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Nursing Mamas TTC August

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whistling.gifWaiting to be ready whistling.gif






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Please put all changes in bold!



I've started the August thread as I couldn't see one running yet - again, apologies if I've missed it!  Please let me know.


Oh, and Baby Dust to all!!!

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I reposted from the July board (sorry if you've already read it over there). Hi Ladies, Just wanting to pick your wise minds about my TTC situation. I have a 16 month old DD who is still quite the little nurser, but seems to be cutting back. She varies between 4-7 hours between nursing sessions during the day and even STTN 3 days last week (I nearly passed out I was so elated when it happened once....and then she did it 2 more times in the same week!!) I have seen AF 2x, starting when DD was 14 months and then followed by a 60 day cycle until AF #2 returned. This month, I am POSITIVE I ovulated yesterday (20 days after last AF) so it does appear that things are returning to a (somewhat) normal state. I have siginificant middleshmertz (always have) but I am not OPK'ing at this time (but may start). I have also been temping for about 3 months and saw a definite pattern suggesting ovulation last cycle and had 12 high temps (temp dropped on the 13th day and AF showed up on the 14th day) before starting AF. However, I did NOT see a temp change that I expected to see this morning. Is this because of inadequate progesterone? Or maybe a slow temp will rise? Sorry this is so long, just trying to wrap my brain around what may be happening. Thank you!!
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Thanks for the new thread TheCrunchyBrit! FF has given me crosshairs and put me at 3DPO today so I can officially be moved to Waiting to Know Thanks!

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Hi Mamas love.gif


Sorry I've been MIA. I've just returned from a 6 day long camping trip. I'm still here with you. What I had thought was implantation bleeding was the start of AF (which lasted through the whole camping trip where I had no access to running water angry.gif). Apparently, I was totally off on my charting and had been TTC long past when I had ovulated ROTFLMAO.gif. I'm back waiting to O and am giving it another go this month.


Thanks for starting the new thread TheCrunchyBrit.

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Thx TheCrunchyBrit for creating new thread!!

Tomtemama- sorry you didn't get your BFP this month...fx'd for a positive next cycle!

Sierramtngirl- IDK, could be the progesterone for sure. I think it takes 2-3 regular cycles before a good O happens (from what I've been reading). How do you know for sure you O'd? You said no OPK's yet but you are temping....are you going by CM?

Ladies I believe I just either had implantation spotting or could be spotting of early AF....praying for a sticky bean and a BFP this weekend sometime! I will probably break down and test Thurs AM just to see....then Fri of course etc. but my period is due Sat the 10th so I will know something in a few days hopefully!!!

Happy Healthy Baby Dust to ALL!! :-)
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Also BY THE WAY SierraMtngirl- Vitex is a supplement that is supposed to be very helpful in regulating the PPAF cycles and maintaining adequate progesterone levels. You might want to try it. I have been using it for about a month now. I too have a persistent little suckling who is almost 2 and showing signs of letting up but he really turns to it for comfort. So with teething and colds, he uses me as a pacifier. It is really hard to have that much nursing and keep the prolactin levels low enough to ovulate.

Were your cycles always so long prior to birth of DS?
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List updated to here

sierramtngirl - quite a few of us here are starting vitex if you want to join us.  RosieL posted an interesting monograph on the pros and cons in July's post.  I'll see if I can re-post it here.


here it is:



Thanks to RosieL!

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Thanks for the input.  I've been reading a bit about vitex, but have minimal info so far.  I see my CMD for accupuncture next week and I will ask her b/c she is also a very knowledgable herbalist as well.  I'll also check the link that Crunchy Brit posted. 


To answer your ?? prior to the birth of DD my cycles were pretty much 28-29 days to the dot.  I ovulated like clockwork, most often day 13 or 14.  The reason I think I O'd is due to the ovulatory pain that I had (and have always had-ever since I had my first cycle at age 14!).  But, it could be that I'm not having a "good" ovulation yet....I don't want to rush DD, but I'm going to move toward night weaning when DD is 18 months old. 


Thanks again ladies, you guys rock!!

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Oh, and I am using CM plus temping. 

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Sierramtgirl - sometimes I am slow to get a temp rise.  I have a 28mo old and am on my 4th PP cycle. 


