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Hey Dec 2012 DDC mamas! We miss you! We'd love to hear how things are going for you and see a pic of your little one, if you don't mind sharing. How is motherhood is treating you? love.gif

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I was only in this DDC for a few weeks and then had a miscarriage. I got pregnant again a few months later and sweet baby Penelope is 3 months old today! My oldest is now 2.5 years old!
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I always get nervous when I get a PM from an administrator, LOL.

J and I are doing okay. He's just barely 7 months old, still spitting up pretty regularly, still not sitting or crawling, kinda fussy, has a beautiful smile, likes to babble, learning a sign or two, loves his big brother and sister.
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Lydia is doing very well!  She was born on New Year's Eve (I was mainly in the January DDC, so no one in this group probably remembers me!) and is 7 months old now.  She has been sitting by herself for about a month.  She is EBF but has tasted a little squash and avocado so far. Over 19 pounds at her 6 month check up. She has more chub than my other babies did, and I just love it!!!


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yay, another NYE baby! orngbiggrin.gif

I also forgot to say that my little peanut was about 13 lbs 3 oz at his 6-month visit and is not eating any solids yet. smile.gif
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I was only in this DDC for a few weeks and then had a miscarriage. I got pregnant again a few months later and sweet baby Penelope is 3 months old today! My oldest is now 2.5 years old!


Lydia is my rainbow baby, too, also conceived just a few months after miscarriage. And my husband very much wanted to name her... PENELOPE. :) Loved the name, but we finally agreed on my first choice.


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yay, another NYE baby! orngbiggrin.gif

I also forgot to say that my little peanut was about 13 lbs 3 oz at his 6-month visit and is not eating any solids yet. smile.gif


She was due 1/8, so I was shocked to have her here less than 6 hours before midnight!  She came so fast compared to the one before her. She was very sweet, giving us the tax deduction and all, LOL.

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Brantley was born 12/14, he is just over 7 months old.   He has 2 teeth, rolling and "crawling" (without using his legs).  EBF but has had some egg yolk and avocado and is 20.4 pounds.  Loves to watch his brother and sister :)



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I LOVE hearing how everyone's wee ones are at different stages!


I spent several years planning on not having another baby. I don't regret it because it was right at the time, but I can't believe I might have missed out on all the joy I'm experiencing with my little guy if I hadn't changed my mind. He is such a treat. Ack, I just adore him! Today he and DD were rolling the ball to each other and DH has taken to carrying him on his back while I'm at work. He is so smiley and sweet, I could go on for too long.


He is 19 pounds and eats bananas and grapefruit for fun. He crawls and like to pull himself up on things about 8 inches high (like the bed on the floor) and "walk" side to side.


We went to a Big Latch On event this morning. Anyone else make it to one?


I was never in an online group as close as this before and don't plan to anytime soon, so I appreciate all the mamas out there for all the support and good times!

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Sawyer was a New Year's Day baby! He is just over 7 months now and was 22.5lbs at his 6 month check up! he is crawling and loves protein (chicken, steak, etc) and anything super flavorful (like garlic lovers humus!)
My daughter is almost 3.5 and is a handful, but we are learning as we go! Still loving mothering more than one.


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My Itty Bitty Pretty is now 8 months old, and loves solid food.  Can't get enough of it, I have to watch her volume intake or we have big spit ups (and more fussy hunger!).  Her favorite summer snack is two ripe plums.  She has one little tiny two-day-old tooth and its cuuuuuuute.  


She's not the lest bit the drama queen her birth would have implied.  I was in the Nov DDC so y'all missed the three act play she put on, every weekend was a labor day for three weeks running.  Then, 45 minutes, everyone drives toward me frantically, but poof.  UBAC.  Best, most painful, most beautiful birth yet.  


Excited to see all the other mamas baby stories! This group was exceptionally active and fun, even if I did have to duck out when my due date officially became Nov 30.  :)  Y'all were the best and I can't wait to see how the other littles are doing.

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Gosh, I was only an active part of the DDC for the first trimester until I had a huge SCH and spent the 2nd trimester laying low and hoping the pregnancy would be viable so I kind of stopped participating in the group.  Great news though, the SCH subsided and I went on to have a full term baby!  Our surprise baby turned out to be a boy and he's been such a joy.  He is by far the happiest, most easy going baby I have had and is a healthy 23 or 24 lbs at 8 months (he was born Dec 5th, two days after his due date).  He loves to eat food and loves his booby time.  It's so funny going from my last baby who didn't really eat meals until a year to this one who snatched a green bean off my plate at 5 1/2 months, shoveled it into his mouth and actually chewed. LOL

His favorite foods are goat cheese and blueberries.

