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beagle: That's wonderful news about your hospital being so supportive!

patti: congratulations on your test results and the news that you are expecting a boy!

oasis: sorry to hear about the MS greensad.gif. I am just over 14 weeks and still experiencing nausea in the late afternoon and evenings - I thought it would be gone by now as well!

AFM: I had another bleeding episode on Wednesday greensad.gif - not just spotting. I also received the radiology report from my last ultrasound on Wednesday as well and the good news is that even though it showed that my hemorrhage is still present, it is located away from the placenta...which is much safer for baby! My midwife was not worried about my bleeding on Wednesday - she was confident that the bleeding was from the hemorrhage. The hemorrhage is large - 9.7cmx6x5, so I am hoping that it is healing and shrinking. I haven't had anymore bleeding since Wed. and have been on bedrest since then. Returning to some of my regular activity around the house tomorrow. I can feel baby moving here and there, so that has been reassuring. I am feeling calmer about the bleeding episodes now, knowing that it makes sense with the hemorrhage. It's still very stressful though.
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Beagle - That is fantastic news! I am super impressed with your hospital too. I'm with an OB because there aren't any midwives in South Georgia (that I'm aware of anyway), but she is wonderful and very open to the less invasive, more natural approach.


Patti - Yay! Congratulations!


oasis - Week 14 was when I really started to feel "normal" again. Hope it's coming soon for you!


mama sarah - I'm glad there's some good news wrapped up in there with that less than ideal report. When do you have another check to see if its shrinking? Hooray for movement!



I go on Wednesday for an ultrasound and a 16 week check. Why is it so hard not to get nervous before an appointment?

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Patti and Oana - are your kids okay?
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chelsea: hope you have a wonderful ultrasound tomorrow!! I don't have another follow-up ultrasound until 20 weeks, unless I have another bleeding episode that doesn't clear up in a short period of time.
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Hi guys -- I found out today the baby is fine; big sigh of relief. Took 10 business days (2 weeks) for the Panorama results.


I asked that the gender be mailed to us so our daughter can read it to us, so another 1-2 days on that.


Chelsea, I thought of you, how was the u/s?

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Thanks ladies! The ultrasound went great. Good looking organs and bones and wiggling like crazy. The movement I can feel is all kicks (little punches aren't strong enough yet) and this morning there were a couple that I could feel from outside too. The little overachiever is already measuring at 17 weeks!
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The gender info arrived and our 7 yo daughter got to read it to us -- it's a GIRL! Both our son and daughter were hoping for a girl (dh and I were entirely neutral). So good to know!

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chelsea: So glad to hear your ultrasound went well!!!

Oana: Congratulations!!
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Thanks mama sarah!


Congratulations Oana!

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Sorry I have been MIA. I have been traveling for work.


Chelsea, My kids are fine. They don't attend the elementary school where the shooting took place. I'm glad to hear that your ultrasound went well!thumb.gif


Oana, Congrats on the girl! stork-girl.gif


mama sarah, I am keeping my fingersx.gif for you.

oasis, How's that morning sickness? At 14 weeks mine is still here irked.gif

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Congrats on your little girl oana!

patti I'm hoping 13 weeks was the climax of my MS -- so far so good at 14 weeks. But I'm sorry you're still feeling icky. Hopefully you get some relief soon. When did the MS end with your other pregnancies?

chlelsea congrats on the results of your scan. Great news! I swear I can already feel baby kicking and moving -- it feels like little pulses or flutters. But I'm only 14 weeks so not sure?

mama Sarah still crossing my fingers that you don't have any more bleeding episodes and that it's smooth sailing from here...

AFM happy to officially be in the second trimester. Honestly looking back I'm amazed at how fast the first tri went! Just biding my time now until our next scan at 17 weeks when we'll find out the gender. I get butterflies just thinking about it. We're trying to decide how to share the news with our parents (of the gender, not the baby). Some of our friends have suggested a gender reveal party and Skyping them in. This isn't something I would consider doing if we lived in the States (it's not really my bag -- I hate all that attention and I'm generally more private than that) but bc we live overseas and our family won't be able to share this pregnancy with us the way we'd like them to be able to, I'm considering it as a way to celebrate and bring everyone together. Any thoughts??
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Oasis - I started feeling occasional flutters at 14 weeks. Not every day, but definitely baby movement when I could feel it. So exciting!

As for the Skype call - I think its a good idea since you're not here. Is there a way that you could make it more private but have them more included in the party part? Like maybe there's a bakery that is local to your families that will do a gender reveal cake with neutral icing and a pink or blue inside, so you could call and order a cake for them to pick up and then have everyone dig in at the same time on skype for the reveal? Or maybe something less elaborate to plan that has the same effect?
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How is everyone doing??

Today was the first time after trying for 15 minutes that I wasn't able to hear the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler. Of course I immediately freaked and started googling miscarriage at 14 weeks. I'm going to try again tomorrow -- and there's nothing else that would make me think I've miscarried -- no bleeding, etc. but I can't help but get carried away with irrational fear!

Any updates from anyone else? It's been a busy week here!
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oasis, I just started to be able to pick up the heartbeat at almost 15 weeks. Can you try again in a hour? That would freak me out too but there is lots of room in there for the little one to hide. I haven't been doing very well so I haven't felt like posting over here much. I've been complaining about how crazy I feel emotionally over on the main EORB thread. Also traveling for work. I've gained about ten pounds and am having trouble finding time for exercise.

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patti so sorry you're not feeling your best. While many of my other symptoms are starting to abate I am definitely feeling moodier, so I can relate a little. Can you ask your work for a little reprieve from all the travel?


I tried again this morning and voila -- heard the heartbeat. As suspected, I freaked out for absolutely no reason!

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Patti and Oasis - big hugs to you both!


Patti - 10 pounds is not unreasonable, especially if you tend to gain more with boys anyway. Maybe you'll even out over the next few weeks. And I second oasis - can you hold off on work travel or have someone else go in your place, at least for a little while?


How's everyone else?

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I'm fine, 17w tomorrow; my girl is also very elusive doppler-wise, but I usually get a few seconds of her heartbeat if I keep searching; I think she keeps her shoulders away from my front, making it a bit harder.


ob appt on Tuesday, we'll likely see her on the u/s again (he has one he does quick checks with in his office)


I hope you ladies are doing well!



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