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Update Thread!

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Hey Oct 2012 DDC mamas! We miss you! We'd love to hear how things are going for you and see a pic of your little one, if you don't mind sharing. How is motherhood is treating you? love.gif

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Hello hello! That sounds fun. 4 kids is keeping me busy so on here so much less then when I had just ! =)
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4?!! I thought I was busy with 2. LOL  This forum wasn't too active so I often forget to check in!

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I don't come on MDC much because I don't like the forum format (mostly the spell check messes with my spell check). Mine just turned 9 months and is crawling like an inchworm. She loves to stand and make raspberries, sometimes with the back of her tounge (I have no idea how she does that). She is very good with solids but is allergic to dairy so neither of us is having any of that now. She is sorta trying to pull up but loves to just stand and stand with us making sure she doesn't crash.

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Same here, never on MDC anymore! Between my two kiddos things are overall great. Harper is doing awesome... She took a couple unassisted steps two days ago! She is crawling, cruising and her other new thing is pointing. Super cute. On the negative side, she was diagnosed with FPIES at 6 months old but we have gone on the GAPS diet to promote maximum gut health, to supplement her nursing. That's about it! Hope everyone else is well!
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Aria is 10 months and 1 week old. She started army crawling about a month ago but just finally got the tummy off the floor crawl figured out yesterday. She also just had her first tooth poke through yesterday. She is a great napper - goes down in her crib and just goes to sleep without a fuss. Still takes 2 naps/day. Cosleeps at night and still wakes a million times/night to nurse but at least she usually unlatches and rolls away now so I have some space (and my 4 yr old is finally sleeping in her own bed these days so I have enough space in bed to scoot away from her and stretch out). She is also a great eater. My first was SOOOO picky but she will pretty much devour any thing I give her, except brocolli. She is pulling up on things and has learned how to get up the stairs! Time for us to put up some baby gates! This also means a lot more wipe out falls and bruises!


Life is definitely busy with 2! I find myself pondering a 3rd child and wondering how on earth I would manage to take care of another when I am already so busy. I know it can be done. Most likely we are done having babies. I have been getting rid of baby/maternity things as we finish with them - though I know they can always come back easily thanks to craigslist. I can't help but think about it a lot though!



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Thank you Cynthia!!  I love hearing from my MDC mommas.  I have been checking back every once in awhile to see if anyone has posted-- so happy to hear from everyone!  


Jack is 9 months (will be 10 months on the 13th).  He is doing great except for the fact that he is cutting 2 top teeth which has resulted in him waking up every night at 3:30am-- he tosses and turns and can't go back to sleep, so he plays and "talks".  Since he's in our bed, that means we don't sleep either....but I know that this too shall pass.  Going to get some teething tablets...even though they've never worked for me before.


The older 2 boys have been such a huge help this summer.  I don't know what we'll do all day when they're at school.  :(  I know...I should home school....I have thought about it and talked about it with the boys.  This is the 1st time i've ever been able to afford to stay at home...so they are 7 and 11...and so far they do not want to home schooled.  


Jack is crawling, cruising, pulling to stand....and pretty much never stopping.  He takes 2 naps a day usually and sleeps pretty good at night (except for the teething).  He seems to wake once or twice, but I never reallly know since sometimes I'm too tired too notice.  He still nurses night and day.  He loves all food-- he's eating mostly table food at this point.  He is a whopping 27 pounds!  


More babies are a possibility if I get pregnant....since there is "no goalie".  winky.gif


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This our most recent photo. Simon is 10 months, 2 weeks and we're all doing great! He's a climber, so vigilance is key in our household. Big Sister starts kindergarten soon, so I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with him. (As much as I'll miss her.)
He loves eating (mama's milk and table food) and still wakes to nurse a bunch at night, I think because he's so busy during the day, he can't be bothered. wink1.gif
He's a bit petite, at 18 lbs, but healthy and happy and such a wonderful gift!
Reunion thread is a great idea! Thanks for the updates, Ladies!
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NAK.  Hi Mamas!  Good to see everyone.  I don't post much about my kids lately, I just don't seem to have any questions.  I hang out mostly in the craft forum, as I've been trying to make some clothes that fit my new body (pregnancy weight is finally gone, but my boobs don't seem to be shrinking like they did last time) and are breastfeeding friendly. 


Vaughn will be 10 months in 2 days, and is doing great!  He just cut his 4th tooth recently, and he's been walking for couple of weeks already!  He's always been fascinated watching his big brother run around, so it shouldn't surprise me that he walked so early.  He still wakes at night a ton, but so did my older ds, so I'm kinda used to it.  I'm just glad he finally consolidated to 2 longer naps, he hung on to 3-4  short naps for.ev.er.  Still waiting for some real hair to grow in, good thing he's a cute little baldie.  Here's a picture of my my 2 squinty boys from a couple of weeks ago.  :D



I am definitely planning on a third pregnancy, but not for at least 9 more months (probably longer).  I still haven't seen a ppaf (yay lactational amenorrhea), so I couldn't get pregnant now even if I tried.  

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My October 2012 baby is now 10 months as of the 3rd, my how time flies! He's "cruising", crawling, and crawling up the steps. He LOVES to eat everything. He can say mama and chi chi (boobies). He is such a delight, so adorable. He has such a personality that I am moved by him everyday. we are still BFing, bed-sharing, and baby-wearing (although at lot less baby-wearing since he has become mobile). 


