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Pinterest Board!

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LilyKay had the great idea that we should have a group Pinterest board:
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...I've also been meaning to start a wishlist on amazon. It was useful last time when people asked us what we need. We got almost everything on the list and everyone seemed relieved to not to have to come up with ideas.

And collecting recipes for meals to prepare either beforehand, or very quick-to-prepare meals.  We should probably start and pinterest-board..

I was so excited that I went ahead and made one. Here it is:

December 2013 DDC: A collection of baby stuff, recipes, and anything that would be useful to prepare for our babies coming in December! For the moms of the Mothering.com December 2013 DDC.

I've already added TrishWSU and lilacvioletiris as pinners, so they can add pins to the board. The idea is for everyone to be able to share ideas, so please follow the board and let me know your Pinterest name so I can add you as a pinner!
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I am not sure if I have a user name?  It shows up with my facebook profile- Courtney Smith

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Courtney, I added you. Just go to the board and there will be a pop-up telling you that you're invited to pin. Click accept and you're all set!
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Great!  I just added a couple of carseat pins.  :-)

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What a great idea, Michelle! Much stillheart.gif to you! 

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