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Ooo, pineapple, I forgot about that one.  Yum.  eat.gif


Good morning all!  Feeling large and very much not in charge today.  This waiting around stuff is for the birds.  

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My midwife was telling me about a study of middle eastern women.It found eating 6 dates a day from 36 weeks led to shorter labours and being farther along when labour started. I like dates so this is now part of the plan.

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I need mama encouragement.  My two year old was up all night along with my twins.  It tested the limits of my patience to no end.  I know he just needs my attention, but trying to divide it between three screaming children at 2 (and 3,4 and 5) in the morning is impossible.  Going off of sleep fumes.  I love being a mama, but sometimes its so hard to remember that.  


Hope you all are doing better.  It sounds likes most of you are ready to have your babies.  Good luck mamas.


Wishing you all lots of labor dust (if your ready). 

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Big hugs, autumnrayne, that does sound hard.  grouphug.gif  (I know, that probably wasn't helpful, I don't have any experience with that many babies.  And if someone told me "this too shall pass" where you are right now, I'd probably kick them in the shin.)

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Oh Autumn: so sorry! Hopefully everyone gets some napping in today and sleeps better tonight :)


Wondering if anyone had any recs for their favorite nursing tops and where to buy? I am hoping that I will be breastfeeding more this time and want to make it as easy/comfortable as possible.  I had some handme downs but they were returned after DS and now all I have are a couple of nursing tanks which will be fine sitting around the house.  Do people just prefer regular v-neck tops/tanks or something else?

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sorry autumn, my 2yo was up all night last night, and my little fetus and i were up with ctx, so i am feeling (lesser) pain with you today. hang in there, your babies are lucky to have you, all 3 of them!
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EA77, I lose track of the threads too! I've noticed that some of the DDCs have month long chats instead of weekly, which might be better for those of us who can't find the new threads. lol


Calladona, it does seem kind of weird that she suggested inducing you at 38-39 weeks, weren't your last 2 born naturally during that time frame?


Everything is going well for me today, had an early morning visit with the midwife and numbers are looking good. I'm actually really happy with the midwives I'm using, they've only drawn my blood once and haven't pestered me for cervix checks. I love how non-invasive it is! They did mention that since I'm going to be doing a vbac, I'll need a little extra time being monitored, but I guess it won't be too bad since I'll be able to move around with theirs.

I'm really loving sugar right now, which is very different for me. I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I figure my body won't steer me wrong (with DS, I craved steak at the end and really wound up needing extra iron).

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Oops, didn't notice that we were on page 2.


Autumn, I'm so sorrry! I hope you're able to get some sleep soon, along with your little ones!


Jillgayle, I just wear normal shirts and pull them up (so my tummy is exposed).

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Jillgayle, I mostly wear normal shirts also, but if I'm out, I couple them with long tanks. Don't care if anyone sees my boob, but God forbid they see my stretch marks- ha ha! I also have several combo maternity/nursing tops from Japanese Weekend. I think I ordered them through some online nursing boutique? I would just google JW to see where to find them; you probably have several local retailers in Boston, but we have none in the Texas sticks.

Autumnrayne, I am so sympathetic to you. I had ONE nursling who wanted to nurse or alternately scream the whole night and just that was VERY hard. I can only imagine how trying with 3! hug.gif

Calladona, I am surprised by your MW. That sounds very invasive and anti-midwifery to randomly suggest such a dramatic induction- and before 40 weeks even. A membrane rupture? Really? My pretty mainstream OB was not even that aggressive in his suggestions. shrug.gif

Where are all the early August babies? Doesn't seem like we're seeing too many births lately and it looks like most of the ladies on the roll call with this due time we haven't heard from in awhile. Come back, ladies! Excited to see and hear about all your sweet little ones!
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Big hugs autumn, I hope you get some rest today and that tonight goes better.

Jillgayle, my preference is for normal shirts over nursing tanks. Most of my nursing tanks are from Target or Old Navy.
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Thanks guys.  Trying to turn off the crab and just enjoy the ride.  The girls are napping, but not the two year old, so no naps for me yet, but I feel a whole lot better after some iced coffee and a visit from my MIL.  She provided an extra set of hands and dropped off some extra groceries and lunch.  Just what I needed so I could take a breather. 


Someone had asked about nursing tops and I'm too lazy to scroll back up and see.  But Target has plain nursing tanks for 20 dollars and if you want fancier stuff that won't break the bank, I purchase a lot of stuff from Zulilly.  They have an amazing maternity/nursing selection that changes a lot (it's like a groupon kinda site for babies and mamas), but then you can get name brand stuff if you are in to that kind of thing.  I'm not, but I find cute stuff nonetheless.

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Autumn - glad your MIL could give you a break. I can't imagine how exhausting it is with newborn twins and a 2 year old. Is DH around at night to help too?


Jillygale - I also use Target nursing tanks and bras. They are pretty inexpensive, although often I just yank up my shirt in public anyway.


Calladonna - that does seem extreme to want to induce with AROM at 38-39 weeks! I would never consent to that. I have had midwives want to induce early for no apparent reason, but they worked at the very intervention-happy OB office I saw with DD1 (which I never went back to).


