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Does everyone on here chart their bbt?  I haven't yet.  So far I have just been using wondfo strips for about a year now to figure out when I most likely would be ovulating.  I have kept track of that and when my period is.  But we haven't been TTC during that time but I knew we would be starting this month so I wanted to have an idea so we could get down to business right away.  winky.gif  Charting seems like a lot of work.  Maybe I'm over thinking it.  But I guess if God forbid it does take us a long time to get pregnant and we have to go see a doctor will they ask for a bbt chart?  And if i don't have one will they send us packing until we have one that shows at least a few months? 

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MamaJen - I would say day 14 or 15 for O. Have you tried discarding the one open temp on day 13?

NewbieB - I would say wait at least 12-14 days before taking a test smile.gif Welcome!!!

Neighner - not charting is cool too, I am only charting this time because of previous miscarriages and our second did take a year of trying. But I would possibly start a few months before a specialist appointment if you were to be having troubles. They do like to see charts usually and while they would move ahead with testing, they would also have you chart as well and having charts ahead of time would help answer some questions for them
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Well 5 days overdue for my period. And took a test yesterday and it was neg. greensad.gif dang
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Scjp - what is up with all of these long cycles and negative tests? We all seem to be having them! I'm sorry, I hope you get some answers soon!
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Thanks me too I'm thinking about going to doctor just to see if maybe something is wrong why I'm having these weird cycles and stuff
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Hey everyone, can I be added to waiting to be ready?


I just had a D&C following a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. Now I'm eagerly awaiting my first full cycle so I can get back to business. Even though I'm waiting this cycle out I want to chart so I can keep track of what's going on. I'm not really sure what to expect post D&C, my doctor said it could be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks before I ovulate again.


Here's a link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/36665a

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Wow!  So much going on with everyone!  Congrats to Jen and Mercy!  So exciting! 


Mo, I think you've got a great attitude about the process. 


I can be moved to Waiting to Know.  My bits have been feeling better do to some things I've been doing, so we were able to BD for real ONE time so far this cycle and I think it was probably one day before ovulation.  I am such a dummy.  I used to ovulate consistently on CD16 back when I was carefully charting, so I assumed that was the same.  BUT since my second child weaned, my cycles have been shorter by 2-3 days, so I likely wouldn't still be ovulating on CD16, but probably more like CD14.  duh.gif   I think I worked it all out right this cycle, so we'll see.  Just trying not to have expectations and to wait patiently.  I only have one test left, so hopefully that will keep me from testing too early!

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I am guessing I ovulated yesterday CD 15, and managed to sneak in a good time last night with DP, so I can be moved to Waiting to Know as well.  Fingers crossed but realistic that I don't think this was my month for TTC. 

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Please move me to Waiting to Know as well.  Looks like I have some buddies in the 2WW. fingersx.gif Still trying to stay zen!

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I guess I spoke too late on the July thread, I was/am actually waiting to O smile.gif which should be Monday! I too am spending my best days in a tent, lol. we'll make it work. DH promised to find us a nice quiet spot in the trees, haha.

congrats to the BFP's, and baby dust to everyone!
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AF is due tomorrow and the cramping has started. Please move me to Waiting to O. My test the other day was a BFN so the trying continues!

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So im just wondering, I have no kids, nor have I been pregnant before in the past.
Has anyone ever experienced morning sickness with an upset stomach and diarrhea instead of nausea and throwing up??
sorry for the yucky-ness.  I don't know how else to ask  duh.gif

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MakeItSew - I'm so sorry about your miscarriage.  It's a terrible thing to have to go through.  Very sorry.  (By the way, you have the best username ever.  trekkie.gif)


Jayray, manysplinters, TeaJunkie -- GOOD LUCK in your 2WW!!  


clarwyn- aw, I think it'll work out.  Sounds like the tent situation will just make things more interesting, wink1.gif


NaturallyMo - That sure is disappointing that you think AF is coming.  I am really rooting for you!!  Come on, little baby!   NaturallyMo is ready for ya!!


NewbieB - nope, I get the typical MS except it lasts alllll day.  Hope you get to the bottom of what's giving you this case of yuckiness!


