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~Expecting a Rainbow - August 2013~

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Continued from ~Expecting a Rainbow July 2013~


rainbow1284.gif Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace - author unknown


A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth.

A beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

The storm (pregnancy loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm-clouds might still be overhead as the family continue to cope with the loss, but something colorful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery. - modified from Urban Dictionary
This thread is to support the women among us who are expecting their Rainbow Babies in February 2014. It is a place for all the ups and downs of the roller coaster called pregnancy after loss. Excited? Worried? Happy? Nervous? Thrilled? Scared? Ambiguous? Concerned? Whatever you are feeling, however you are doing, this is the place to get/give support to others experiencing the same thing. Here we can discuss our concerns and problems in the safety and company of other mamas like us. Compare BETA results, our prenatal screens, show off our scans, and in what seems like a lifetime away - our newborn baby pictures.
While there is an Expecting Our Rainbow Babies thread in the Pregnancy after Birth Loss forum, I really wanted to connect with women experiencing similar pregnancy timing.


When we are due!

JelloPanda EDD February 1

ChelseaKell EDD February 7

OanaTH EDD February 12

BeagleSmuggler EDD February 13

mama sarah EDD February 14

pattimomma EDD February 20

mattie426 EDD February 20

oasis84 EDD February 22

quietmama EDD February 23

mommyndoula EDD February 27



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Is anyone thinking about getting a 3D/4D ultrasound? I have never done it in previous pregnancies but I keep thinking it might help with my anxiety.

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Haven't given it much thought. My last ultrasound was at 7 weeks, have heard the hb several times since then but I'm eager to see baby again and normally that wouldn't happen until my 20 week ultrasound(in 7 weeks). I'm just trying to breathe and assume the best. :)

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My EDD is February 16, 2014.


Today is our 12 week ultrasound, crossing my fingers they'll give us some information on the NT scan. 


I think we might get a 3D ultrasound in the third trimester depending on when other ultrasounds are scheduled. I know we'll get an ultrasound between 18-20 weeks, but I'm not sure when else we may be scheduled for one. 

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Today is our 14 week appointment. She'll probably want to do an ultrasound, and I may ask for one if she's only planning to do the doppler for heartbeat just so I can see the LO squirming. I'm trying my best not to completely derail this positivity I've been managing, but all I keep thinking is "What am I going to do if this one's gone too?"


Patti - Thanks for starting the new thread! What is it about the 3D/4D that you think will be most helpful? I haven't had one for a live baby, but I did have several done after my miscarriage. I didn't look at the screen much, and I assume it's much different with an active baby, so the only experience I still really have is seeing other people's pictures. It was definitely a much more detailed peek if you're looking for physical formation or defects/abnormalities.


Beagle - Good luck today!

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My EDD is the last week of Jan/first week of Feb smile.gif
I think I've started to feel some flutters - but I'm not sure. I'm also happy that our midwife seems okay with our laid-back, hands-off approach smile.gif Our next appointment is Aug 21, which feels so far away!
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12 week ultrasound went very well. We got a tech who was training another tech so we got lots of information and pictures. The NT scan is well within normal range and we have a nasal bone, so very very relieved, although we need to wait for the blood tests for more definitive results. Baby was also pretty chill. Baby was in an upside down position which the tech said would be challenging to get the measurement. As soon as she said that baby flipped over into the correct position, then put their arm behind their head, stretched out their legs and propped them up. So baby is chill even if I am not. 

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Just heard from our nursing support. Our EDD has been bumped up to February 13, 2014.

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My appointment was good too. We heard the heartbeat on the doppler (155 BPM) and we go back on the 21st for an ultrasound and the quad screen if I want it.

Beagle - yay! joy.gif
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Patti - have they fixed the machine and rescheduled your appointment yet?
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EDD is 2/20

I'm glad to hear positive updates!

We had our appointment today too. It went well, but we couldn't her the HB. The midwife said she heard a lot of rushing blood, and it sounded like baby was hiding behind the placenta. She thought she heard something a couple of times, but couldn't zero in on it. She gave us a lot of options, and we decided to check hcg, and try to listen again in a week.

