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I broke my toe yesterday crap.gif It happened in the morning before the kids left for school (er, fuming at them about being so slack while I run around trying to get us all out the door on time and wham, I kicked a door eyesroll.gif) It's the one just in from my pinky. I was able to lift ok yesterday with some discomfort I could manage by being careful with foot position. I'm wondering if any of you have run with a broken toe and how that went? Today is a rest day anyway, but I was planning to do some kind of biking/running tomorrow (probably more of the former I guess) - but Im nervous about exacerbating it. Dh says tape it to the neighboring toe, there's nothing to be done really (RICE it, etc...).
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Sparkle: So sorry about the toe!! My oldest DD broke her toe her sophomore year and missed almost an entire track season. It was the middle toe, but the break was actually in the bone that is technically still part of the foot. We took her for an x-ray, even though I thought there's probably nothing they can do about it... and voila - there was nothing they could do about it. She taped it because it felt more secure that way, less pain. I hope that yours doesn't get in the way of running for too long!!


Jo: Gar, I hear you on the chargers for electronics. I envision a world where these are all obsolete. Meanwhile, I also travel with a big ziplock bag full of cords and adapters, and still end up forgetting at least one on every trip.


Gaye: Good luck out there today lady!! I can't believe you just hop up and do an Olympic after a busy work week like that!


Mel - I missed that you were so sick! That sounds awful and incredibly painful. I hope you are feeling much better now.


RR: 8 miles, slow and sweaty. I am so committed to eating better this week because I feel like I need something to make myself feel better.


Our school starts on Wednesday. I now have one each in 3 different schools - and DD2 is taking a bus all the way across town uhoh3.gif The bus stops 0.6 miles from our house, and I want her to walk home from there after school, at least a couple times a week. Is that crazy? She's 11, responsible, has a cell phone... and yet I still worry that something could happen, or at the least, people will call me a neglectful and dangerous parent for letting her walk home on the side of the road. There are no sidewalks, light traffic (like 1 car every few minutes). It's a straight shot, so you can see our driveway from the bus stop. I want to think this is a world where it is still ok, but maybe it's not. Or am I getting infected by the paranoia of others?

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Sparkle~So sorry about the toe! I don't know that running on it is the best idea. I broke my toe during a marathon a few years ago ( stress fracture turned into full fracture) and I ended up having to take significant time off. Maybe give it some time and ride a bike instead?

Jo~We're right there with you on the electronics. It's nice to hear your kids are ready to go back.

Gaye~good luck today!

Almost rr~ I have to head out for 7 miles soon, but I'm really nervous--irrationally so. I haven't run that far in a loooong time. Plus there's that minor issue of local runners being held up at gun point for their smartphones. Gah, I should just go without my phone. But 7 miles... Ugh.
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Melissa, call off the helicopter. A responsible who knows basics of traffic safety 11 year old can do that. Establish ground rules, a fixed route, and what she's to do if she encounters a problem. DD will be walking that distance to and from school each day. Year round. Even in the snow and rain. I've both been called an irresponsible parent and been told that they wish more parents would back off. Actually, the guy across the street told me I'm willfully ignorant of what can happen (a girl was kidnapped after dark 30 years ago). His wife told me she wished more families would cut the apron strings and just give their kids reasonable freedoms and responsibilities.

I've broken 3 toes (actually, 2, one twice). Each time was running around doing too many things, and my toast pops. I kick a chair and 'crack.'. I'm generally good to run after 2 days in good shoes with plenty of vit I.

My blood sugar crashed 3 miles into the run this morning. Ran 3, walked 2, and got a lecture from my internist RP about insulin and diet. I got home, started making my breakfast, and noticed that DS' top 100 reader party was starting at the library in 6 minutes. I showered, got DS to grab me some nuts, and we got there just 5 min late. I then ignored the RP's admonishment about blood sugar and got a donut. I was starving!

Thanks for the email, Real. I'm chewing on the details.
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Thanks all. I'm going to listen to Geo lol.gif

Good luck Gaye and Real!!
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Good luck Gaye and Real!!

