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Our Bean

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So, we found out Thursday morning that I had cholestasis of pregnancy and my liver enzymes were very elevated, so our midwife had us come in and meet her at the hospital. I got my first dose of cervidil at 630pm, and when they went to do the next dose at around 4pm the next day my cervix was ready. I had wanted to try and just use cervidil, but was advised against it because of my liver enzymes, so we started oxytocin (pitocin) at 750pm August 2nd. By around 6am I was dilated to 7cm and totally exhausted. I had back contractions (and hip and thigh contractions). They could only offer an epidural because of my liver enzymes, which I was scared of (yes, a nurse is terrified of needles!) But my midwife was amazing and explained that it really wasn't going to hurt. I was so exhausted that I just didn't know what to do, so I looked over at my amazing husband and he just said "yes, you are getting an epidural" So, they came and it didn't actually hurt that bad! (the tattoo I have in that spot hurt waaay worse). The night nurse and day nurse were shocked that I made it to 7cm on oxytocin before I got the epidural. Chris and I got a few hours sleep, and then it was time to push!

I was not a very effective pusher, lol. It took a little bit to find the right position for me to push in, and I honestly think I only got through the last 30min because of Chris. Essentially every time I had a contraction, he would put his face close to mine and just cheer me on, and I would just look at him and let my body take over. 

Elliot Michael Walter was born at 315 August 3rd 9lbs. He is perfect and we are so in love

He is sleeping, and I am bad at swaddling!

Me and my little Bean

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Congratulations! He is gorgeous!! Well done mama! I feel you on birthing a 9 pounder - lol ok Callie was "only" 8lb 15oz wink1.gif
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Congratulations!! Whoohoo! Gorgeous baby.
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He is beautiful and I love that smile on your face! Good job!
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Congratulations! You *both* look so happy (that little almost-smile on his lips is so precious)!

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Thanks guys! I forgot to add that Chris got to "catch" the baby, which was amazing for him

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So happy for you and Chris!!! He is so wonderful! Congratulations again, my love!
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Congratulations! What a sweet little man smile.gif
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he is so cute and happy! great job! i am bad at swaddling too!

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I just couldn't resist taking a couple photos this morning. He looks so adorable after nursing!

my second swaddling attempt, lasted slightly longer than the first

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Precious wink1.gif. I gave up swaddling on day 2. Tiny miss doesn't care for it - just like her big sis already wink1.gif
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Congrats! Such a cutie! I found that if I dont swaddle masons arms, just his legs, he likes it and falls asleep! But he hates it when I put his arms in the swaddle!
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