My DSS is scheduled to go back to his mom in one week (hopefully that will change), so we decided to go ahead and tell him anyway. We want as much time as possible to prep him before he is exposed to her venom. I have still had no spotting or signs of trouble and am just two days shy of 12 weeks, so I think it is really just my hangups that are making me feel anxious. DSS took it very well! He asked some questions and was excited, but clearly it isn't quite "real" to him yet, which is totally fine and expected for an 8 yr old. He has plenty of time to grow into the idea. I did ask him what his opinion was on finding out the sex before birth, and he totally surprised me by saying it would be fun to let it be a surprise! He truly is a sweet little gem!

I should be able to get my hcg results tomorrow sometime. My mom just retired, but used to work at the major lab company around here, so not being able to get my results immediately from her is killing me. I got spoiled, and am not used to having to call/wait on the doctor for results.
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Thanks for starting the August thread patti!

At my docs they automatically do a 4D ultrasound whenever you go in for the regular too and it doesn't cost any extra (each us is a flat rate of $70 which unfortunately our insurance won't cover if it's not part of the routine exam. I've had several scans already in the OBs office which are covered but this was our first in the actual us lab and we were happy it was so affordable). We want yesterday for our 12 week and it was amazing smile.gif I'm only 11w4d but we decided to go early since we're going to Greece tomorrow for a long weekend and I knew I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy it unless I knew all was well with baby. Honestly, I wouldn't have asked for the 4D if they hadn't just done it bc I've read it's really more worth it when you're 20 weeks plus bc you get a clear picture of the baby's face at that point. But seeing it was nonetheless really amazing. The umbilical cord esp was so clear and made it seem so real. Baby was super active during ultrasound flipping all around. For me it was more emotional than hearing the heartbeat and I ended up crying through the whole thing! Actually measuring one day ahead now which I know doesn't mean much but I was happy baby is growing so fast. Truly amazing how much they grow and how quickly.

Question: Doc said NT fluid looked great, nasal bone great and everything normal so when she offered the Downs blood test I declined. I'm 29 so not in the "high risk" zone yet and our insurance doesn't cover any Downs or genetic testing/screening until you are over 35. But anyone else planning on getting this? How necessary is it? I'm kind of hoping that if there was a trisomy or other major problem that the doc would be able to spot on u/s but is that naive? beagle what made you spring for the blood test? Advice appreciated!

chelsea beagle so happy your appts went well. mattie crossing fingers for positive results from your hCG test and that you'll hear the hb next week!
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Oasis - I'm not sure if you're in the US, I'm Canadian so there's no cost associated with the testing for us. I'm also IVF and high risk, so it's a routine procedure for me.


The visual NT examination is about 85% accurate, if the visual NT is covered I'd be surprised if the blood screening is not covered (but then the US system baffles me). The screening with the blood test is about 92% accurate. When they do the two together you get a ratio probability. For example for women under 35 it's usually something like 1:800, for women over 35 1:250 is standard.


After that if you have an increased risk for your age category then here in Canada we have the option of either getting a CVS or an amniocentisis. These are diagnostic tests and unlike the screening tests can give you an accurate yes/no for chromosomal abnormalities. We're doing a full genetic screening which involves blood panels at 12 weeks and 16 weeks so if we decide to go ahead with a diagnostic testing then we'll have to go with the amino since the window for the CVS is before 13 weeks and 6 days. I think my decision point for the amnio will be if my screening test shows a higher probability of chromosomal abnormalities than the chance of miscarriage with an amnio which is about 1:200. 

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Hello Everyone! I'm still here! I'm laying low these next few weeks (usually my miscarriages are between 11-14 weeks) so I'm still trying to stay in a place of equilibrium- if you know what I mean. After 8 miscarriages it's so hard to get attached but once all the testing is done and I can walk away from week 14 still being pregnant you'll hear lots from me. smile.gif

Thanks so much for keeping this thread active and updating it each month!

My due date is February 23. A day before my birthday!