Wishing you a quick healing toe, sparkle.

Mel, I agree with Geo about the walk. It's a good chance for a kid of that age to gain some independence and confidence.

I fainted again at acupuncture this morning, though lasted much longer. I'm at the walk in clinic now, to see if they'll send off a stool sample. Back for more acupuncture tomorrow morning, because I'm a sucker for punishment (and because it feels like it's helping).
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MelW - Can I bring you anything from America?  Your description is reminding me of the time I had amoebas in Mexico.  No fun.  I hope they can pinpoint the problem and get on with fixing i


Sparkle - Ouch.  I agree though that taping it to the next one and trying to be gentle is the way to go.  


We're getting ready for our trip on Monday but I'm reeling from a bunch of bad news around the island.  Two young dads (30's and 40ish) committed suicide in the past two weeks and last night our one favorite dinner place (where dh and I just went for our anniversary) burned to the ground.  I feel like it's a good time to get away for a bit, it's feeling very heavy here.

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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Our school starts on Wednesday. I now have one each in 3 different schools - and DD2 is taking a bus all the way across town uhoh3.gif The bus stops 0.6 miles from our house, and I want her to walk home from there after school, at least a couple times a week. Is that crazy?
No, it's not crazy. I'd probably talk through possible scenarios so she has a plan in case something ever did happen the two of you have already talked through it. There are still kids walking to school here, but probably less after last fall. As long as you feel comfortable, do it. The stats are on your side. (The story from last fall is horrific. There's no way around that or the fact that it was absolutely terrifying and neither the community nor I have fully healed. Nevertheless, my kids and I are about as safe as we ever were. For those months when I may well have put myself in danger's way when running near or in that neighborhood, the odds of being safe may have been considerably lower but I didn't feel it and didn't worry about it. I'd guess the the odds of being safe are much better now, and yet I'm more concerned. It's a head/heart kind of thing.)
Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post

Almost rr~ I have to head out for 7 miles soon, but I'm really nervous--irrationally so. I haven't run that far in a loooong time. Plus there's that minor issue of local runners being held up at gun point for their smartphones. Gah, I should just go without my phone. But 7 miles... Ugh.
Lately, I listen to my gut. It's probably irrational most of the time, but if I'm feeling like I do. not. want to run in the dark or whatever, I get on the treadmill or go to the gym. That happened the other day, but I ended up feeling justified because once it got fully dark I heard coyotes howling in my neighborhood.

Plady--I'm so sorry!

Geo--I have a number of more thoughts but I'll just toss out this one: if you're on Twitter or want to browse through it, it's certainly worth looking at what Diane Ravitch does in terms of tweets and retweets and even retweeting the tweets of people who tweeted her content. You wouldn't want to go to that extent but she's definitely using optimization to her advantage with great results.

RR: should bike. Am exhausted from this morning's parade where I marched in support of a school board candidate. But I need to pick up my wetsuit, so....I guess I have to at least bike the half-mile to the store and back. Does that count? lol.gif
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sparkle~So sorry! Yeah, really nothing to be done except buddy taping and ice/ibuprofen. I don't really think you're going to do any damage to it by running, as long as you have good supportive shoes, but it may slow down healing a bit.

melw~goodvibes.gif that you turn the corner on this thing soon!

Well, the first part of the Crazy Back to Back is done...Olympic, check! I had a good swim, a good bike, and a terrible run, so overall not awful. I had about a 10 minute course PR, but I'm convinced the swim was way short, so add an * to that...

