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I am about 30lbs over where I want to be right now anyway. But am at the same I was when I got pg with dd1. I am afraid of gaining a lot (I had hg with her, so lost 20lbs before gaining. Came home from the hospital down 7lbs from prepregnancy weight), but am not going to try to restrict. Just eat sensibly.
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I purposefully tried to gain weight to get my first post parting period. I want skinny but after lots of analysis this seemed to be a good idea. It worked.

I was contemplating starting to purposefully lose it again (as long as I kept ovulating), and got my BFP the same week.

Sigh, I guess working on the paunch will have to wait another year or so.
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I am about 50 pounds overweight based on the weight I would like to be. If I went by what doctors recommend, they would say I'm 100 pounds overweight. But I know my body better than they do and I know what weight makes me feel healthiest. I've had a problem with weight gain over the past year-and-a-half which I think is linked to my insulin resistance and thyroid tumor, but the specialists say no, it's my diet. I eat organic, low sugar, frequent meals, lots of greens and only whole grains in small amounts. I used to exercise on my own at home plus walking, but still gained weight, so I joined a gym which I use 3 times per week after work, before dinner, for 1.5 to 2 hours per session. Pregnancy weight gain is not a concern for me. However, I do worry that being clinically obese, with two previous c-sections, will reduce my chances of a VBAC.

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So far, at 23 weeks pregnant, on a high fat, low carb diet for gestational diabetes, and monitoring my blood sugars, I have lost 19 pounds.
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