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I'm thinking about getting an ultrasound - just one. Not sure how to get it since both my midwives are very low on diagnostic tests and don't think they can even order one.


I'm in the same boat - I have an unregistered MW who can't order tests, and I will probably go for a quick scan to check positioning at about 32 weeks. DD was breech, suspected it at 39 weeks after no prior U/S, and got a scan by going to a walk in clinic and asking for a referral. Will do the same this time.
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Yeah I just called my previous MW office (they were CNMs) and they said that I'd not be able to do it without a script.


DD was breech too for me and we needed to do external version. She may have flipped at the end if left alone (and I was doing the correct exercises :)

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Had my 20 week ultrasound today! joy.gif Baby looks great! I can't even begin to say how happy and excited I am! I was so tempted to cave and find out if it is a boy or girl but baby kept me to my original desires and had it's legs crossed the whole time. ROTFLMAO.gif LOL So happy that baby looks good and healthy! 



Catwmandu, I just called a pregnancy center and they did one for me. Maybe you have one in the area that would help? I just told them I was going with a midwife that couldn't do one or refer me. Thankfully the center knows my midwife too. So that helped. Good luck!

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Yeah Tspencer! so glad all went well with the US.


I had my sweet midwife stop by the Farmers Market today while we were selling and so kindly ask if I wanted her to grab her doppler  for a listen :) So I got to have a little listen midmorning while sitting in my van. It was awesome and really helps keep me relaxed about this babe :)


Looking forward to our ultrasound - although I just realized that the hospital still hasn't called to book our appointment. guess I need to make some calls on Monday. 


I am so tired from our market day but I get to go out on a date night with my DH and some friends tonight!!! And My mom is keeping my other 3 for a sleepover too!!!! Just hoping I can keep my eyes open and find something to eat that won't put me in the hospital.

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