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I had my 40 week appointment yesterday at 40+1 and my OB came in and had a completely different demeanor. He was acting like I was in some sort of danger and being all serious. It was so upsetting. I really hate having an OB. Midwives are illegal in my state, though I did consider driving to Tennessee to have a midwife. But I decided not to change since I was past 30 weeks at the time. They got me to schedule a NST and an ultrasound for next Tuesday, but I think I'm going to cancel. My baby has always had a consistent and great heartbeat and she's always moving. 


It is frustrating going past due date because I didn't want to have to deal with this medical resistance. Not to mention everyone asking me every day when the baby is going to come! I hope I go into labor in the next few days so I don't have to worry about it anymore. And, of course, I'm so ready to meet my baby girl! Everyone I know who's due at the same time will have their baby by the end of the week because EVERYONE is inducing or getting a C-section. It's so discouraging to be the last person pregnant and the only person going over 40 weeks :/

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Aw man, hang in there Jane.  We're here for you, even if real life isn't.  grouphug.gif

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Hugs Jane! It is hard to go against the grain. Cheers to you for doing what you feel is best for you and baby and not being pressured into what "everyone else is doing"! thumbsup.gif

Yeah, and what GISDiva said, we're here for you...

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Based on LMP and two u/s I was due 7/28.  Based on past history, we moved the date to 8/5 and I'm sure happy we did!  I thought baby would be here by now but if we were considered 41w 4d instead of 40w 3d I'm sure there would be a LOT more stress. 

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Tiredx2, thats interesting.  DH and I really thought we knew when we conceived.  If we are right when we conceived, then I'm not even past due!  BUT the calendar date AND the sono put me within 1 day (Aug 4 or 5) so who knows which is right.  


I'm glad there are lots of moms out there who are really positive about going overdue!!  I know someone who purposefully does not tell anyone her due date b/c she always goes overdue.  


I on the other hand have had 3 babies already and have never gone past due, so not only did I feel completely unprepared, but everyone I know is also used to me having babies at 39 weeks (or my first who was on his due date) so I'm also dealing with all of their surprise.  Its been hard for me.  I will totally relate differently now to women who go past due.  


I'm feeling much better now though.  I've had a lot of time to think through it all and I'm just staying positive knowing that a specific date does not mean anything.  I'm also flying under the radar more with friends/family and doing a better job avoiding their shock and insensitive comments!

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Aim4balance, I have a good friend whose pregnancies get a bit longer every time. It really irks her. Lol...
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Originally Posted by cardigan View Post

I saw this article today: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/08/40-week-pregnancy-myth


Interesting.  The US already has the 5 week window, but I wonder if they are proposing the five weeks from 38-43 instead?


I was also interested by: "But it's even more relevant in a world where women are giving birth later. The study found that older women had longer pregnancies"


Since I'm 12 years older than in my last pregnancy (which went longer than my previous pregnancy) that seems to be true for me!

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