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Hi everyone! Last month I was waiting to miscarry and that fortunately happened quickly, and then according to my chart I also ovulated right away, so could you please move me to Waiting To Know (2WW)?


I'm catching up on the August thread since I'd forgotten to check in:


Neighner - Not charting is fine too, but every time I've charted with temperature and ovulation tests and the whole nine yards, it's taken me at most 2 cycles to get pregnant. It's a good way to get to know your body and to get pregnant quickly. If it does take you a long time to get pregnant, then a chart would be helpful to your doctor, to show whether or not you're ovulating and how regular you are.


MakeItSew, I'm so sorry about your loss. After my D&C it took me almost 2 months to have another period, and it was a long torturous wait. I wanted to try again quickly and not knowing what was going on made the wait so awful. Hugs.


scjp1109, good luck with temping! I hope it helps answer any doubts you have about your cycle.


Welcome Activia!


And good luck to everyone else too!

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Please check your updates to make sure I put you in the right spot and thanks for bolding your changes for me, it makes it so much easier!


Thanks everyone for being patient on my late updating! Wasn't able to get near my laptop while I was away. 

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I haven't been able to keep up with everyone's updates but hoping to catch up!


AFM: I still haven't O'd. My temp is down... I thought I was going to O on CD10 like the last couple cycles and it had followed the same pattern. It even dropped on CD 9 and then just stayed down ever since. BDing isn't going great due to some "equipment malfunctions/injury" so until we get that figured out, I don't know what's going to happen. I'm still temping though. I also forgot to start my progesterone while on vacation, so I just decided to skip it this month... Vacation TTC sucks lol.gif

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Thank you, delightedbutterfly! And I've always given up on TTCing while on vacation. It feels like work and missing one month won't be important in the long run. :)

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It totally felt like work!!! I actually haven't decided how much longer I'm going to stay on the progesterone or keep temping.

I'm kinda thinking of just letting everything just naturally take it's course. I'm thinking next month may be my last of really trying everything. I even bought some cheap ovulation tests and pg tests so I may use those next month and then just give up and let nature decide. I'll still be here though wink1.gif
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Ha ha, I also got a bunch of ovulation and pregnancy tests last month because I felt so guilty about spending $30+ on like, 4 pregnancy tests at Walgreens last month. I should have thought that one through. 


And hey, good luck regardless of your current difficulties. Maybe everything will line up for you like holes in swiss cheese and you'll get good news.

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Well 9 days late and no signs and no signs well pooey greensad.gif lol
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well almost 7 days after ovulating and had some spotting this morning.  but its getting darker and a little heavier =(   is that a sign of just an early period?
got a feeling that its not implantation bleeding. =/

on a different subject...  how many of you ladies check your cervix/cervix mucus on the regular??
I just checked it for the first time. (I want to try actually checking it AND my basal temp.)   now, either I have short fingers or is it normally that hard to reach?!  haha  sorry about the TMI.  but im just curious. =)

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Okay, since I'm not ready to tell anyone IRL except my husband, I just need a place to yell... I OVULATED!!! My chart is confusing as all crap, but I do believe I did ovulate. (Feel free to offer any interpretations!) And now I'm biting my nails waiting for it to be long enough to test. Trying to hold out for Sunday, my LO's first birthday, to test...



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Woo monkeyscience!! I'm trying to conceive with PCOS also. So great to ovulate! I've been meaning to ask though ... when I went to the fertility specialist for DD1 I took her my charts which appeared ovulatory (clear sustained thermal shift, positive OPKs and fertile CM) and she told me that I wasn't ovulating. I said but my charts!! And she said that charts can appear ovulatory but it doesn't necessarily mean they are. What the!? Has anyone else heard this? Sounds whack to me.


NewbieB I've only checked CP one cycle with DD1. It was all so confusing and awkward lol. Sorry I'm no help!


Welcome back from your holiday delightedbutterfly! Sorry it messed with your TTC though :( I admire you. Wish I could just relax and let nature happen. I can't though. Too impatient! So good for you.


AFM, I ended up having about 3 days of spotting on 6-8DPO. Today at 9DPO I've had very clear watery CM? Don't know what the heck is going on. I hope I'm not O now instead of 9 days ago! lol. That'd be frustrating! Maybe we should BD just in case ...

