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How long have you been pregnant?

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I've been pregnant for almost 4 years and 5 months. And I have almost 5 months to go with my last one. How about you?
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About 5 years. 


But I feel like I should get extra credit for triplets. Every day of that pregnancy felt like a trimester, I swear. 

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Close to 5 years.

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6 yrs & 6 months
How about pregnant or nursing??
I've only had about 4 months out of the last 16 yrs that I wasn't either pregnant or nursing!
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I've only had a few short nursing breaks, maybe a year total since our oldest was born. But I was pregnant during those times. So, I have been consistently pregnant and/or breastfeeding for 14 years.

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I don't remember exactly when each kid weaned. I think the first three were each still nursing when I got pregnant with the next. But DD6 weaned at 6 months, much to my chagrin, so I had 4 months neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. Then the youngest nursed 15 months, so the total would be 5 years and 4 months, plus 5 more months of pregnancy and however long I nurse this one.
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Well, I've been pregnant for about 3.5 years with my living children.  Including all of my losses, I've been pregnant 4.5 years.


As for nursing, I've been nursing for 7.5 years, tandeming for 5.5 years, and triandem for 1 year. (didn't stop through those pregnancies)

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I've been pregnant for a total of 54 months with my living children, and 16 months with my angel babies, so.. 70 months!  Wow..


As for pregnant/nursing/both: I've been either pregnant, nursing, or both since May 1999 :)

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I've been pregnant roughly 4 and half years.  Been nursing for almost 9 years straight and counting (should have another couple of years at least to go with my newborn.)  Tandem for 4 of those years. 


It's interesting and sad to see how many of you with large families have lost babies.  I've been very fortunate and my only losses are fertilized eggs that never implanted and I wouldn't have known about them if I didn't test so early.

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About 7.5, not counting this one. I am 4 months into this one. Gosh, nursing, forever. This is the first time since my third pregnancy I am not pregnant and nursing.
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3 years even, & 2 months shy of 4 years for nursing. I looked like such a dried up stick after my 3rd weaned at 17 months, & was able to go bra-less for the first time since beginning puberty which was odd for a while but then freeing. I'm glad to be nursing again though, I get more rest w/ a little Snuggle.

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Just over 4 years, counting current baby!

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4 1/2 years, have another 5 months of pregnancy with this baby.

Nursing...about 10 years, and will add another 2-3 onto that with this baby!

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240 weeks for 6 babies, so 4.599 years. Nursing, only around 7 years total. My first nursed for 2 years, the others have all weaned at a year.
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