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(((HUGS))), anablis!


Going back to my concern re:my GD test results.   Well, I now know that I probably should not have eaten an egg sandwich less than 2 hours before my appt.  I eat healthy bread, but it still is a bit carb heavy to eat before the test. Overall, I agree with my DH that all is well, and I should not worry. We'll see what the midwifery clinic says later next month.


Nevertheless, I would like to get a monitor just to keep track of my own numbers, to see if there really is anything to worry about - I have wanted one ever since my mom was diagnosed diabetic many years back...just in case. I like tracking and crunching numbers; so in many ways, I have a nerdy desire for a new data point. But I really don't want to spend right now what it would cost for the monitor ...even for the cheap Wal-mart option.  


So I have decided to just track my food intake and trying to follow a diabetic diet the best I can. It certainly won't hurt!  But after this weekend, I am realizing I need to work on the diet a bit more. I might not be eating enough calories. I have lost a couple of pounds already. (Since I started out overweight I am not sure if that really is a problem.)


Otherwise, all is well here. A bit stressed about everything I need to do to prepare for this baby and mentally prepare for the possibility of a new job...including deciding if the benefits of the job will be worth the cost of the weekly commute. (The job has not posted yet, but I have been assured that it will soon.) Right now I feel like I really need to think about where I am going with my career, where I want to be in the next five years, and choose very carefully how to proceed. In general, my mind turns to static whenever I start thinking about my career and how to move forward.  Being the sole bread-earner for the family is more responsibility than my poor little mind can handle sometimes!


Aaaah, Monday morning has gotten the better of me again.

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I can't wait until my baby turns head down.  The painful kicks to the cervix and bladder are really getting to me!  I'm 23w5d today which is the day my cousin had one of her sons 19 years ago.  He is now in college and has some problems but is doing really well for being a micro-preemie.  It always hits me when I get to the point that the baby would be viable outside my womb.


DH and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Saturday.  It was nice.  We went to Philly for a night and ate at an awesome tapas restaurant.  The heartburn afterwards wasn't awesome but oh well.  Pregnancy.. lol.


I decided to start taking an extra iron supplement since I read that depression can linked to low iron.  I bought capsules since I can't afford the Floradix.  They are supposed to be gentle and non constipating so fingers crossed!

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Taryn, Happy Anniversary!


My third baby was breech the latest of all my babies, til about 32 weeks. This one is breech but I don't start to even give it a moments thought until 31 weeks. My midwife will deliver me breech though anyway so I don't worry.  


I have SAM-e and Mood Omega 3 coming in the mail tomorrow. I hope they help!!!

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earthwalker - that is a lot to think about under normal conditions (read: no pregnancy brain).  My sister loves her monitor though for different reasons: she is underweight and monitors her blood sugars because she can't gain any weight and has major blood sugar swings. She told me it helped her identify some major trigger foods for her.


Taryn - Congrats on the anniversary champagne.gif. After two weeks now of taking iron, my mood has definitely improved.


AFM - I had a really bad day yesterday with DD. She is going through a major defiance stage right now. Yesterday she had a temper tantrum (screaming her head off because she did not get to press the stop button on the bus - too many people) that lasted all the way from Kindergarten through the bus ride and then the walk home (around 15 minutes). What do you do when your little one is screaming and refusing to walk? Before being pregnant, I really remained calm and if she refused to cooperate, I'd carry her. Now I'm anyway so irritable and carrying her even for a bit is really causing me muscle strain. So there I was, stuck on the street with her screaming and me exhausted trying to keep my anger in check. Arrrrrgh bag.gif. I came home literally shaking.  Worst part was she came to me crying for a hug, for the very first time I felt like "Go away, I don't want to hug you".  It really shook me to find myself thinking like that. Oh my, what is going to happen during the teenage years horrors.gif?!!

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Sorry for everyone feeling depressed. I can definitely relate. hug.gif

Taryn, happy anniversary, and many happy returns! :-D

Earthwalker, I know I've mentioned it before, and I don't want to sound like a shill, but have you tried tracking your food with myfitnesspal.com? You can keep track not just of calories, but specific elements of your diet like sugar, carbs, protein, etc. I have mine set to track some of the vitamins and nutrients that are important in pregnancy.

