can you guys feel my excitement? LOL





-Had to get a crown put on one of my teeth yesterday; yay for shilling out over $500.. NOT. Ah well. 

-Nochy has had 4 days in a row with no accidents. I'm proud.

-Two night straight though he has woken up screaming several times at night (he never does that) and is crankier during the day and chewing on everything. Last two yr molars I'm guessing but I HOPE they pop in soon because of my word I'm exhausted as I don't sleep well anyway.

-His vocabulary increases daily and if he repeats a new word we say first, his pronunciation tends to be almost perfect. It's really cute to hear. He is obsessed with letters and points them out everywhere.

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Urhmmmmm, we are currently in the ER because poor B has chicken pox in her urethra. She started peeing blood, and I thought UTI but nope.

I would gladly send you all chicken pox if it wasn't a felony to send it in the mail, lol.
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Omg! I didn't even know that could happen! Holy crap. She must be miserable. :( What can they do to help/treat her?
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Wow! I didn't know you could get that, either. That's crazy!!! And seems very painful/uncomfortable.
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Ouch, one of my brothers had that.
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