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brooksfam - If it makes you feel any better, your temps don't look like a hot mess to me. They look pretty normal, albeit anovulatory, unless you O'd on CD 32, like you mentioned. A couple more days should tell you. I know it's agonizing waiting for those days. I hate that there's no way to collect data any faster - you always have to wait for the next morning to come! I actually used a regular fever thermometer for quite awhile before investing in a BBT, and I was still able to very clearly distinguish my thermal shifts without issue. (Granted, I was mostly anovulatory, so I didn't have a ton of shifts, but I caught the ones that did happen!) If this cycle doesn't work out for you, I would definitely keep going on the OPKs next cycle until you get a true positive. If you aren't already using cheapies, like Wondfo (which you can buy on Amazon, among other places), I would recommend it.


tantylynn - Yay for the longer luteal phase... and/or the pregnancy! When are you going to test?? lurk.gif


AFM, there seemed like there was a tiny bit of blood earlier when I wiped. So either AF is coming, and I'm going to have another 10-day LP like last cycle (my first PPAF), which would suck for a number of reasons, or I'm getting implantation spotting. DANG IT! Why must the signs be so ambiguous?? Tomorrow's temp should tell for sure though. If it drops, I'll know I'm out this round.

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MonkeyScience I ordered online cheapies last this last weekend so as soon as they arrive! Hopefully it's before the weekend. If I make it to Saturday with no AF I'll be going crazy. Fingers are crossed for you that the little bit of spotting wasn't AF! 

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Still here, life got busy right away when we got home... And it looks like it's going to be busy until sometimes in Sept... But I'll come update the thread tomorrow smile.gif

My chart is allllllll over the place this month. I thought there could have been a chance at O either yesterday or the day before but today's temp squashed that. I'm thinking another annovulatory cycle greensad.gif seems I've been having more of those lately than ovulatory ones. At first I thought it was just the stress of vacation delaying O. And now while I'm still stressed (my MIL is moving to our town and I'm not happy about it. Us she's staying here for a few days until she gets her new place and her stuff arrives) 19 days has been m longest charted O date?
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Hi ladies I'm back! Had some technical difficulties posting here then went on vacation. 


I am 3DPO today, way better timing this cycle. But strangely my FF chart has not detected my O date yet and I have had 3 days of post O higher temps.... anyone know why that is?


Not feeling anything yet and not driving myself mad wondering because I know it is too early even for implantation yet. I feel a lot more zen this cycle and hoping it continues.


Do I have any cycle buddies? when are you testing?


Please move to waiting to know thanks!


I will read back to check up on everyone when I get chance, goodluck to all.

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Hi everybody! I got back from vacation a couple of days ago, and have just been reading and catching up. Sorry about the funky cycles scjp and delightedbutterfly and others. Still negative, NaturallyMo? That happened to me last cycle. Well, I don´t know if I would have had negative tests because I had no way to get tests until when I finally did my period started the afternoon. But I was a week late all in all and it was horrible. I really feel for you!


Maybe you can move me to graduated? I got a positive this morning!! I think I am at 19DPO or possibly only 16DPO, not sure, didnt temp this cycle (doh!!). I am sooooooo cautious about getting excited yet because I have been having chemical after chemical, I am sure of it. I had a chemical before my miscarriage in April. So...I don´t know how to let my guard down. I dont have any symptoms either except for maybe slow digestion. 

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I tested this morning and was totally thinking, "It's going to negative and I don't know why I'm testing this morning" and...it was POSITIVE!!!  I couldn't believe it!  joy.gif We only BD one time this month because of my sad bits, so I was trying to be tempered.


Hopes and prayers for everyone else!!  It's a crazy process!

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Congrats, newgirlintown! Fingers crossed for a sticky baby for you!


AFM, temp was still up today, so at least I should be spared a short luteal phase. Still pretty sure I'll get AF for DS's birthday. greensad.gif I wanted to test this morning, but dh was not on board, so I grudgingly agreed to wait. When I get the BFN, I want it to be definitive!

