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Spotting at 8 weeks postpartum?

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(warning: slightly graphic description/blood) I stopped my postpartum bleeding around 5 weeks finally, and I thought, "phew, that's over." Well, now I am about 8 1/2 weeks, and having what seems like implantation bleeding (some red specks/threads on an applicator when using a vaginal moisturizer, then today, some brown tinged mucus).


I was just wondering if this kind of thing is common, or unusual? I'm EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding! I have had morning nausea for about a week. I actually did take some pregnancy tests, which were all negative, but now I am having this strange spotting. Is this just part of being postpartum? Could Aunt Flow be already starting? Pregnant? Thanks!

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It's hard to say, post-partum. But I also exclusively breastfed and my cycle returned right away. I stopped bleeding within two weeks of the birth, and about two weeks after that, my period was back and on a 28-30 day cycle.

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I usually don't get my cycles back for 18+ months, but I do get some breakthrough spotting. When you're breastfeeding anything goes!
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Jen, that is interesting.


Yeah, maybe it was just some random spotting associated with breastfeeding and the uterus shrinking back down, etc. It is gone now, so it wasn't a period. I have been nauseous still, however. I am wondering if it is from drinking more coffee.


I may take a couple more pregnancy tests, just to be sure, but I really don't want to go buy them....they are so pricey. I could use that money for something we actually need or want. I hate the drama. Everytime something unusual happens, I think I am pregnant. But to be fair, all my pregnancies have come about under strange circumstances, when pregnancy didn't seem likely. So now I almost expect it. Anyone in that boat?


It's gotta be my uterus still shrinking....

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Especially as it's just "peace of mind" testing, it doesn't have to be pricey. Honestly, I have had the best success rate with the $1 "Baby Test" that you can get at a Dollar General or Dollar Tree store. I've had problems at some point with every other brand that I've tried (although never used the digitals or super-expensive tests), but not a single problem or false result with these tests. I even tried one the day before my period was due, in the middle of the day, when I was pregnant with my first. While it certainly wasn't a "positive" result, it also certainly wasn't a clear "negative" either. DH and I spent a LONG time squinting at that test trying to determine if we were just seeing things, although we'd really known I was just taking it for fun since I took the last one I had just before we headed to the store to buy more. The next morning's test with first-morning urine confirmed that yes, there had been something there where a second line should have been! This time around, I got a DEFINITE positive middle of the day one day before missed period, when I bought two just because I knew I was too antsy to wait to pee on a stick!

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