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Where does it all come from?!

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I am on a minimalist minded mission to purge my home of everything absolutely not necessary, but oh. my. word. The Stuff. Where does it come from?! How is it possible that I haul so much out and there is still more?!!!

It doesn't help that I'm have a split personality when it comes to stuff. I don't really want to keep anything 'just in case', but then I think , 'what if I want to finish that sewing project from 5 years ago?', and then I'm in a quandary. Keep. Give away. Try to sell?!

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I just did a huge purge (I got rid of 1/2 of almost everything!) and it got to the point where if I hadn't touched it in a year, then it had to go. Things went really quick when I switched to that frame of mind. Just get rid of it, after all it is just stuff. Later on if your like "Oh man I wish I still had that" you just move forward and find something different that will work! It feels so much better to have so much stuff out of my house.

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Planning this as soon as I move from work to baby projects mode. Getting RID.
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I look at it and think, what if I need it? Then I promise myslef I can buy a new one if I need it.  Then I see the prices of new ones go up.  And I keep it all. *SIGH*

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Same here. The dreaded "what if I need it? What if we miss it?". I do one of two things (but I still struggle), ask myself "would I buy this right now again?" or just put it away in a box out of the way. A few months later I find these boxes and I'm surprised at all the stuff I forgot about. I then have a much easier time donating them.


And when I think of all the things I gave away, I don't remember most, and I think I've regretted only one or two items out of hundred.


Still what works best: I watch a bit of hoarders. That makes me itch to de-clutter.

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I rarely regret anything I give a way. And you are right about changing my frame of mind. I know that will help me to say goodby to things that I've had sitting around forever. I actually do really well purging for awhile and then stuff starts stacking up and then I get rid of everything and so on. A new baby in the house is motivating me to make some major overhauls though. We will have 8 people in our hom and I need some better systems in place!! And better systems work better with less stuff!
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