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Oh, Jaimee, while you were gone we talked about a Midwestern meetup. There was talk about St Louis or Chicago. Mal can make StLouis and Amanda will be in Chicago in November.

There was also talk of it being a ladies drunken weekend.Which I am all for.
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As long as it's after this baby comes though. smile.gif
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I'm totally down now with leaving the kiddo home with DH for our DDC get together. ;-) We will make it work. I need to find some independence within myself that I'm sorely lacking. Let me know when and where!
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Lol, I know we established that I'm a loser, but I don't drink. Half a bud light and I'm dizzy.
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Hmmm...  Chicago and St. Louis are about the same, though Chicago is a bit closer for me.  And closer for Joanie, too, right?  I've only been there once and the traffic was terrifying and I learned to drive in Seattle!  What did people have in mind?   I'm not sure about a drunken weekend as I'd like to meet our kiddos, hence they'd have to come along.


When will you be in Chicago in November, Amanda?  I know we're having company around Thanksgiving for about 8 days and unfortunately dh has a conference in San Antonio sometime that month, too.

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It was like the weekend of the 9th? For a conference so she won't have J. Sara just said I could come with or without the boys.
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Yeah, I don't think I could go too far on a weekend. Chicago is ideal. Gotta be honest, though, driving in the city is effin scary. Jaimee isn't kidding. We could meet in outskirts?
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Btw, I don't really drink either. Maybe let's put the kids back on the table? Lol
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It would only be right to meet my DDC and their kids... Since they are the reason we met and all... At least for the initial meeting. =)

Wanna see a 20lb cat???

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And last time I went to Chicago, I stayed like 20 minutes outside of the actual city. I'd be okay doing that again.
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Hey that's my cat! Ok it's not my cat but my cat looks just like that and it's 21 pounds...
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You ladies are too funny!

Amanda - thanks for asking about my other dilemma(s)! I do want to update, but need to be on a computer for that, so perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks for the entertainment this evening!
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So when I write out what I know is going to be a long post I keep it in notes because my phone does this weird thing where the page reloads and I always lose my post and that's infuriating.

So my husband sees my last long post...the recap.

Just imagine.
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I do the same thing, Ash, but my posts aren't as funny as your recap.
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Yay fat cat!


When I post from my phone, I just select all and copy every few minutes in case my post disappears. Notes is a good idea.


I will (most likely) be in Chicago from Nov 4-10. However, I’m not available on the weekend. L I’ll be in meetings and at a conference on the 5th, and then I will be in a seminar related to my exam from 8-5 each day on the 8th – 10th. I’m only free on the evening of the 5th through the evening of the 7th. (Joanie, yes… I think I decided to stay through rather than fly home!) So my trip may not be a helpful meet-up time. But I will have a nice hotel room if anyone wants to come hang out for a midweek party!


With enough notice, I could meet another time. I’d have to fly; I’m not driving to the Midwest for a weekend. No thank you! I definitely could not afford two tickets, which means if Jasper was coming it would have to be before he turns 2. Whatever. I’m flexible. I’d have to really bug dh, but I can typically handle him. Lol. 

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Ooooo or I could do the weekend of Nov 2 and 3. I could just fly in early (company will pay), and then I will go back home after the meeting on the 5th for two days. I wouldn't have a hotel room, though, so someone would have to host! I could also fly into a different city as long as it is close enough that I can take a train to Chicago. No Jasper, though, but I have always been on the toddler free side. winky.gif


Do you like my crazy planning ideas?? I'm a goofball. 

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Ooo. I will post a response this afternoon. I have employee orientatiom here shortly.
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I like the planning ideas. I'm more free midweek. The weekend of the 2nd I have twice as many kids so I couldn't sneak away, they would have to come. Since none of us lives in Chicago, hosting would be an issue all around for the locale. I was going to ask if anyone wanted to split a hotel room if we really do that with no kids. Lol. I highly doubt anyone would want to room share with my kids.
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Yikes, this is starting to get complicated.  I can't ditch dh with the kids during the week b/c he has to work and we don't have childcare options.  It would need to be a weekend for me.  I would assume it would be a one night/2 days sort of thing- like we get a rental house or a few hotel rooms at the same hotel, plan a few activities to do in the area, etc.  Of course, November in Chicago is not ideal weather wise...   I still have to get dh's conference dates.

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I'm seriously pretty flexible. I threw out all the possible dates I'd already be in the Midwest just because that is convenient for me. And I can definitely go in on a room. However, if it's another time, I'd have to fly in as well, so the room would be tougher... 


And if nothing pans out, anyone is welcome to come hang with me in Chicago during those midweek days! Free hotel room! I just checked, and trains from the major cities nearby are less than $30!

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