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Jack is 8.5 months (born on 12/13, a week late, after about 3 weeks of prodormal labor). He is busy crawling, babbling, and trying to play with his older brother and sister. He was a happy spitter, and now seems to be a happy gagger when it comes to solid food. He nurses all the time, sleeps well, and we don't change many dirty diapers because he is great at signaling when he needs to go potty. Probably my easiest baby so far, really happy and easy going, but we are just starting to deal with separation anxiety.
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Genevieve chose a 12-12-12 birthdate, too. I thought it would have been earlier in the day, but that round of labor fizzled out, and she was born 3 hours after I rolled of the acupuncture table in the evening (at 20:12, oddly enough).

She's 9 mos now, and walking already! She's absolutely in love with her big brothers (8 and 5),and the feeling is mutual. She has all 8 of her first teeth and has started demanding a lot of table food compared with my boys.

Nevie is what we call her mostly. She is super smiley and observant like you wouldn't believe. It's crazy to watch her wheels turn when she's learning something new (which is all the time, right?).

I know I'm checking in way late... Hopefully I won't be the only one because I'd love to see updates from everyone!
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Hi all, 

I haven't kept up with the boards and am so happy to see all the babies!


Nina was born on New Years Day, so she's almost 9 months now.  Weighs about 21lbs, and 101% for height, tho that makes little sense to me?!


She is still breastfeeding and loving it.  Likes to get her hands dirty and try different foods too.  I'm much more confident with my breastfeeding skills vs. providing healthy food for her, so I'm sticking with breastfeeding...


I've been back to work since she was 8 weeks (arg), so Nina takes about 10oz of my expressed milk a day, and the rest of the time nurses.  She's slept with us from the start, sleeps well.  Normally starts stirring around 5am I think for side-lying nursing.


She started crawling around 7 months.  Currently, she loves standing and cruising around our coffee table.  I think she'll be walking soon?  She basically just likes to pull up to stand on whatever is around (our legs, chairs, tables, etc).


Says "ma-ma-ma" and lots of other sing-songy babbles.


She's quite drooly at the moment because her two four top teeth are coming in.  She has three on the bottom.


She has a funny habit of liking to stick her pointer finger in my mouth :)








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So wonderful reading all of the updates! I am super active on the Facebook group, as are a number of the other mamas, but would love to join a reunion. 


Charlie was born on 12/12/12, deciding that his Christmas due date just wasn't memorable enough. He also decided (after 36 hours of home labor) that he didn't want to be born in a chill waterbirth, but in the triage room 20 mins after transferring to the hospital (we pushed for too long past the state limit). Thankfully we still had a totally natural birth and he is a nursing champ!


He'll be 8 months next week and weighs around 16lbs. He loves scooting/army crawling and standing, yells and chirps like a pterodactyl, and has the best squealy laughs. He's still EBF even though we've been trying to add baby-led weaning for the past month. He does enjoy biting on a peach or banana if mama is holding it but has no interest in bringing food to his mouth on his own. Still co-sleeping when we go to bed at night (though he goes to sleep nicely in his crib before that), which makes teething easier. One bottom tooth is all the way through and the second should be here any day now!


[edited to add: we moved to Wales, UK when Charlie was 10 weeks old and he has done great! Being a more "crunchy" mama in this area is a bit of an anomaly, but we are going to a slingmeet in a nearby city tomorrow and hoping to meet some friends.]




Chicajones, hit me up with a link to the Facebook group link!  I could be way more active on it since I have the Facebook app on my phone.  I'd love to get to know you guys better and talk about our cute babies!!  Can you guys seriously believe our little ones are 14 months already?  How is everyone doing with nursing?  

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Gardenbelle, that is an awesome picture.


My J is almost 8 months, crawling, pulling up and cruising a little, and is the happiest baby we've had.  She's delightful.


It's a full, busy house that she's part of - my olders are 9, 7, and 4 now. :-)


Thanks, Mamabeakley!  It was a fun photo to create, haha! :)  Sorry it took me so long to respond, but it was so great to see how all the babies are doing!