As for breech, does anyone else feel like doctors are getting concerned about that awfully early these days? I've heard from several moms whose doctors are worried about the position as early as 20 weeks, and even one who's getting another ultrasound just because the baby wasn't staying head down during the 20 week scan. To me, it sounds like an excuse to get moms thinking about interventions early on. :-\ Personally, I've had a baby flip from head down to footling breech right before labor - at 42w3d - and I figure if that can happen, anything can happen. I mean, if I had advance notice of footling breech, yes, I'd opt for a c-section, but I can't imagine worrying about that when I've still got nearly half a pregnancy to go.

AFM, I had a fantastic day yesterday, which I really needed. We just got our first paycheck after the benefit (at which we raised $2000, BTW!) and I was able to check off a bunch of stuff on my "before the baby comes" list. More than I expected, thanks to a little clever management. :-)

I got the kids schoolbooks for this year, which will be here in plenty of time to start next week. (We're still trying to decide what language my high schoolers will take, but I realized that my daughter already has two half credits that I hadn't considered, so yay!) While I was shopping for that, I went ahead and ordered a few toys for my younger kids: baby doll slings for 5yoDS and 6yoDD, and a rope ladder to help 8yoDD with climbing a particular tree in our backyard. And a few other things I wanted but didn't necessarily need. ;-)

In the afternoon, the kids had a wonderful time playing in their little tent in our yard while it rained (yay, we needed it!) They had so much fun! When DH came home we ran a few errands and had our weekly family dinner out. One of our favorite restaurants has Kids Eat Free Mondays, and it's two kids' meals per adult, so we only paid for four meals for our family of nine! :-)

The best part is that we got new (to us) couches in the living room. We're trying to fix up the house before the baby, and the first step was having a comfortable place for DH and me to sit in the living room. Our old furniture was so broken down that we were spending too much time sitting in our bedroom (right off the living room). These new couches are so comfortable and nice! :-)
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Good morning, all!   


Happy Anniversary, Taryn! 


Michelle, you will be happy to know that I did finally get back to myfitnesspal this weekend.  wink1.gif That is how  discovered I might not be getting enough calories.  I still need to fine tune my goals for a gestational diabetes diet and the micro-nutrients for pregnancy in general.  Yesterday I learned that my afternoon fruit smoothie has waaaaay too many carbs. I just invited you as a friend....just so you know though I do a lot of my logging offline, and it won't sync until I connect to wireless.  (And congrats on all the successful shopping and family fun! I am impressed that y'all have a weekly family dinner out. I know folks with just 4 kids who refuse to take them out to eat, just because they are afraid of how they will behave.)



LilyKay- hug2.gifI am soooooooooo sorry to hear about your difficult time with DD. Public tantrums are so, so, so difficult. We have had very few with DS, but I tell you they can be scarring for the parents.  The worst was when DS was 2.5, and we were on vacation. DS was not ready to leave a toy shop ( and the truth was that he really needed to pee, but he did not communicate that to us).  DH asked me to take the dog and walk ahead, and DS just cried the 10 mins walk back to the hotel. And then pee'd himself on the way, which made his crying worse and made DH feel even worse about the whole thing. That experience pretty much ruined the whole vacation for DH. It was so emotionally trying.  


We had a couple days about 8 months ago, when DS would throw a tantrum on our daily walk. Each day it was about something different. This time it was just me, DS and the dog....and an audience of folks playing at the tennis courts.  DS would do the classic flop down and refuse to walk. I refused to pick him up b/c I had the dog, but I somehow I would drag/convince him to walk far enough that we felt a little bit alone, under a tree, and we would just sit there until he calmed down enough to walk. Both times he would still be pouty and weepy, but at least we could make it home. Once we got home, I told him that I needed time alone to recover and recenter myself. After two days in a row, I told him that we had to take a break from our walks to break the pattern. 


As for breech babies, I am soooo happy that I am not worrying so much about that this time around...at least not yet.  With DS, my OB started to talk about him being breech kind of early on, and being a first time mom, I definitely worried.  My new practice will allow breech VBACs. YAY!  But as I get closer I am sure I will start to fret some. Right now I find myself more concerned about laboring with a posterior baby.