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Tantylynn - Unfortunately, a lot of docs know very little about charting. While it is true that positive OPKs, fertile CM, and high/soft/open cervix are NOT guarantees that you ovulated, a very clear thermal shift DOES mean you ovulated. Your body can start to have an LH surge (causing the +OPKs and fertile cervical signs), but then not actually go on to ovulate for a variety of reasons. That's actually very common in PCOS. Also common in PCOS are extended patches of semi-fertile CM and OPKs with fairly dark (but still not positive) lines, due to the elevated LH levels a lot of us PCOSers have. However, you can't get a thermal shift unless you've ovulated and your body has started producing progesterone. One reason I've been sort of hesitant about my chart is that my thermal shift is a little muddy, with some much lower temperatures in it. However, I've had enough high temperatures that I feel pretty confident I did ovulate at some point, especially with the +OPKs and fertile CM and CP. I'm not sure I'm sold on FF's interpretation of my chart, and I'm confused why my temp rise came so far after my +OPKs, but I still think I ovulated. I know some of my temperatures are wonky because I'm nursing and baby wakes up at night sometimes, and I've been on vacation and generally off schedule.


NewbieB - I've been checking my CM/CP this cycle, and have done it some in the past, too. I find it a little tough because I have very, very long cycles due to my PCOS, so it can be a long time before I see changes. For me, if I can barely get my finger far enough to find my cervix, that usually means it's in a medium-high/high position for me. When it's low, my finger is definitely long enough to reach.


P.S. I guess you can put me in waiting to know!

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I just started temping a few days ago and I have a question my temp was day one 97.65 day two 97.70 day three 97.87 and day 4 97.07 is that normal for that big of a dip what does it mean. Just curious lol 11 days late now for my period but just wanted to start temping when I bought my thermometer lol
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If those are post-O temperatures (and they would be for me, but everyone is different) it could be an implantation dip. I haven't read all the posts on this thread, so not quite sure where you are at with things. You say you are 11 days late for your period, but I'm guessing no +HPT? Also, are you late based on your average cycle length, or do you think you know when you ovulated?

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Have no idea when I ovulated lol. Based on a normal 28 day cycle I'm 11 days late. But my period was on cycle day 48 in July. So maybe I should put that in my app and see when I'm suppose to ovulate if I go off that cuz it's looking like it might that again cuz I'm on cycle day 40 now so maybe my periods have messed up all of sudden since may when I think I had a m/c so if I am going off of that last time cycle could it be time for implantation for me?
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Okay I put a 47 day cycle in my my days app. And I should have ovulated 1-6 and 6 being most fertile day and hubby and I bd in between that time which is good smile.gif lol so I would be in the implantation stage if I did implant yay smile.gif hope that's what that big dip means in my temp cuz I do it everyday same time of day smile.gif excited lol
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Yeah, it's impossible to know for sure when you ovulated based just on when your last period was. Without temperatures from before for comparison, it's also impossible to know if you've ovulated. For me, my pre-O temperatures (at least before interruptions with a nursing baby), were between 96.4 and 97.4, with "normal" being around 96.9-97.2. (I never had a thermometer that temped to the hundredths place, and for me, that was never an issue.) Anything over 97.5 was always post-O, unless I had tossed and turned a LOT before taking my temp. But the temps differ for everyone, and technically it's only a sustained shift in temperatures, not a single temperature alone, that can tell you you've O'd.


Since I'm a little obsessive, I'd probably be taking a pregnancy test every few days, but that's just me. bag.gif Keep temping, though, because it provides you some useful information for the future, if you aren't pregnant now. Do you use an online charting site/app?

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I just use an app called my days...
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You might try the Fertility Friend website/app. It's more geared toward TTC, and lets you record more of your signs than it seems that app does. It also makes your chart easier to share with nosy people like me so we can offer unsolicited advice. orngbiggrin.gif

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Lol okay thank u def will dowload app
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I am so confused! AF was due 4 freaking days ago and all I'm left with is a nausea and two BFNs. I tested the first day she was late and haven't done so since. I am never this late and this is not the normal for me. Part of me feels that if I test again I KNOW its going to say 'Not Pregnant' but what if.....


Help!!! I'm going crazy!

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