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SPD homeschool

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I have decided to go with Enki for curriculum. My daughter has SPD traits and is sensory seeking. Are there any good places for low cost sensory equipment (ie weighted blankets, wobbly chairs etc?)
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Would sitting on an exercise ball work instead of a wobbly chair?  I know ADHD kids that benefit from it because they can move/wiggle/bounce.  Obviously ADHD and SPD are not the same thing, but maybe that would work.  I mention it because you can find exercise balls for pretty cheap.  


Maybe the special needs board would know of great resources too.



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My SPD kid uses an exercise ball in place of a wobbly chair. Same concept. Or, when the exercise ball is not appropriate, he uses one of these balance cushions, which give him multiple kinds of sensory input: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000WQ4Z94
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My son is sensory seeking.  We are starting our first year of home schooling, so I don't have any experience, but my plan is to count on a lot of breaks for movement and to encorporate sensory breaks as well.  My son loves playing in the sand and thera putty, so if he's getting figity, I will have him take breaks.  He can also do school work while on the swing or playing in the sand or with putty. We have a swingset outside but also a swing in the living room.

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Three of my kids have sensory issues.


Exercise ball, lap pad and music.


You can make a weighted lap pad with a half a yard of material and a package of beans or rice. This is a little easier to use than the full size blanket during school work.


My oldest does her work with far less problem if I let her listen to the mp3 player while she works.


Do you own the book Out of Sync Child has Fun? I've been using activities in there to break up our more formal schooling activities.


Best of luck.

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