rr~My friend heard through the grapevine that I didn't have a nanny for this weekend (I did have a babysitter, but...) and offered to watch DS since she was going to the race to man the tent for the local tri club, which was awesome, although I was dreading trying to drag DS out of bed before 5 am. He shocked me by practically bouncing out of bed and going to the bathroom and getting himself dressed without me bugging him at all! Not sure why he can't do that on ski mornings...my friend met me at my place and followed us out to the reservoir so she could just grab DS when we got there and let me get all set up. I kept running into friends everywhere, which to me is a sign of a good race. It was nice, and distracting! The swim was a time trial start, meaning that they started us one at a time, about 5 seconds apart. We went in bib order, and my good friend was 2 numbers behind me, which was great since we got to hang out while waiting our turn. Of course, they started the Back to Back racers first, so we didn't have to wait too long. I felt really good on the swim, which was odd. orngtongue.gif The swim is interesting, you swim straight out, do a 180 degree turn and swim back to the beach, get out and run around a post, then get back in swim straight out again, but at the last buoy, you turn right and head back to the beach at an angle. The first loop was smooth and easy, the second time out got a little choppy with so many more racers in the water. I had no idea how I was doing since the racers were so spaced out and I didn't have the normal wave spacing as each wave goes blowing by me. The run from the swim to transition is up a pretty big hill, but one of the awesome things about this race is that there are wetsuit strippers about halfway up. You just flop down and stick your legs up in the air, and they pull your wetsuit off for you! Still waiting for official results, but the unofficial results said my swim was 34-something minutes, which would be not just a good swim, but a phenomenal swim for me (and about 10 minutes faster than my last oly swim)....so I'm skeptical!

Out onto the bike, and holy crap, I forgot how hilly this course is. I mean, I just rode out there in June, but I didn't "race" it. Those hills hurt! Overall, I was pretty happy with my bike, but I could tell it was getting hot out there...not a good sign for the run since there isn't a whole lot of shade. Side note: I tried the Honey Stinger cherry cola gel chews for the first time and they were AMAZING. Two thumbs up! Oddly enough, my knee, which bothered me quite a bit on my date ride the other night didn't hurt a bit today. Weird. shrug.gif Of course, there was a headwind the whole way back after the turnaround, and then the last two miles into the Res are uphill. Fun! orngtongue.gif

Back into transition and out onto the run...which hurt. I never felt good on the run today. I sucked it up and was doing fairly well pace-wise until the turnaround, when the wheels just totally fell off. It was hot, I didn't feel great, and then my foot started hurting. Usually I can just run through it and eventually it goes numb (bag.gif) but today for some reason, it was sharp stabbing pain for nearly a mile. Which meant a lot of walking. And then I lost it mentally, thinking about trying to save something for tomorrow's race. So, there was a crapload of walking the second half of the run. My last oly run was 10:16 pace. Not sure yet what today's was, but probably barely under 12's. irked.gif Oh well. It was great to see DS and hear him ringing his cowbell near the finish, and fun to have him out there to see me race!

So now we're back home and I'm just trying to hydrate and relax for tomorrow's sprint, although DS is not being super cooperative (something about being really tired since I got him up at 5 am?). And I repacked my bag and found that I somehow lost my goggles this morning. irked.gif Luckily I have an extra pair, but they're $30 goggles, so I really hope somebody found them and turned them in and I can retrieve them tomorrow.

Official results to come later!
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Wtg, Gaye! clap.gifthumbsup.gif

Plady, gloomy.gif I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're getting away for a while. hug.gif

MelW, fainted again? Geez, hope you get some answers soon.

Sparkle, :irk Heal thy toe...

Mel38, it just depends. I like giving them a chance to be responsible as soon as possible, but also as soon it's safe. I think each child is different. My oldest hardly can stand being home alone (not for fear but just discomfort) whereas my youngest is like, "leave already."

Jooj, I wonder if there's a wheeled carryon just for all those devices. My first reaction is that my shoulders would hurt. And my posture would get all out of whack. I wonder if there's a smallish wheeled device that has pockets for all the cords and will hold all three laptops. Good luck! Glad to hear your kiddos are looking forward to the return.
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Mel38 - I am having the exact conundrum, and meant to bring it up here yesterday and then you did orngbiggrin.gif DD1, 11 in a month, goes to Kung Fu a few times a week. It is 3 1/2 blocks away, across a busy street and through a short alley (between houses). She thinks its dumb that we walk her to and from. I think it probably is dumb, and yet Im nervous to let her do it on her own ...