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Gardenbelle, that is an awesome picture.


My J is almost 8 months, crawling, pulling up and cruising a little, and is the happiest baby we've had.  She's delightful.


It's a full, busy house that she's part of - my olders are 9, 7, and 4 now. :-)

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My son is "creeping" and sitting up, not quite crawling though he loves jumping and trying to stand. 7.5 months old and 16#. Was born at 8#12oz.
Motherhood is treating me well, but holy cow relentless. We cosleep, and he nurses all night every night. Reverse cycling, but it is actually preferable. I miss him terribly at work.
I can't wait to have another one.
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so nice to read all the updates!!  our boy just turned 8 months old.  he's very active (army-crawling all over the place!) and can't wait to catch up to his older siblings!  he co-sleeps at night, nursing throughout.  he's EBF and just starting to explore solids with a few small tastes of avocado and banana.  it's nice to read about other babies on the same track re: food ... I've been getting some flack from family & friends about not "feeding" my baby yet.  shake.gif  


hope everyone continues to do well! beautiful babies, all! love.gif

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Charlie (Charlotte) will be 8 months on the 20th...she is crawling crazy fast, furniture walking, and is totally in love with her big sisters and big brother love.gif I loooooove this group! Also, congrats Bailey!! We have a Penelope and love her dearly!! thumb.gif


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Oh my - what sweet babies! It's so nice to see them in full bloom. love.gif


We should have a reunion party!! Got any ideas to get everyone to come together again and share the growing babe and toddler months?

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So wonderful reading all of the updates! I am super active on the Facebook group, as are a number of the other mamas, but would love to join a reunion. 


Charlie was born on 12/12/12, deciding that his Christmas due date just wasn't memorable enough. He also decided (after 36 hours of home labor) that he didn't want to be born in a chill waterbirth, but in the triage room 20 mins after transferring to the hospital (we pushed for too long past the state limit). Thankfully we still had a totally natural birth and he is a nursing champ!


He'll be 8 months next week and weighs around 16lbs. He loves scooting/army crawling and standing, yells and chirps like a pterodactyl, and has the best squealy laughs. He's still EBF even though we've been trying to add baby-led weaning for the past month. He does enjoy biting on a peach or banana if mama is holding it but has no interest in bringing food to his mouth on his own. Still co-sleeping when we go to bed at night (though he goes to sleep nicely in his crib before that), which makes teething easier. One bottom tooth is all the way through and the second should be here any day now!


[edited to add: we moved to Wales, UK when Charlie was 10 weeks old and he has done great! Being a more "crunchy" mama in this area is a bit of an anomaly, but we are going to a slingmeet in a nearby city tomorrow and hoping to meet some friends.]





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I was only in the ddc for a little while. We had a miscarriage at 12 weeks.

We just had our rainbow baby a month ago! Her name is Ruby and she is so wonderful! She was in quite a hurry to get here and was born on our bathroom floor while my husband was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher!

I'm glad for this thread! I often wonder about everyone and was sad that the group slowed down so I couldn't check in!
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I love this reunion! It is so great to see all the Dec/Jan babies and our rainbow babies <3. My True is doing well! He was born 12/1/12, at 39 weeks. Both my girls were 5 days late, so it was fun and exciting to have a sweet little early baby boy. He loves to eat solids (except when he is having a bad teething day) and is still an avid nurser. He loves his older sisters and is just a sweet little pleaser. He's up on all 4s and rocking now, looks like he'll be crawling any day. He has 6 teeth and seems to be working on more, yowza! I have felt so rewarded by being a member of this DDC and have formed lasting relationships. I recommend a Mothering DDC to every pregnant woman I encounter. Why can't I remember how to post a photo?
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Teddy (Theodora) was due 12/6 but she came early on 11/13 so I haven't really kept up with this group. She's doing great though, and you'd never know she was a 5lb 12oz peanut once  upon a time.


Tandem nursing for the first time:


Tiny "Baby T" at a few days old:


Teddy at 8mo: