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Postpartum cloth pads

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Has anyone used them? I'm trying to get a good idea of how many, these are PP sized, minky PUL bottom layer, three layers of bamboo terry which I think should be quite absorbent. Let's assume normal lochia. 

If anyone else is looking, found them in this co-op for extremely cheap: https://www.facebook.com/groups/allaboutthemomma/


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I've always used them. I dont use them for AF any more, I use a diva cup. But I still have my stash of about 40 (way more than need for pp, 20 would be plenty) pads I made with the fern &faerie contour pattern. Love them! They were super fun to make.

I use mostly overnight style postpartum. As I don't usually wear undies, I plan to buy new ones just for postpartum. My pads snap around underwear.

If you're cloth diapering you'll be washing a lot, so you don't need tons of pads. Still, it is nice to have 3 days worth. Right after the birth, I use flat Birdseye diapers. There is a lot of flow for the first day.
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I used them the last two times.  And I also use them for AF.  I find them so much more comfortable, especially given the duration that you need them for.  Mine don't have PUL, they have fleece.  I tried a few with PUL and I found it made things too sweaty for me.  I don't have problems with leakage unless I forget to change them in a timely manner during the heavier days.  I have some from here - http://www.saucytots.com/catalog.php?category=31 - they are "Mimi's Dreams." 

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Subbing. I don't use pads during my period and have no intention of going back to them--I've also tried cloth pads in the past and don't like them. Post-partum with my daughter I did start getting frustrated with the pads after a few days because they stuck to/irritated sensitive areas (one reason I stopped using them for my period). $14 a pad seems pretty steep for pads I won't use for long, though. But I definitely intend to keep a watch for better deals. 

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I never thought to use cloth pads with my daughter. I used disposables and added pp healing herbs and froze them to help with swelling for the first few days. I have a diva cup, but haven't had AF in years.
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I steal the baby's prefolds. whistling.gif I use cloth for backup with the diva cup, but I don't have any heavy flow ones, maybe I should get a couple for going out.  I used depends for the first couple nights and the first day with my last one, and honestly it was nice to not have to worry about leaking on the bed.  

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I should have also mentioned, I bought mine through a co-op, and they cost substantially less than that.  This is the old co-op, but it lists the reduced prices, which are really reasonable.  Not sure she has any going on currently, but it might be worth looking into.



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These are $3 a pp pad, five layers of bamboo sounds like with a minky PUL bottom and snaps, and a soft bamboo (what is the soft squishy bamboo stuff?) top. 

You can't beat $3, I'm in. Bamboo is much more absorbent and compact than, say, microfiber or cotton, so I'm hoping this will be doable. I don't use pads either, but lochia has to go somewhere and I wouldn't want to use a cup postpartum. 

From my local mama board seems five a day would be plenty so I'm sticking with it. Thanks ladies. 

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I can't see the link for those that you posted because I don't have Facebook.  When I click the link it asks me to log in to Facebook.  But, $3 is a pretty awesome deal.

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How long does the co-op go on? 

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I think this buy is waiting for 500 item minimums so it probably has another few weeks. The co-ops I've found on facebook would be worth making an account just to get in on the deals. Found some lovely cotton knitted babywearing dolls from Germany in one for twenty dollars. So cute! There are like, dozens of the co-ops though so uhh, beware. 

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