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And he should be sharing every piece of correspondence with you as it arrives, and consulting you FIRST before responding. Do you have documentation of you asking your lawyer to not respond?
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Yes, I have sent him several emails asking his to not respond to the emails and he keeps writing back that the Judge would not like it since stbx is pro-se. Do I need to go pro-se? Scared with appellate court coming up. Don't want to lose custody or have anything turn around against me. What the judge ordered is not ideal, but, it is better than what stbx is proposing. 

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I don't think that is true, it sounds like he is trying to inflate your bill and has a clear conflict of interest. Lawyers can only represent one party and the two I consulted for my divorce were careful to go over their client list before consulting to make sure there was no conflict. My ex didn't have an attorney but that didn't make him entitled to use mine. I really think this attorney is violating the ethics he is supposed to follow and using terms that sound sensible so you won't pursue this.
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Is he giving you copies of all correspondence with your stbx? Even stranger if you are paying for him to talk with him and not even being aware of it.
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(Sorry)What does pro se mean?
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I think it means self represented.

My lawyer told me they hate it when it happens for the same reason. They end up being the ones to explain everything to the stbx and it costs the wrong person money.
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This page explains it. Apparently in some places 70%+ of people self represent in court.
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Has anyone been to appellate court before? 

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