AFM -- on CD5 here and waiting to O... feeling happy this month.  Although, ugh, I have had to do lots of blood tests and such since last year and my recent one had my hormones... my prog. was low and my "good" estrogen was low and my "bad" estrogen was high.  Unfortunately, that's all backwards.  The high bad estrogen is what caused my cervical issues that led to my surgery last year but while that is all looking good now, the hormone levels don't bode well for the future.  Apparently this is caused in my case by high stress.  My job is so stressful.  greensad.gif  I'm going to go TOTALLY zen this month.  It helps that I just started my vacation today!!  orngbiggrin.gif  Really hoping those levels don't stand in my way for a sticky baby.  I DO feel optimistic still, so that's good!!


Good luck everyone!

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Hey I am new here. I recently got off of monthly injectable Norigynon, last shot was Apr 2013. Didn't have af until Jul 5 which lasted until Jul 20th (tortuous). Then after af finished I had this incredibly sharp pain in my right ovary, before bc I was accustomed to having ovulatory pains, so I figured it was that. 2 days later I spotted for 2 days along with fatigue and mild period like cramps. I DTD the same day af ended. Last Friday which would have put me at 12DPO I took a FR test and it was negative. Aug 6th I had ovulatory like cramps again but mild I DTD and it was so painful but I bared and let him finish but buckled with sharp pains for at least a half hour after. Went to doc yday and had a preg test done neg again. Sooooo confused as to when I O'ed.
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jenjy - thanks for the kind words. I'm mostly OK, though feeling a little left out since it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. Soon enough, soon enough...


NewbieB - I'm not sure the difference between an upset stomach and nausea. I only threw up once or twice, but oh god the nausea. I was constantly nauseous for the first half of my first pregnancy. I don't remember what my guts were up to... probably nothing pleasant. 

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I am sooooo happy my husband is starting to really get in the mood to have another baby. The other night he was looking up stuff to see what betters you to conceive for him and me. Made me so excited. We have been ttc for 6 mths. And I do believe in may I had a miscarriage when I had that positive test then day after started bleeding and hurting really bad. greensad.gif but that's okay I never went to doctor about it but never I'm having whacked up cycles but I think I'm gonna make an appt I wish I had insurance I would go to a obgyn and get test done. But I am pretty excited hubby is on the wagon smile.gif lol
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hug2.gif to those AF has found!


jenjy That's the way to be, stay positive!!


anjalisa I'm sorry but I can't make any sense of it either. Hope you find answers soon!


scjp1109 I'd definitely make an appt. I was stubborn and waited 2 years before seeing a doctor. Once I had a diagnosis and answers things were so much easier! Wish I'd done it sooner. That said, 6 months is not an abnormal length of time to TTC so all may be well too! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage :( 


AFM, I had some really light brown spotting today at 6DPO. I'm trying to stay positive and think maybe implantation?? But really I bet it'll keep getting darker and darker till AF starts.


Baby dust to everyone! dust.gif

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Well I went and bought a temp thing so gonna start temping maybe this will help smile.gif and especially with hubby fully on board should help too smile.gif
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HI All!


I thought I would join since we are just starting TTC this month! Finally ahh been waiting "im"patiently for 2 years. I was using the Lady Comp Fertility Monitor for awhile to avoid getting pregnant (argh it needs to be reset after I missed taking my temp) so I have a good idea of the signs of ovulation but I think I'm going to start charting anyway. I am getting cramping for sure (and a lot more then usual) but no EW yet. I am expecting to ovulate sometime between yesterday and Sunday. We are BD'ing every 36 hours right now.


I thought I would give everyone some tips on fertility.



Good luck all!

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Hey, everyone,


Hugs, sigh, and a deep, relaxing breath for anyone who needs them.


I'm surrounded by pregnant women, just got an invitation to a shower, wondering if I should start giving away all those baby things I saved, but trying to stay hopeful, yet not start thinking "Maybe ..." every time I feel a cramp.  But it's vacation and things are very relaxed around here right now, and I started some crafty projects.  Hopefully that will hold my attention for this 2ww.  What with getting ready to go away and another shorter trip for a wedding (DD was a flower girl!), I haven't been paying close attention (maybe a good thing) but I'm pretty sure I'm waiting to know.


baby dust, baby dust, baby dust to all!

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