Gaye - clap.gif

Plady - greensad.gif Oh my gosh, that's horrible. I hope the vacation is healing

MelW - Please get checked. I am nervous for you. Something ain't right

RR: rest day, but did yard work this morning for about 3 hours, so feel exercised

NRR: Not sure if the toe will cause problems. It seems like it shouldnt. the break is in the last joint, so not close to the "palm" of the foot and not a metatarsil. The pain hits when the tip of the toe takes any force, like if its curled down at all when the foot hits the ground or when it hits the front of a closed toe shoe - Yow. But if I sort of flex it as i walk, its ok, but then I start to get strain in the top of my foot from flexing lol.gif whatever....
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melw~Yikes on the fainting! I don't blame your dh for freaking out a bit. I hope you get this figured out and fixed.


plady~Heartwrenching. Get away. Soak up the escapey-ness.


mel28~This is totally a trust your gut scenario. Go with what you think is best for your dd. 


gaye~You're a rockstar--as always.


geo~I was a special ed teacher (and team leader) at a local public middle school for seven years, then taught high school English at a local private school for students with learning differences for a while, now I work as a learning specialist at a general ed private school. 


rr~I (and my phone) survived 7 miles. I don't know why I was so keyed up about it. Turns out to have been no big deal. I didn't set any land/speed records, but I didn't really get tired either. Well, maybe a little at the end. I use MapMyRun and just meander and tend to track my distance that way. I kept to "safe" roads and trails today in light of the recent attacks and felt pretty non-vulnerable most of the time. All in all, good run. 8 miles next weekend--I can do it!


nrr~I made dh teach me how to mow the grass today. I always used to do it as a teenager but havent' done it since. I didn't know how our mower worked, so I had him show me, you know...in case he dies...which is how I put it to him...didn't go over so well. lol.gifhuh.gifduh.gifbag.gif (My dark sense of humor gets me in trouble from time to time.)

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Great run, towson. I make life insurance jokes which also don't always get the reception I hope for. My sister totally gets it and joins in though, and she's the kids guardian if we both die. Once we got stuck out on foot in a sudden horrible downpour and my oldest started lecturing me on what a bad idea it was to go out for a walk unprepared while the youngest cried about being wet and she looked at me giggling and said "Please don't ever die." I was ROTFLMAO.gifthe whole miserable walk home. 


Plady, I hope that you have a healing vacation. I have extra motivation to get better in time for your visit!!


gaye, terrific tri! Have fun tomorrow and fingers crossed for finding your goggles. 


sparkle, I totally know that foot strain from avoiding a cut on a toe! I hope it heals quickly.


The doctor at the walk-in was pretty calm, since I'm basically well hydrated, no fever and the pain has resolved. She was a bit puzzled by what could cause 5 days of diarrhea in the absence of anyone else being sick and no travel, camping, well water or really anything. (Chinese doctor says it's being overworked, too many night shifts and my body rebelling). The walk-in doctor did order three different stool samples, but didn't have the specimen containers, so this involved driving to the hospital, then back home for a nap and specimen collection, then finally back to the hospital lab for drop-off. I just ate closer to a real meal for dinner (plain chicken and rice and a few bites of yam), and I'm hopeful that eating some more will get my strength up again. The kids are being so sweet and very independent- playing upstairs quietly while I nap and making themselves lunches to let me rest.

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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

\She was a bit puzzled by what could cause 5 days of diarrhea in the absence of anyone else being sick and no travel, camping, well water or really anything.
Ooh, ooh, I know! I had exactly that for the first tri of J's pregnancy, along with throwing up daily too. Hopefully it's *not* that in your case.
Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

but I'm convinced the swim was way short, so add an * to that...
Please let the swim be short tomorrow. Please let the swim be short tomorrow. Please let the swim be short tomorrow....

Nice job! Hope you find your goggle tomorrow and feel better through the whole thing. And hey, if you have to walk the run, maybe I'll catch up and join you. Your swim start seems to be quite a bit sooner than mine so I'm not holding my breath.
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Doctor even asked that. AF started on Wednesday, so we're ruling that out wink1.gif On Wednesday night with all the pain I briefly worried about an ectopic pregnancy, but I've crossed that off the list, too.
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Gaye- Awesome race. Hope you find the goggles. My biggest fear at races is losing gear!

