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Glad it worked Winter :) We'll be anxiously awaiting those tests!


Thinking of you NaturallyMo!


zbugmama Is it possible it wasn't actually AF? How'd you go with the dr?


jenjy Welcome back to reality. Where life happens...and BFPs hopefully wink1.gif


Anaralia Can't wait to hear back on your tests either!


AFM, I'm now 18DPO. I had a tiny bit of brown spotting today greensad.gif And my nausea has dropped off the last 2 days... I'll just have to wait and see but this is how the loss started last time dang it. So far my temp has been flatlined for 5 days. We'll see what the morning holds!

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Hi everyone!  I'm new to this thread.  My husband and I are TTC #1 after a miscarriage at 6 weeks in June. I was hopeful for a BFP last cycle, but AF showed again, so I'm waiting to ovulate.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I skimmed over the previous posts and saw quite a few BFPs, so that's good to see! :) Here's a link to my chart...


My Ovulation Chart[/url]


[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/44d534/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

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Hi everyone. Here's the update from yesterday:


the nurse seem taken aback when I told her that the last time I saw AF was July 7. She scheduled me for a urine pregnancy test and then I went back for my examine with the doctor. The doctor said that my urine test was negative and that I could either wait for AF to show up or they could give me something to make her come. I opted to wait.


I should have my blood test results back today to see if I am indeed not pregnant. I guess I'll just be playing the waiting game and see if I O anytime soon.

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Naturallymo I got af July 4 and I just now started 3 days ago. So maybe ur cycle is taking longer than usual to show up I had to figure that out when it was the same amount if time as last cycle, my cycles just got longer maybe that is happening with u but fingers crossed for positive pregnancy
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updated to here

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Aww, thinking of you,  NaturallyMo...


tantylynn - It certainly didn't seem like AF.  Just a day and a half and then some spotting.  Currently feeling crampy on and off and just nodded off reading to DD.  Today's doctor visit was to check my thyroid, which my midwife recommended, but I heard the doctor ask for an hcg test as well.  Seems early to me but not sure how the blood test works.  (This month was nearly impossible to keep track of anything with vacation, my 3 y.o.,  and DH's work schedule picking up).  Whatever she finds, she's going to call me Friday at the latest.


Looking forward to having a little more information, trying not to hope to hard

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NaturallyMo and zbugmama How confusing! Atleast the drs will be able to shed some light on the situation now. Fingers crossed for both of you!


AFM My temp was up this morning and spotting has stopped - yippee! 

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Still thinking about everyone on here and sending BFP wishes!


I really didn't know what was going on for a while because AF was due Saturday (for my normal 11 day LP), but didn't show until yesterday afternoon.  Looking at my chart, I can't believe that I actually had a textbook cycle where I ovulated on day 14 and had a 14 day LP.  I've never had that!  I guess using acupuncture and tea to balance my cycle worked.  I would have preferred if it had also gotten me a BFP, but baby steps!  winky.gif


For those that asked why I had a deadline, we live in Arizona and I told DH when we moved here that I refused to go through my second trimester in the Summer.  So if we skipped Summer, DS2 and this babe would be almost 4 years apart and I'm not sure I want that spacing.  It was so easy to get pregnant with DS1 (one cycle) and DS2 (two cycles) that I thought I was being generous by giving us a 3 cycle window this time.  We are still going ahead for this cycle, since my EDD would be May 27th, but I really don't know where we'll go from there if this cycle doesn't work.  I told DH the other option is to leave AZ, which we would all be happy to do!  Please move me to Waiting to O!

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aww NaturallyMo, how frustrating. hoping they figure it out quickly.

monkeyscience- I've been afk for a few days, and maybe you're not hanging around here since you got your BFP (go you!!) but I didn't want to leave you hanging. I was reading that afternoon was the best time to test OPK, but my kit said FMU, so I assumed I should follow the directions smile.gif I should have taken pictures. my last four or five cycles have been almost regular (since going off depo), except every month they're a little shorter, which is weird. not sure what to think about that. I was temping for a couple cycles, but my sister convinced me I was doing it wrong, so I stopped. now I'm pretty sure SHE was wrong, and I'm planning to start up again this next cycle. it would have made this cycle a lot less stressful!!

trying to wait a couple more days before I start peeing on sticks, whee! especially since I have a job interview in the morning, haha.
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jenjy I want to go back to the land of no worries on vacation too! It was wonderful! joy.gif A whole year to wait for the next one now irked.gif
Anaralia good luck testing today, can't wait to hear your results! Fingers crossed.
tantylynn glad the spotting has stopped and your temps are staying up, good luck to you!
eazar welcome, I hope your stay is short and you get that BFP soon!
naturallymo aw I am sorry to hear that, do they know why else your cycle could be so long? How disappointing and confusing for you guys greensad.gif
clarwyn good luck at your job interview! Nothing like one of those to distract from POAS haha
zbugmama same here we are thinking of taking a break if this cycle hasn't worked too, not 100% sure yet but I feel 50/50 about it which is strange because I thought I would feel different. Maybe I just need a break from all the ttc madness.
AFM 10 DPO today, I got the tests out and realized I only have 3 tests! And I don't plan on buying anymore so I reluctantly put them back in the box!! I didn't want to test this early anyway, but  I couldn't resist, anyway it doesn't matter now because I don't have enough tests to do it early. My plan is to test from 13DPO now which is when AF is due. 3 days to go! Will I be able to make it tho? I know it will be extra hard not to test tomorrow, I just want to know one way or the other right now!! nut.gif
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Thanks for all your kinds words, everyone. I really appreciate it.