See, when I first found out I was having another boy, I was a bit depressed because I wanted another girl. But having him in my life has been so greatly awesome, I feel like he is just what I needed. I no longer feel like I need another girl, just to have that perfect evened out family. I feel like I am SO happy and grateful for what I DO have that if we did end up having another child, I won't have a gender preference. I do still feel guilty for feeling the way I did for a couple of months during his pregnancy. 


From this: 


To this: 




I'd have uploaded a more recent pic, like from yesterday, but the USB cord for my camera is missing. I hope I find it....

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Beautiful babies! They are growing up so fast!


We should have a reunion party. Got any ideas to get everyone to come together again and share the growing babe and toddler months?

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I wish I knew how to reinvigorate this DDC. It just never got going like some. I *still* chat with about 6 ladies from my older daughter's DDC and our children are 4.5 yrs old. They are dear friends to me now after sharing so much over the last 5+ yrs.



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Hi everyone!  I haven't been getting on MDC much lately either but I have a moment now, so I thought I'd pop on and say hi.  Nice to see how everyone's doing and to see the pictures of your sweet babes!  I can't believe they are nine and ten months old now!


Maggie Rose is 9.5 months and amazing.  She's pretty petite...tiny feet and hands still and not very long and probably only about 17 pounds, but very healthy!  She has been an awesome BF baby (I never had to supplement, unlike with her older brother) and she loves her solid foods!  She has 4 teeth now.


She's mostly pretty quiet...at least when her very talkative big brother's awake.  She takes everything in though and pays such close attention to everything going on around her and is very skilled at non-verbal communication.   She will babble at us a good bit if her brother's not around though and says "Dada" quite a lot. 


She's a decent sleeper and would probably take two good naps and sleep  fairly well at night if her brother didn't consistently wake her up during her morning nap.


In general she's a lot of fun.  She adores her big brother and crawls around the house following him for most of the day.  She's also creeping around the furniture and has stood a few times not holding onto anything for a few seconds before she realizes what she's doing and plops down.


This picture was from the 4th of July.  I need to get the camera out and get some more pictures of her again.

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Hello. I only posted a little in the due date thread near the end of my pregnancy, then I disappeared... sorry about that. My home birth went great and this baby is so easy compared to my first, she is just the sweetest thing ever. Life is certainly harder with two! I've grown as a parent these 10 months. Pondering going for a 3rd, but I'm on the fence.


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I love hearing from everyone!!  I wish I knew how to motivate people to post more..

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We are doing great as well!!


We found out (by chance and with no help from the STUPID Dr) that she is allergic to dairy.  They assured me her throwing up ounces after every feeding was normal, umm no it's not. it wasn't a little spit up, there was mass amounts of throw up everywhere!! After arguing about getting a referral to an allergist, I started an elimination diet and figured it out on my own around 6 months.  Her allergist is wonderful, and we think we found out what her other allergy is... something in beer, possibly the hops. That ones super bad and requires an epi pen and benedryl to be with us as all times, so I'm hoping that is what it is. (Easy to stay away from!!)


Evelyn doesn't crawl yet, but says mom, dad, more please, and dog. She is also TINY at only 14 pounds.  She has big brother (9YO) wrapped around her finger, so when she wants something he helps her get it.  I'm sure with him heading back to school next week, she will be mobile in no time!


We also are looking at moving to Mexico City. DH has a job offer that would just be dumb to pass up.  We've talked to several others who have moved there and they really enjoy it!  For the high school sweethearts who have lived in basically the same place all there lives, this is a little scary and exciting!!  It's been a quick process, which is VERY unlike us.  Found out about it on Friday, accepted on Monday(as in 3 days ago!) and moving is looking to be between January and February.  Perfect for getting me out of the cold weather!!


I love seeing all the pics of your little nuggets! They are so adorable!!!

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Hi everyone!

We're also experiencing dairy and soy allergies and it sucks. Madeleine is 11 months old and we finally got her reflux (from the allergies) under control around 5-6 months. Just like esma, with no help from M's doctor.

Aside from that, she's mainly crawling and standing but has taken a step or two quite a few times. She has good balance but doesn't quite have the confidence to walk yet. She says mom, da-da, yum yum, hi, and yay. She doesn't really sleep worth a darn and is up 3-5 times a night, making me one tired woman. But she's wonderful! She weighs just over 19 lbs, has 8 teeth, and STILL refuses almost all solids. Haha, in fact, her pediatrician said that I need to nurse her less (she said only 5 times a day) so that she'll be hungry for solids! She compared my milk to cow milk and said it's spoiling her appetite. I just laughed. It's become clear that I need to find a different Ped...

DH is totally against ever having another baby because of how traumatic the birth was and how difficult this year has been. M is a high needs baby to a T! But I don't feel done, so I'm trying to just give him plenty of space on it. I hope he'll come around once we get M's sleep issues under control.

We bought our first house and are loving our neighborhood! We're excited to finally give out candy at Halloween (not very many people trick-or-treat at apartments).

You all have such beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing updates.

Also, I'm pretty much always on my phone now, so I would love to participate more in reunions and discussions!
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One other thought: some DDCs do a monthly chat thread. Maybe that would be a good way to get the conversation going again? It's not topic-specific and doesn't have to be updated often. And there's no guilt if it goes a week without a post since it's a little longer time frame. Or maybe even a seasonal thread?? We just officially started fall.

Just some ideas...
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Just seeing this as I log in for the first time in 2013, so I believe.....Time flies, our almost 1-year old will be walking into her first birthday! Life is good, but busy. Thanks for getting us updated!

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