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Leaking breasts already!

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I started leaking at 22 weeks! Is that normal? I thought it didn't start until much later!!
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Totally normal! Your body starts developing milk glands and milks ducts at 10wks, crazy huh! I starting noticing discharge at 17wks with both DS and this pregnancy. It's different for everyone :) Your milk won't actually come in until after your little one is born.

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I've got that happening over here too, which surprised me as this is my first pregnancy! I've mostly just ended up with sticky breasts, though there was one afternoon where I spent several hours cuddling my friends' 6-week old: That left a bit of a crusty mess inside my (black) dress! It all washes out, luckily.
I mentioned the leaking to my midwife & she's very pleased, LOL...
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Phew!! I honestly had a panic attack thinking it was a sign of early labour coming (not immediately of course but in a few weeks). Funny how being pregnant has made me a little crazy!
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I know what you mean! When it first happened to me, I was also experiencing severe pain in my left side that felt like it was in my breast, and the pain was keeping me awake at night. I ended up seeing my physician, who correctly identified the problem as muscular, beneath my breast tissue and through my back... A few weeks of chiro treatments fixed it. But for a brief while there, I was thinking my breast was infected with something! My midwife asked if the other breast, which didn't hurt, was also leaking... Um, yes it was, but I hadn't actually noticed that yet eyesroll.gif.

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The same thing happened to me last week, just after I hit 24 weeks! (I'm at 25 today.) I was in the shower and noticed something "different" as I was getting in. I poked a little and had a few trickles out of my right breast! I knew it was normal but it totally threw me for a loop. I have since come to terms with it. I told my husband and he was overjoyed—said that baby and I must be healthy!
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I finally got a little bit of colostrum!  It's pretty late for me, I got it at 19 weeks during my first pregnancy.

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Nothing so far for me... Did any of you try to make it happen, or did it c ome out on its own? (I'm not trying, for the record)
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I didn't do anything.. I noticed it happens more after a warm shower though.. Maybe it stimulates things? My first reaction was to cry.. It felt kind of like the end of my body being my own. I know it's a good thing and I'm sooooooo happy that I am pregnant but man it was hard to comprehend that my body is no longer a sexy thing, it's main purpose now is for nourishment for him and a place for him to grow! I know I can still be sexy but it is hard to think about the fact that I might leak and it will kill the mood for me! I'm now a little self concious about it! My hubby doesn't seem to mind.. Guess its just something you have to work through and it will get easier..
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 I never stopped not having colostrum and I haven't nursed in 4 yrs, lol. But from what I learned from LLL, once a mom nurses, we can usually nurse/re-get milk production going.   It's not a lot, just a little waxy on my bra.  

  I just noticed today though that it appears I'll be actually "leaking" a lot more of it as the days go on. Same thing happened about 8m with the others, just a month earlier this time.  It's never been enough for me to wear a nursing pad though, until after birth.  Then I need these extra thick ones.

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well i can say mine are leaking a lot to were my bra is soak or my shirt or my bed but this will be baby number 4 for me and i had so much breastmilk with my youngest that i gave alot of it to the hospital  near my house for the nuci babies and moms that want to breast feed but could not get there milk to come in 

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I stopped breastfeeding in late June, but I am leaking again... ALOT. Guess I will keep the breast pads handy.
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