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Welcome Noor Dalia, light of our eyes

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On my EDD (Tues 7/23) I went to the Dr after having several days/nights of extreme itching. They diagnosed cholestasis and sent me to the hospital that afternoon. I had kind of a fear of hospitals and had planned to show up just to push baby out so this was a change of plans. Also, because of the cholestasis they required continuous fetal monitoring. Going in, my cervix was long and posterior, fingertip dilated, so i knew it could be a long road ahead. I received cervadil that afternoon at 6pm. It started contractions that were fairly light and manageable. After 12 hours the Dr checked and there had been no real progress. He decided to leave the cervadil in for another 12 hours in the hopes the cx would continue. At 5pm on Weds I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. He decided to try a foley bulb, knowing I wanted as natural a birth as possible and the baby was doing fine. Unfortunately the procedure was immensely painful and illicited a vasel vagel response from me. Next thing I knew I was being given oxygen, getting an IV (another thing I had been afraid of), and my blood pressure had plummeted, dropping the baby's heart rate as well. Luckily she recovered well but DH told me later that the Dr said if it didn't they would have taken me for an emergency c-section. After that excitement we decided to sleep it off, so thurs morning they started Pitocin. After 12 hours my cx were regular but coupling, and not as strong as they wanted them. We decided to be more aggressive with the pitocin throughout the night. By Friday mid morning, I was 4cm and still 50% effaced. We decided to go with arom at 11am, continuing the pitocin. By noon the cx were picking up and DH and the doula had to get more involved. I used my hypnobabies techniques and was managing ok although it was hard. At around 3 or 4 the nurse checked me and I said I didn't want to know where I was. I felt like I should be done and didn't want to be disappointed if that wasn't what I heard. She did tell the doula and I found out later that I had been 7cm at that time. The next few hours seemed an eternity. I caws having increasingly painful back labor, so much that many times I couldn't even feel the cx over it. By the shift change at 7:30pm the new nurse checked me and I was 9.5 with a small lip. The said I could start pushing if I felt any urge but I didn't until some amt of time later. As I said, time was a complete blur. I had taken my glasses off around 3pm and pretty much didn't open my eyes until I began pushing in earnest. I pushed in a variety of positions but with the back pain it turned out that on my back with my knees pulled back was the least painful and actually the most effective. Once the Dr arrived he was so helpful and encouraging, and also did perineal massage and applied a warm compress to assist the stretching. Finally I pushed her out in one push at 9:12pm, after I guess an hour-hour and a half of pushing. DH watched her being born and announced that it was Noor (we didn't know the gender beforehand but had our names picked out). She was 6 lbs 10 oz, 18 inches long, and has a very string set of lungs. She began wailing immediately and had apgars of 8/9. We let the cord pulse til it stopped then DH cut the cord. I had a very small first degree tear that the Dr put two stitches in.
We stayed 2 more nights in the hospital, and went home Sunday afternoon, making a nice long stay in the hospital.
It was a very intense long experience, and my body is still recovering from being forced to labor before it was ready. Emotionally I'm processing a lot, and now it's compounded by many bf issues.
However, I'm trying to focus on the fact that we have our perfect little girl with us , healthy and whole.
This is a long story, thanks for reading to the end, and here are a few snaps if our daughter, who is now 9 days old.

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Big congratulations on your sweet little girl! I'm so sorry you had a long, tough birth but you did amazing coming through it. I hope you resolve the nursing difficulties - it took many weeks of pumping to do so with my first. Sending you healing thoughts. Little Noor is beautiful <3
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She is beautiful, mama! I'm SOS prey you had a rough delivery. Hoping you're able to find peace and have a quick recovery!
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Your story is so similar to mine it is scary. I had back labour as well, and found the best position to push was on my back with my knees by my ears. 

It can be very hard to have such a different birth than what you planned, but in the end, the birth that gets your baby here safely is the best one, in my opinion

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Congratulations!Noor is beautiful name and a very beautiful baby!

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Many congratulations on your new Light! Sorry the birth was so different than planned, I know that can be tough
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