My blood test came back negative so we just wait and watch whistling.gif My husband is being such a good sport about it. I kno he's a little disappointed but I can't control nature so we play the wait game. I have been having some mild cramping but nothing is happening - not even a thick discharge, which lets me know its coming. I'm just going to let things unfold as they may. If nothing happens the month of September, then I'm going back for some testing. To me that means something could be wrong.


I get that I'm 32 now and not 27 (which is when I had my son) so conceiving isn't going to come as easy but it is what it is. It is a little disappointing but I'll manage.

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NaturallyMo, keeping my fingers crossed that you'll still find some baby dust before you go in for testing.

AFM, interview went pretty well but it will be a week before they make a decision. and I might POAS tomorrow morning. we'll see. I only have one test on hand, so I shouldn't waste it... but I really want to know!
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Winter2013, fingers crossed for you.  I'm having similar feelings about this process but so wanting another child.


NaturallyMo, I conceived my first when I was 37, so don't start thinking that 32 is "old"


AFM, blood tests from endocrinologist were all normal, and pregnancy test was negative.  This mysterious AF was two days, then a day of nothing, a day of spotting, then the doctor visit. Maybe too early still?  If I keep cramping and napping, I may have to POAS in few days


hoping for all of us ...

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Fingers crossed for everyone! WAITING TO KNOW for me please!! smile.gif
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I'm still waiting to know. I tested 8dpo with a bfn. Not too bummed considering I knew it was early. Testing in the morning at 11dpo.

This cycle has been my longest. Tomorrow will be CD 43. I ovulated on CD 32. Just crazy and all over the place! Temping this cycle was so helpful with O. I'm sure I would've missed BDing at the right time if it weren't for temping.

Good luck to everyone!
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Anaralia -- how did it go??   Hoping for good news!  

tantylynn -- oh, that spotting had to be stressful!  I totally get your worry.  I'm so glad it stopped and your temp went up!   biggrinbounce.gif


eazar -- welcome!  So sorry to hear about your miscarriage.  


clarwyn -- I'm glad your interview went well!  Now you have to go through all sorts of waiting!  Argh!


brooksfam -- very exciting!  Good luck tomorrow morning!!  


TeaJunkie -- balancing your cycle is a totally great step!  That is a huge accomplishment!  I've been trying to lengthen my LP for a long time -- it's not easy!  I hear you on AZ -  I also wanted to avoid being hugely pregnant in the summer here, but if this doesn't work this cycle I guess we will just keep trying. A break for me isn't the best idea given my age unfortunately!  So instead I keep telling myself everything is so air conditioned that I will be ok...shy.gif   


Winter -- it's so hard to be patient!  You can do it though!!  


NaturallyMo -- that is just not fair.  I'm sorry to hear this.  Has anything like this ever happened to you in the past?  Did they have any theories?   I agree with zbugmama -- 32 is young!

delightedbutterfly -- cycle buddy!  Yay!!  Will I suck as a cycle buddy if I start testing at 8dpo? lol.gif


AFM -- 5 dpo today -- and today is almost over so already almost 6dpo!  Wow!!!  Getting close!   Lots of us getting near testing .. good luck everyone!

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Originally Posted by jenjy View Post

delightedbutterfly -- cycle buddy!  Yay!!  Will I suck as a cycle buddy if I start testing at 8dpo? lol.gif

Not at all... in fact I still wonder if maybe my temps are just all wonky and I O'd on CD16 instead of CD22... So yeah I totally took a test this morning... CD5 (or CD 10 if O actually did happen earlier)... I'm officially insane! And yeah I still don't even know if I actually O'd because it's not a super clear temp shift/ideal chart ROTFLMAO.gif

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clarwyn I'm glad your interview went well!


brooksfam we are cycle buddies too!


11DPO today and I caved and tested!!! dizzy.gif BFN so sad to see.... I had some pre-AF type cramping yesterday and loose bm's which is typical of AF on her way for me, so not feeling too hopeful today. BFN's are always disheartening, but pre-AF cramps often continue during the first week or 2 of pregnancy, so I'm not counting myself out yet. AF is due on Sunday, so I'll know for sure by then. Question is do I buy more tests? I have 2 left for 1 saturday and 1 sunday....maybe I'll wait and see if AF arrives sunday before buying anymore. Cramping a bit as I type now irked.gif

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I tested this morning at 11DPO and I got a BFP! I can't believe it! I'm in shock and do not know what to think! I'm so happy, but just hoping that it sticks and this is it! This is my first BFP ever! I tested with FMU using a wondfo pregnancy test and got a faint, noticeable line. I then tested with a First Reponse and got a very noticeable line! Praying that this is it.



Winter, do not count yourself out! I had a little cramping like AF was coming as well. Good luck to you cycle buddy!!

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Congrats to you Brooksfam!!!joy.gif Fantastic news on a Friday!

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