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Quickening -- anyone felt it yet?

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This is my 4th, so I've definitely felt the little flutters before and know what to expect. But this week, I've felt them consistently for the past few days; each day a bit more/stronger. I'm just 12w today ... is it possible to feel it this soon??


Anyone else felt the first precious flutters yet? 



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This is also my 4th and there was no doubt that I felt baby flutters yesterday and today. They aren't coming consistently yet, but have felt it here and there, especially when I lie down!! So, so exciting! I am 11 weeks.(though according to the ultrasound I just had, baby is measuring a week ahead of that)
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Yay - so exciting mama sarah! I really didn't think I'd be able to feel it this quickly. It's nice to finally have a 'fun' symptom, and one that makes it feel so much more real. Awesome!

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I thought the baby didn't even have muscles by now? I dunno. I'm almost 14 weeks now and I felt some flutters earlier in the week, but it was way too high to be baby... I think it was my intestines. 

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This is my 5th, and I have not felt it yet. However,, I was in the ER for hyperemesis/ rehydration yesterday and had a quickie ultrasound. Baby was moving around like crazy and definitely hitting the uterine walls. Sounds like muscles to me!
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I should have mentioned I'm 10 weeks.
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Oh, cool. Mine wasn't moving at all at the 8-week ultrasound, so I guess that happens somewhere in that window. 

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Yes, the baby definitely has muscles and is moving! I had a 2 min u/s last week and saw lots of movement. 


erigeron - you never know - it might've been baby that you felt. You can feel it lots sooner than the first because you are more aware of what it feels like. 


Here's a quick video of baby's development from 10-14 weeks. The miracle of life == love it! :)



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Well, it was an inch or so above my belly button, so unless I really am having twins, and they assured me that I'm not, there's no way my uterus is that high yet. 

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erigeron - That made me laugh! :D


I've felt the flutters right above my pelvic bone and it's very different/distinct than from gas bubbles or anything else. I'll bet you feel it sooner than with your first. Probably in the next few weeks! :)

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Wow, that is so exciting, jinxymama.  12W is super early.  I feel like it gets earlier with every pregnancy, though.


I felt them at 14w with my 3rd baby.  I could even see her moving by watching my belly.  Nothing yet this time for me, but I'm only 10W.

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I have definitely been feeling movement the past couple days. I am 10w5d, FWIW. With each pregnancy I've felt movement earlier and earlier; With my first It was closer to the 18w mark, with my 2nd it was around the 12w mark. Since this is a rainbow baby (after 2 loses) it's a very reassuring feeling to me. I can't wait for my big kids to be able to share this!

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I'm 14 weeks, this is baby #2, and I'm convinced I've been feeling flutters since 12 weeks. It happens the most when I'm lying down or have had something chilly to drink, which is the way it was with baby #1. I felt flutters around 14 weeks with baby #1...I guess I'm just really tuned in to my uterus!
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I've felt it, but my dh thinks I'm nuts, lol.

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I will be 12 weeks tomorrow with baby #7 and I haven't felt a thing. I don't really expect to feel anything until 18 weeks or so. I'm 5"1' and 112lbs but I tend to get anterior placentas. Not sure why but it's happened several times.shrug.gif Just makes it harder to feel the baby.

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I'm 14 weeks and I'm pretty sure I've been feeling flutters for a few days.
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This morning I woke up around 5:30 and I think I felt some burbling around in there. I'm going to reserve judgment for a few more days as to whether that's really what it was. 

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Felt fetal movement at ten weeks. Now thirteen and easily feeling it throughout the day although it will be several more weeks until it's felt from the outside I think. I just think, avocado with arms and legs rolling around in there... 

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I'm amazed, but I'm feeling movement, I'm sure! I'm almost 11 weeks.

This is my 5th and the earliest I have felt movement. But I am also on bed rest with severe hyperemesis, so I have more time laying completely still day in and out. I felt it last night and this morning, especially when I lay on my side with my top leg over and my knee forward. (How I lay when I watch netflix on the iPad... Bed rest is boring) there can be no mistake. It is not like the kicks I know I'll feel later, it is like fluttering/ whirring very lightly right from the inside of my uterus,the top of which is perhaps 2 fingers above my public bone now.

So exciting!
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This is my third, and have felt the movements since close to 10 weeks (am 13+ now). I had to find some scholarly research to convince me I am not nuts, and it's definitely possible, though uncommon :)

Grateful for the reassurance, as we were on a road trip for 4 weeks and that was a great sign that all was well.

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