I have a hard time telling what position baby girl is in right now. She is low, and my guess would be transverse. But with the anterior placenta, I can't quite tell.  I have decided not  to start trying to figure it out for another month or so.

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We just celebrated our 17th anniversary on Sunday; I was in an AWFUL mood most of the day, then took a walk and felt much better for dinner.  Then we took the kids to the pub and watched a Timbers soccer game on the big screen.  The kids got to have soda so they were quiet for most of the game!  


Yay for new couches!  We got a leather one this year and I'll never go back to fabric; I LOVE it.  


Kitchen here is going well.  We were given enough tile for the backsplash so that goes in Thursday.  Everything should be done in the kitchen by next Tuesday when school starts!  Sounds like husband wants to get to the laundry room asap so that will surely be done before baby comes, hopefully more like before November.


Baby feeling heavier, pubic bone sore by the time I go to bed.  


Hang in there, LilyKay...I think it just gets harder the older they get!  That's a tough position, b/c if you ignore them then everyone else has to listen to them, but if you try and get them to stop you know they just will get louder!  ugh.  Hopefully that's not happening very often.

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mataji, it sure seems that this week the babies just all of a sudden feel huge and heavy. This whole "getting ready to birth" thing is getting more and more real. I keep getting muscle spasms on the left of my back. I think it is from sitting in the car as I drive around for work. If I lay horizontal, all is well.


AFM, DH and I went and toured the birth place where I am planning to give birth last night. The triage part reminded me of an emergency room. I told DH that supported my wishes of staying home until I was in active labor because otherwise the tour guide said we could spend 2 to 4 hours in this little room with no windows. All the labor and delivery rooms have outdoor windows which is much better in my opinion. The tour guide told me and 2 other moms pregnant with twins that it wasn't the practice to have all twin births in the operating room. But I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about that too. There were nice deep bath tubs and showers in each room so I can stand in the water if I want to labor there which was good. She even said they recommend that a laboring woman sit on a toilet and rock to help get the baby in the right position to exit the body vaginally. The hospital supports skin to skin contact with the baby after birth which was good to know, but if I am still actively laboring for the second baby that may be interesting.  Nurse said that colostrum tastes like amniotic fluid which I had never heard before. Makes sense though so it is familiar to the baby.


The mother/baby unit was nice with enough space in their large rooms for both babies to stay with us and they are never taken away from the parents unless the little boys are going to be circumcised. I am not sure how my DH feels about circumcision. I guess I need to have a conversation about that.  There is a "watching" nursery if parents ask to have some time to sleep without watching the baby. DH even gets a couch to sleep on. Doesn't look that comfy but at least it is something.

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Sounds like a pretty decent hospital tour, Lilac.

Wow. I'm getting tired really easily today. I was trying to help my middle daughter sweep her bedroom, and I started breathing heavy and getting winded. My teenaged daughter practically took the broom away from me saying, "Uh, why don't you let me do that." LOL, she really is a good girl. ;-)
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Aw, what a nice daughter, Michelle.  I love it when my kids take care of me : )


Lilac, there are lot of mixed opinions about circumcision for sure.  I saw some videos of circumcisions when I was in midwifery training and I felt sick to my stomach.  Since doctors say they can make no medical recommendations for circumcision, I encourage you to watch a video and see if it's something you are willing to put your babies through for cosmetic reasons (like "looking like dad.").  I think NOCIRC has a very well done website (www.nocirc.org).  I'm probably obviously biased, but I have had four boys and done my research; my boys have never had any issues with their foreskin and now that my two older ones know about circumcision, they've thanked me for leaving them alone!


I'm making pickles- it's a big job but 20 quarts will be nice in few months when we start to look for remnants of summer in the jars of our cupboard!

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Taryn and Mataji, congrats on the anniversary! Mine is in october, we will be married for 3 years :)


Earthwalker, I am trying to cut down carbs as well. I don't have GD, but I want to avoid too much weight gain in the 3rd T. I don't want a big baby. It is hard to cut carbs, but I follow simple rules: no bread, no pasta/pizza, no fruit juice, obvioulsy no candies. Yes to salads, veggies, protein, milk, cheese, fruit (huge fan of oranges), and I do eat deli meats. I don't follow this strictly (I love chocolate and ice cream, snif), but I eat mostly like this and I'm doing fine, having more energy and less liquid retention.