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Congrats all the positives!!! Yay I am 14 days late if I'm going off a 28 day cycle I started temping last week and got a big spike yesterday and today it's still up not sure what a spike means and what a dip means. I need advice on temping please smile.gif
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I think I'm gonna stick with a 45 day cycle cuz it's looking that way also this month so that means I am ovulating this week so maybe that's hat that spike was in temp if so I missed it greensad.gif or if u get that spike u need to bd when u get it??
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Congrats to the BFPs!  That's so exciting and I hope they continue coming!  I'm about 12 dpo (I think) and I've been having vertigo and some nausea, but we're also going through a hot spell here in my town, so I am trying to attribute it to the heat and not to anything else, as I didn't feel like the chances of pregnancy this time round were very good for me.  I have a feeling I will probably test today, though, because I can't resist even though it is unlikely anything would show at this point!  Aaaack!  The vertigo isn't something I experienced with my last two pregnancies, so that's a bit weird, but I was reading it can be a sign.

To everyone else who is struggling, disappointed or waiting out there, my thoughts are with you!  Here's hoping for the best, soon, for everyone!

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Clearly I have no patience...I left work right after my last post and went and got a test and squueeee!  BFP!  I hope it sticks!  At least that explains this crazy vertigo - I feel like I can't even move my head without the world going sideways!!!

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Newgirlintown – thanks for the encouragement. Hubs and I have decided to wait another week and test (per the advice of my doctor cousin). Hubs is super excited but I’m just going to remain neutral.


Jayray – congrats!!!!! Yay!!!!


Manysplinters – Congrats!!! Sending sticky vibes your way!

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We are day 7 of no AF. I'm going to wait a week and test again. My doctor cousin told me my hormones may be too low and its too early to test so wait a week and see. Hubs still super excited- to the point that he told me we must do the winery visit and hike this weekend since I won't be drinking anymore LOL


I'm feeling a little excited too but we'll see.

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Here's hoping, Mo!  With my first baby I went to the doctor and did a POAS there and the nurse said, nope, it's negative, and I was so disappointed, and it was about 7 days past my period due date, and then later that morning she phoned and said "oops, I guess I didn't wait long enough, it's positive after all!"  It seems like some babies take longer to let their presence known...I hope that's whats going on for you, but if not, at least practice is fun : )  What is your blog page?  I run too and would love to read your blog (I'm trying to figure out how I will be able to do a 14 km in a month!)

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Newbie here! Hello all smile.gif I'm still trying to get the hang of this and figure out all of this abbreviating so forgive me if I ask wtheck you're talking about a time or two. wink1.gif Anywho hubs & I have been trying for just over a month now. Worried that having IUD complications may make this a little hard for us.. We want our first baby girl so badly!
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Originally Posted by manysplinters View Post

Clearly I have no patience...I left work right after my last post and went and got a test and squueeee!  BFP!  I hope it sticks!  At least that explains this crazy vertigo - I feel like I can't even move my head without the world going sideways!!!



Wow that is a perfect way to describe what is happening to me!  Every time I turned my head I am like *gulp* super dizzy. (I had a difficult meeting trying not to turn my head and trying not to be rude) My tummy is also very rumbly...at least today I didn't have acid reflux with lunch again.


Cant wait to test on Sunday!


Good luck RoseMomof2boys! I hope it's quick for you!

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Monkeyscience, my temp was high today as well. So, FF finally put those long awaited red lines on my chart! Of course, I'm not totally sure I have still ovulated since it seems so late for me. Only time will tell. Thanks for all your kind words and advice.


Congratulations to everyone getting those BFP's! I love it!


NaturallyMo, thinking about you and hoping you get your BFP very soon!

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I had to pop in to say a huge Congrats on all the BFP's today wow what a lot of positive tests! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


Happy and healthy 9 months to you ladies!!

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I happened to be next door to a pharmacy today so I popped in and bought a test .... BFP!!! Really hoping it sticks this time!


Congrats to all the other BFPs! August is baby booming! joy.gif

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YAY!!!!! Thank you for breaking down and buying a test so the rest of us could sleep tonight. ;)


And I'm going to be bad and test in the morning. I know I shouldn't, but... yeah. 11 DPO is when I got my BFP with my son, so I kind of want to see now. Of course, it's open to interpretation if tomorrow even *is* 11 DPO, and/or if it really was 11 DPO with my son. Looking back on my charts, it's a little ambiguous...

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