Sparkle- Tape two toes together and you should be good to go. Usually it was tolerable after a few days.

Thanks all for the welcome back! This week we have all our kids and dh has been working some so I am on mom duty. Yesterday was all day of shuffling kids and cooking it seemed. I am still getting used to having three some weeks, can't imagine what throwing a newborn into the mix is going to be like. Hoping to get a run in after church while my two are at their dad's. I am still feeling good, just tired!
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Go Gaye! Go Real! Hope both of you have great races today!

sparkle - ouch! I agree with everyone else. Tape the toes.

MelW - I really hope you can figure out why you're so sick. That sounds just awful hug.gif.

towson - I told my DH the other day that I really needed to get a job of some kind so we don't starve to death if he dies. Like your DH, mine was not amused either.

Mel38 - my DS, also 11, walks to and from the bus stop every morning. It's just under 1/2 mile away and around the corner. I do feel safer because there are a million other kids also walking to the bus at the same time, but it still gives me some pause. Also, last week I had him ride his bike home from soccer practice 2x, which was 3-4 miles. All sidewalks, thankfully. I think he appreciates the independence, although he still refuses to stay home alone.

Plady - just awful hug.gif. May your vacation provide some healing for you.

Jooj - I hate carrying all that stuff when we travel too.

lofty - I liked An Abundance of Katherines , but not as much as Looking for Alaska, which was my favorite. The only one I haven't read is Will Greyson, Will Greyson. I'm plowing my way through those Newberry books smile.gif. Finished Number the Stars last night and read The Midwife's Apprentice last week. I'm really getting excited to organize the library this week, put up my bulletin boards and make book displays! I have tons of volunteers this year, so I need to get the schdule made too before the students start coming on August 26.

RR - day off yesterday. I really needed it after Friday's Rip Fit class. Ouch.
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Plady - I'm so sorry to hear all that going on there. How sad hug.gif Enjoy your trip away from it all.


Thanks for the advice and reassurance re: DD2 and her walk from the bus stop. I haven't seen yet how many kids will use this stop. If there are a few kids getting on and off there (heck - even one kid) I would feel that much better about it.


Real, I have definitely been thinking of you and the terrible tragedy your community just recently went through.


Way to go Gaye! And for today - good luck and have fun! You too, Real! The weather looks great out there, so I hope it's not too hot.


Mel, the ectopic thing crossed my mind, too. I had quite an emergency way back in my pre-MDC days with an ectopic pregnancy that wasn't detected despite the ultrasound and multiple visits to the dr. So painful, and you are right, a lot of those symptoms. So as long as it's ruled out. I'm curious as to why  the acupuncture is causing fainting. Is it very painful, too?


Speaking of books, who was it who recommended Cutting for Stone? Geo... kerc... JG? I can't remember now, but I read that during my trip this summer and really loved it. I mean, I really, really enjoyed the whole thing. I loved the writing, the story, the message... I was sorry when it was over.

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JG - your description of working in the library and reading all those books is making me drool.gif I so wish you could get paid! Any more thoughts about another degree (I know, horrors.gif). I always look for Caldecott or Newberry books for my kids, which by now means they've read most of them (Number the Stars; check. Midwives Apprentice; check), but not the other two. And my DD has an unusual name (although becoming more common irked.giflol.gif), so I'm guessing An Abundance .. might be good.

MelW - phew yikes2.giflol.gif

Gaye - Go Go Go run.gif

Towson - joy.gif for 7 miles!

RR: the taping actually doesnt work. I tried it the first day and it puts too much pressure on the toe. But maybe once the swelling goes down more. Im giving it 4 days to recover lol.gif Then my toe needs to drink a big frosty mug of suck-it-up lol.gif
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sparkle - the other two books aren't Newberry titles, just other titles by John Green who has won Prince Awards (young adult literature). Highly recommended, but not for children under about age 15 wink1.gif. Enjoy that frosty mug lol.gif.

Mel38 - I haven't read that one, but will add it to my ever-growing list.

Off to teach kindergarten Sunday school!
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