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Steph, so sorry to hear about the impending changes in your marriage.  I hope you have people around you to give you support.

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Well, my glucola screening results were high. 155. eyesroll.gif Blargh!  DH and I have decided to not to worry about the 3 hr test until I transfer to the midwifery clinic next month and see what they have to say. I eat healthy, I exercise, and overall I feel good about what I am doing. I plan to review GD diets to see where I could improve. DH has asked me not to worry about this, and I am going *try* to take his advice.

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Of course our bodies don't respond well to that much sugar!  Most of us NEVER take in that much sugar even in a day, much less a few minutes.  If you have a low sugar diet with plenty of protein then I wouldn't worry; then you can discuss it with your midwives.

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I'm so sorry, Steph! Please feel free to vent here.

Earthwalker: your DH is right, try not to worry about the three hour test. It's likely to be just fine...In the meanwhile keep trying to eat well...that's pretty much all you can do with GD anyway, unless its really severe.
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Stephaniqua, I am so sorry you are going through this. I cant begin to imagine how hard this is for you.


Earthwalker, from personal experience, it helps if you eat a small high protein-no carb breakfast 1-2 hrs before going in and dont carb load the night before. I found that going in on an empty stomach will cause your blood sugar to crazy spike with the drink. I took two 1-hr tests so far in pregnancy after my doctor kept telling me there were higher than normal levels of sugar in my urine samples. I passed both. Can you buy a home glucose meter from a local pharmacy and test for a few days to see what your levels really are after meals?

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Stephaniqua- so sorry you are going through this. Do you have a car already? Most cars can fit three radian car seats. Might be a good solution.
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So, I just got an email from my GP doc that my ferritin is at 14 greensad.gif I asked her about it because I've been having dizzy spells, getting worse, and a constant feeling like I'm about to fall asleep. In spite of going to bed early I'm waking up not feeling at all refreshed...which could be normal but I had low iron in my last pregnancy as well. So I'm taking 300 mg of ferrous fumarate a day, in addition to the food-based iron that I've been eating anyway. Sigh...only 3 more months till mat leave.
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Oh, Lida, sorry to hear that you have to up your levels of iron, but hopefully that will mean you won't be so tired soon.

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Lidamama, hug2.gif. Hopefully, the supplement will help!

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Lidamama- were you doing Floradix supplementation at all as part of your food based iron consumption?  I cannot do the iron supplements (seriously, I swear I will never poop again when I take those things) and I have been anemic with both of my previous pregnancies (vegetarian who probably likes dairy a little too much, is my theory, though I always test fine non-pregnant).  Floradix helped the first time, and the second time I kept up with it after the birth and my recovery was amazingly better, despite a lot more blood loss.  It's expensive though.  I always took it with juice,for extra C, and separate from dairy.  They haven't tested my iron yet, but I would hazard a guess I will fail that test again, I probably should get on the Floradix now.  I have been blaming my super tired almost falling asleep driving thing on my 23 month old waking up before 6 AM, but I bet low iron wouldn't help.

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No, I haven't been taking Floradix...I do think its awesome, though, just not really in the budget for the dose I need to take. I was considering today, though, whether I should take a smaller dose of Floradix in addition to the iron pils, just because its so well absorbed. The iron pills actually don't bother me much (or havent in the past). I actually just found a website that sells Floradix here in Canada and they have a promo: 750 mL for 45$...that's actually pretty decent...hmmm...
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Weirdest feeling ever - my boys kicking me on opposite sides of my belly.  I guess I better eat breakfast soon. As of today 23 weeks down, hopefully 17 to go.

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That must be the weirdest feeling!  They must be having fun in there! smile.gif


Yesterday evening I started having muscle spams somewhere below my ribs and above my uterus...some muscle on the inside...i can't see it from the outside.  I am still getting it this morning. It is a bit ticklish and very distracting.

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Oh, I think my boys are definitely having fun in my belly.

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

I actually just found a website that sells Floradix here in Canada and they have a promo: 750 mL for 45$...that's actually pretty decent...hmmm...


jaw2.gifThat's a promo price?! Here it's 700 ml for 15€. I started it last week and this week it's a little bit better. Sorry to hear about your iron levels. I actually forgot so far to call the doctor about the test results but I imagine they were also not very good seeing how exhausted I've been feeling.


Tomorrow, I'm 25 weeks. In 3 weeks it's the third trimester. Wait, WHAT?

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15 euros is $21.07 Canadian (according to a google conversion I just did). Yikes to the price Lida has to pay.

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Yeah, 45 bucks for the big bottle is about what is costs in the US too, probably a bit less if you can find it locally and do not need to ship.  I think Floradix is a German product, so I imagine that is why it is cheaper there.  It's expensive.  We basically considered it a prescription, since I couldn't tolerate the pills, and it is so effective and well absorbed.  In the US, if you midwife or OB writes you a prescription for it, it can be funded via an FSA (so pretax) which is helpful for us.


edited to add- we mentally added the cost to our medical expenses is what I meant by "considered it a prescription".  45 bucks is about in line with what we pay for co-pays for expensive meds and our deductible is super high anyway, so we have made a lot of assumptions about money going to this pregnancy already.

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Yeah, it's about 30$ for 250 mL here at a health food store. And that lasts me a week, so I'm looking at spending what I spent on transportation per month just on iron...but I am spoiled here because I don't actually pay for prescriptions except 50$ deductible each year. I think I will get it and alternate with the pills.

That must be such a weird feeling, lilac!!
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A little late on the topic but I'm depressed as well. It's getting worse, or maybe should I say that any small setback in life has a huge impact on my well being. I have a history though, before I became pregnant I was on fluoxetine, wich was working wonders on me, but when I got pg I dropped it. I did a thorough research with the idea of start taking it again, but I decided I won't. I'l wait until Axel is born, and if I see I really need it, I'll switch to bottle feeding and that's it. What upsets me the most, is that I have NO reason to be depressed. I have a lot of things to do, but I have no energy or drive. I do what I can, I sleep a lot, and in general I feel crappy all the time.


I am taking supplements as well (vitamins, iron, calcium), but I have them for free :). My health insurance company covers any medication I may need while pregnant in a 100%. It's actually stated by law. It even covers a prescription cream for the skin.


I have a question ladies... my baby has been vertex (and LOA) since several weeks now... I know it's normal, I guess, but I'm only 25 weeks pregnant. He is going to spend half the pregnancy head down... I find that kind of funny.

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anablis, sorry you're also feeling so down. And I don't think the reason for depression has to be external. Sometimes a pregnancy is just taking physically so much from you. 


BTW, DD kept turning until week 32 before she finally settled on head down. She was head down for a while then changed positions.  It drove me crazy with worry back then that she is going to remain breech. And it looks like this boy is following in the steps of his sister. He was head down at the last ultrasound but because of how I've been feeling the kicks, I have a feeling that he turned.  It really isn't finally until the last weeks but here's to hoping that he stays head-down praying.gif 

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