Lilac: there's a lot of info in the forums here regarding circumcision. I chose not to circ. I saw a video in youtube and adding all the info I collected, that is something I don't want to put my baby through.


I think I just had a contraction. It was in my uterus, that's for sure, in the low part. It didn't hurt, it was uncomfortable. It felt like a leg cramp or sthng like that. Isn't it too soon? I'm 26+5. I'm a first time mom, help! So far it happened only once.

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Those are probably just toning contractions, anablis.  Unless you are dehydrated or are doing heavy lifting or other exhausting work, it's normal.  I started feeling mine at 25 weeks with my first.  Or it could be a ligament stretching, I've had those lately and feel more crampy on the lower side of my uterus.  Not comfortable.

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anablis that sounds like a Braxton Hicks contraction. It feels a bit like a cramp and if you touch your belly, it feels really hard. They tend to happen more if I had a more physically demanding day.


Oh I'm so happy I don't have to do the circumcision discussion.  Very few circumcise here, only a very small minority do for religious reasons. There was a big uproar here a while back about banning circumcision (on the account of it being a bodily harm) by a Cologne court but the parliament  finally decided to keep it legal. In my home country it is the standard, and I have had many a heated discussion with my sister about it. We now just agree to disagree (she's for it, I'm passionately against it). When I visit home and my boy runs around bottoms-free, we're certainly going to hear a few comments.


Anyone made a list yet of what they'd like to get the done before the baby comes? I saw on another DDC a thread with everyone's list and what would they like to have done by each week. It's getting so close! Seven weeks until my maternity leave and I may take the rest of my vacation days off so that would make it 5.

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I think I am fairly comfortable not circumcising our boys. My parents had 3 boys at home and didn't circumcise any of them so that is my background. I think DH wants to do it so "the boys look like dad". Listening to the tour lady give the description of "we want the mom to breast feed as soon after the circumcision as possible for pain relief" made me think it was even less of something I want to do.

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I have had lots of Braxton Hicks lately.  I have had them on and off since 10wks or so (much earlier than with DS). At first, I found myself being annoyed by them, like they were an affliction....but yesterday while walking, I got a pretty strong one and realized it was time for me to start practicing relaxing with the contractions. So for now on, any braxton hicks will a little reminder to me to find that peaceful place where I plan to spend most of my labor! It is time to practice my self-hypnosis skills.


Lilykay, I don't have a new list yet, but I made one way back when that I probably should review.  I imagine I will  be paring down that very optimistic list to something a bit more reasonable. lol.gif

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I have BH contractions all the time, especially at the end of the day, but I'm on my feet a ton with the other three kids. :) It's normal!


Lists? Oh yes, I have a HUGE to do list. Let's start an individual thread about it!

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Lilac - DH is circumcised but our son, now 7, is not. He has never noticed he was different than dad. Don't let hubby make that the one reason you circ. Unless you are nudists I doubt the boys will notice.
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My oldest son is circumcised and my youngest is not. We had issues with the circumcision process and afterward. I didn't know any better; now I do. 

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Went for our 24 week  ultrasound to check on the growth of our boys.  Everything is right on path for a 24 week old baby which was reassuring.  Baby A was 1 pound 8 ounces and Baby B was 1 pound 9 ounces so they are growing equally well which is good.


I talked to the doctor about the "laboring" in the OR and found out that although the tour guide said I wouldn't have to the OR unless I was gettting a C section, the doctor said that will go to the OR once I get to the pushing stage of labor. When I asked her about the last natural birth she had attended, she couldn't come up with an example. She said the last few times she has been on call there were lots of scheduled C-sections.  Yeah, that doesn't make me particularly comfortable since I would like to avoid a c-section if at all possible.  Right now both my boys are head down, which is good.


Talked with DH about circumcision and he says he doesn't have any strong feelings one way or another on it so that makes me hopefully that we can agree that no circumcision is necessary for them.

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I am trying to catch up with this group but it's hard. Not only do we not have the net but I am exhausted. When I do have access to the net I almost don't even care!

24 weeks + 1 here, feeling very tired and over all 'blah'! I am no fun. I am counting down to meeting this baby and resuming sanity smile.gif
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