It looks like I might O early this cycle.  I tested yesterday night CD11 (forgot to bring them to work) and it was nearly positive, I do not know if I missed the surge that morning or if it was just starting.  I guess I will find out today because I remembered my OPK's.  Before DS I was an early ovulater, My PP cycles were CD18, CD14, CD15.  I'm on CD 12 today I had a huge dip yesterday, but my temp is still down today.  I'm hoping to gain a day on my LP soon, I want to start taking RRL and Red Clover, but I still need to order them.  If they don't help then I may try vitex.

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DS's 2nd birthday today! He is nursing right now...not sure when he will be ready to wean. I have had DH take him in the guest bedroom to sleep the past week or so. I am hoping that will help keep progesterone up in case this LP is the one! (Not sure if it is going to help but we are trying anything and everything).

We normally sleep together with baby (2 year old!) in bed with us. He sleeps without waking to nurse but if I get up to go to restroom or roll over hard and wake him, he wants to nurse back to sleep.

Sierra- I bet that your cycles are trying to get back to PP normal, and the middleshmertz that you are feeling is like you said, your ovary trying to release an egg but not quite ready yet. I am just guessing, going by what I've read......that regular (PP calendar days cycle) indicates your fertility has fully resumed.
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Happy birthday baby wengrin!

I also get mittelschmerz and always have since my first cycle.  It has definitely returned in the last 2 months but still no first PPAF, so I agree with wengrin - could be your body trying to release an egg but not quite managing it.  I'm pretty sure that's what is happening to me.

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Temp was up this am, FF put me as O'ing 3 days ago (when I thought), but we will see.  I realize that if your body is preparing to O, but doesn't quite, you still get all the CM symptoms, etc.  So.....DH and I did BD 4 days ago, so I guess I could be put in the 2 ww category.....or in the waiting to O category...!  I guess patience does continue to be a virture for a reason!!


Thanks again ladies for all your input.  I'm gonna give it a couple more cycles before I "do" anything.  Have a fab day to you all and Baby dust!!

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Hi ladies! Thanks TheCrunchyBrit for starting a new thread!

Ok, since you guys were mentioning middleshmertz, tell me about it. I always thought it was a quick random pinch or cramp and that was it. I did fertility meds with a trigger shot to get pregnant with DS1 - the day after the trigger, I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut...I was sore and literally couldn't stand up quickly (I wonder if I hyper stimulated?). The pain was gone by the next day.
Fast forward to this week, I have had a copious amt of ewcm all week and have had period like cramps, gas like pain, sore abdomen, lower back pain - it even hurt when I slightly jar myself by sitting down I had a pos opk tues and we dtd on mon. I totally expected a temp rise today, but nothing. So far no crazy pain though today.
I wonder if it was an O?
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Hi fishy~ What you describe is how my mittelshmertz has ALWAYS felt. It usually starts as low grade discomfort the day before I acutally O and then the day of O is very pronounced....I sometimes even get diarrhea (sorry, maybe TMI?, but it's true!). So, yes I'd say that's what you experienced.
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List updated to here - sierramtngirl, I've put you in 2ww and I'm crossing my fingers for you!


fishywishy, my mittleshmertz is like that...  Lots of period type cramps and back pain.  A lot of the time I can tell which side I ovulated from as well because the pain is over one side.

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Wow! Thanks for the replies! Good to know I am not alone. I took another opk around lunch today, still positive. I am SO trying not to get my hopes up (not really working though).
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subbing so I can keep up with you all!  crossing my fingers for you ladies! 

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Thanks for the new thread TheCrunchyBrit 


  Trying to keep up with temping but let it slide a few days..oops  gonna try and get serious about it again. No signs of O yet though  and H is still nursing during the night so i'm sure that is keep AF at bay.

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fishywishy I've only had middleschmertz the one time, the monitored clomid cycle that I conceived DD. For me it was a really sharp pain in my left ovary and then dull pain for a while afterward. Happened while I was at work and when I got home I was like let's do this! Haha. It was nice to know when it happened! Makes me wonder if since I'm not noticing it now (or before the clomid cycle) maybe I'm not actually Oing? The fertility specialist I saw said I wasn't Oing back then even though I had about 4 consecutive charts with a clear thermal shift indicating O. Confusing :(


Had some really light brown spotting today at 6DPO. I'm trying to stay positive and think maybe implantation?? But really I bet it'll keep getting darker and darker till AF starts. Boo!


Baby dust to everyone! dust.gif

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