I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow with my midwives. I can't decide if I want to have them check me or not. On the one hand I am pretty curious since I have had some contractions at night and the baby is low and I have sometimes felt a lot of cervical pressure (and sometimes out-right pain). I have the urge to pee constantly! On the other hand I know it won't necessarily mean anything and I may be disappointed if nothing is happening yet. But I'm still curious! If I were really effaced and dilated already I might ask MIL to be ready to bring the girls back earlier than planned but I could also do that if I have bloody show or something. Though realistically, probably nothing going down there at 38 weeks.Gah! Can't decide!

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These nursing tops from Target (boob access under horizontal chest panel) are great (and cheap!):

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Ugggh lack of sleep last night..  My 1 YO decided it was party time from 9 PM to 2 AM.  And then I couldn't sleep well after that.  Hoping he sleeps better tonight....  I felt "accomplished" just to meal plan and grocery shop today.  Literally - that's all I accomplished aside from feeding the family. :p
GISDiva, hang in there!
LeighPF, then count me out - my labors are short enough as is! LOL
autumn, *hugs*  must be something in the air last night.  Rest as much as you can!  Glad for that nice visit form your MIL.
Jillgayle, I just wear my normal shirts (nothing too tight) and pull them up to nurse.  As long as the shirts are normal and not tight, they don't tug up too badly in the back and the baby covers my front.  I felt like nursing shirts showed MORE than just doing it that way...
emily, you hang in there too.
mamapigeon, well, she was thinking that with my faster labors, it would be a relief to me to not have to wonder if I'd make it in time and maybe a relief to all the prodromal.  But she doesn't know me - I would rarely go for an intervention just to give myself some extra comfort. LOL  I've been craving sugar a lot too though that craving is settling out.  Now it's salt apparently...  I too just go wih it...
Crafty, yeah I dunno.  like I said to mamapigeon, I'm sure she ws thinking of my quick labors and all the work my body has been doing...  But yeah, not for me. :) And I'm sure the membrane rupture is because they won't do pit inductions on VBACs at this clinic.  She wasn't pushing it - just offering.  I was surprised that she seemed to want to check me so much - this center has always seemed so hands off.  But no matter, I'll just keep keeping my pants on and it won't be an issue. ;)
Crunchy, like I said above, I'm pretty sure it was a combo of worry for my faster labors and all the prodromal I'm having...  I'm not concerned about it, I'll just keep declining. LOL  I check myself so I don't have the need to get myself checked by the "pros".  So I know just how posterior my cervix still is and that's keeping me from thinking I'll go into labor anytime soon. :p
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Crunchy, I'm in a similar situation- 38 week appointment at midwife tomorrow, not sure if I want to request a cervix check. She is generally anti-checking so it would be all my idea/requesting. I know it doesn't mean much but I've been so crampy and mucus-y this week that I am curious! I feel like I was so much more patient with my first... but I also don't feel like I was having any cramps, contractions, or mucus until like the day before labor with him. This drawn-out business is for the birds!


Also, I'm thinking of starting evening primrose oil this week... I took literally one pill with my first, the night before I went into labor! But I was 40 weeks, so it's hard to say if it actually helped or if it was coincidence!

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Ha! I've never done a self-cervical check during pregnancy (this is my third), but decided to give it a crack since I'm feeling next to nothing in terms of my body gearing up for labor and was curious if my cervix knows what's up. I couldn't even find the freaking thing! I swear, this kid has swallowed my cervix and is not coming out. Of course I'm only 37wks tomorrow, but still. ;)

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Jillgayle, my preference is for normal shirts over nursing tanks. Most of my nursing tanks are from Target or Old Navy.

I also go for the two layer approach.

It sounds like there are some sleep problems around! That sucks and I hope it ends for all soon. I hate that every morning at o'dark thirty, I wake up with gallbladder pain from a combo of lying on my right side and having a full bladder. But it could be much worse, so I will try to keep it in perspective.
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Jill, I like the Target tanktops for nights but for my big girls, they just don't have enough support for out of the house.

What I love is Undercover mamas. They are just the tank part and you clip them onto your nursing bra. I usually wear a tank top under my shirt anyways, so this means I don't have to pull that up too to nurse.

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Ooh, thanks for all the nursing top suggestions! I think I rather have my boob exposed than my belly when nursing in public, so I like the idea of that Target nursing top, two layers or maybe the undercover mamas.  The stuff from Japanese Weekend is really really nice too.  I have a couple of nursing tanks and bras to get me started during the first couple of weeks.  Actually really comfy cotton ones I got from Zuililly. I guess I should go check out the consignment shop too and see what they have.


Baby had another quiet day yesterday, so disconcerting. Then up all night stretching and kicking, simultaneously pushing down on my cervix and up on my ribs.  Have babies ever just crawled out?  Because that's what its feeling like!  I swear my stretch marks have gotten worse in one day from this. 

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Oh duh, belly bands are GREAT for nursing coverage too. If you don't want to do the full tank, or if you don't get enough support from a tank and need a bra.

I use mine for so long during pregnancy and for so long with nursing, that the $6 I paid was well worth it! I have white, black, and brown, and got them on eBay. Just search for "belly band" there are a couple of sellers.
And they are mostly cotton, which is oh so nice, (the "bella band" is spandex XP). Make sure you check in the description about that.

They would be really easy to make for yourself from an interlock, if you have the time and inclination too.
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