Sending love to all!
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quietmama - I hear you! I can't even imagine how hard it must be after 8 miscarriages within that range. I've made it past my danger zone and I still have a good strong heartbeat, so I'm hoping equilibrium is easier now. Fingers crossed for you!


mattie - Hope you get to hear the heartbeat next week! So glad your DSS is excited!


oasis - that's fantastic about the ultrasound! I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll go for the quad screen. I have until my next appointment on the 21st to decide, but I know it's covered 100% by my insurance. I'm not in the high risk group yet either and I have an ultrasound before my regular appointment, so I may decline too if the ultrasound looks good then. I'm not opposed to doing the non-invasive bloodwork screens, but it isn't diagnostic for fetal conditions, it just shows whether you're at increased risk and need to have further (and more invasive) tests done. And there's a fairly high false positive rate with a lot of normal factors (like fetal age being off by a few days based on LMP date vs conception date vs implantation) that can make results be out of the "normal" range. I think that even if the results come back elevated for me, I would still decline amniocentesis and the CVS sampling, so I'm not sure whether I should waste my time with it. shrug.gif

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Quietmama- *hug*

On testing: We are doing fairly minimal testing. As Chelsea said, the screenings are screenings and not super accurate. We would only terminate for a problem incompatible with life, and anything like that is going to show on the 20wk US. We will do that one to be sure we and baby are ok to home birth.

I have to share this morning's conversation with DSS and DH.

Me: I want to say something important. Sometimes kids don't just feel happy about a new brother or sister. Sometimes they feel worried or a little sad about, blah, blah---

DSS: The only thing I am worried about is if the baby is a different color than it should be!

Me and DH: ....

Me: You mean like blue?

DSS: Yes! Like I was blue when I was born, and my friend was purple!

Me: That happens sometimes, but babies turn pink pretty quick.

DH (quietly): If the baby is a different color than it should be, we will have to have a talk.
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biglaugh.gifmattie that conversation is priceless!


quietmama hug2.gif I hope the next few weeks go well.


Hello to everybody else. wave.gif I have been tired so just reading along and not really posting.


AFM - The ultrasound machine is still broken but my doc borrowed a laptop ultrasound machine from a friend of his. I was able to go to my appointment today and see a wiggly baby but it was very low resolution. I had blood drawn for the Harmony. I will also have the AFP test. It all still feels unreal to me. I did tell my boss today and that went really well.

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mattie that is ridiculously adorable.

quietmama thinking of you. Hope the next few weeks fly by uneventfully. Your experience is also a reminder for me not to take things for granted. Getting to about the 12 week mark I'm feeling really confident but really we just never know and I have to keep reminding myself it's out of my hands. Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

Thanks all for weighing in about screening. beagle for me neither the blood test nor the ultrasound are covered. I have to pay out of pocket for all ultrasounds since I'm not "high risk" (and I've been reminded multiple times by the insurance that having one miscarriage doesn't qualify me for anything). Luckily the price is reasonable -- about $70 -- but that's only bc we live overseas. Dealing with insurance has so far been a huge stress for me this pregnancy an I have a feeling it's only going to get worse. I think I've decided not to go for the blood test. If I was worried even a little maybe I would but for some reason I'm not. Maybe that's naive!

How you all have nice weekends!
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Rainbow baby here too. Here is the story of the previous pregnancy loss, from 7 months ago: http://www.loveitbe.com/2013/lessons-from-an-empty-sac/


Glad to connect ladies!


EDD: Feb 12th



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quietmama : thinking of you and wishing you the best as you work through those nerve wracking "worry weeks"!

mattie: that conversation is so sweet!

pattimomma: sorry the ultrasound machine is still broken, but excited that you got to see a wiggling baby!!

oanaTH: welcome! And thank you for sharing your story.

I had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the status of my hemorrhage. I have to wait until the radiologist report comes back before I will know if it has healed or is healing. (sooo frustrating to have to wait!) I haven't had any more spotting or bleeding since the bleeding episode 2 weeks ago, so I am feeling on the mend. Baby is doing well - wiggling around and strong heartbeat! Also still measuring one week ahead. Due date has moved to Feb. 14th. My original due date was Feb. 22. I never tracked my ovulation and my pregnancy test did show a positive way before I thought it would... And my other three kids were all born within 3 days of their ultrasound dating, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one is too! Due to the hemorrhage, I have had more ultrasounds already than I did with any of my kids ( usually just get the anantomy scan at 20 weeks), but it has been so reassuring to me to see that sweet little active babe! Now let's just hope that this hemorrhage has healed/ will heal soon so that I can really settle in and enjoy this pregnancy.

Hope you are all doing well!
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