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Please help

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My period is always the same every month the first 3 1/2 days are heavy flow and then the next 3 1/2 are much lighter I have always had a seven day cycle I'm afraid I might be pregnant I had light cramping a day before I started bleeding then when my period actually came it was very light which has never happened to me before by the end of day three there was no blood except for when I wiped and it wasn't normal it's a really light colored watery blood I've also had no blood clots when I usually have a lot and now the bleeding has just stopped all together I have this odd feeling in my stomach and in my chest almost like butterflies that's been there for the past couple days I'm concerned because this has never happened to me before please help!!!!
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If you're worried you might be pregnant, the first thing to do is to take a pregnancy test. Your description of your odd period is how my regular periods are, so it isn't impossible for that to have been your period.

It sounds like you really don't want to be pregnant, so I would follow up checking to see if you are pregnant with a discussion with a doctor or someone at Planned Parenthood about contraception to make you sure don't have any more scares.

If you get a positive pregnancy test, THEN start thinking about what to do if you're pregnant. I'd get a test and find out soon. I'm sure you could get help from Planned Parenthood for that as well.
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Thank you I actually want a baby I'm just scared because I've never been through this before my period is always regular which was my red flag I was reading online and it says if I was experiencing implantation I should wait 4-5 days to get an accurate test Im just curious and impatient lol I was hoping someone had experienced something similar to help me get an idea of what's really going on
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Nothing you are describing sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me. Most women get sore breasts, bloating, excessive thirst, excess saliva etc. It sounds like you are having a weird period. It happens. Go get a pregnancy test just to be sure, but I seriously doubt it'll be positive :-)
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Oh, are you trying to conceive? You should join our TTC forum if that's the case. If you're wanting to obsess over potential pregnancy symptoms, that's definitely the place! smile.gif LOL

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I felt like my period was going to start any minute, and felt that way for an entire two weeks before my period was supposed to appear. And then it never did. My symptoms included back and leg aches, moodiness, fatigue, cramps, upset stomach, and a lot of hunger and thirst. If you haven't had any symptoms at all besides a weird period I would guess you are not pregnant.


But obviously every woman's body is different so I could be very wrong. Just relax and take a pregnancy test, so that you can quit over-thinking everything. I know that can drive you nuts! If it's positive than you have an answer. If it's negative take another in a week or two just to make sure. 

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Are you possibly recently off hormonal BC while TTC? When we began TTC #1, I stopped BC, had a few normal cycles, but it seemed that when we actually began actively TTC, there were quite a few changes in menstruation in the months prior to conception.


Additionally, implantation bleeding is a very sketchy subject. Personally, it's not something I have noticed with either of my pregnancies; although the first was planned and I was watching alertly for any sign; and in the second case I knew we'd had unprotected sex near ovulation so also watched alertly for any early sign. If your bleeding occurred near the time of normal menstruation, while it may be due to changes in cervix/etc., I doubt it is "implantation bleeding," and pregnancy test results are typically reliable as soon as the first day after a missed period. Therefore, if you feel your bleeding may not have been actual menstruation but was at the appropriate time, I'd suggest a test.

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