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It ain't all glowing and flutters: the ugly side of pregnancy

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I thought we could use a thread for the yucky stuff so we can commiserate and advise each other.
I'll dive in first:
Hemorrhoids. I didn't have them with baby #1 except for immediately postpartum (which I thought was weird since I had a C-section). This time, I have already experienced some painless bright red bleeding when I poop a few times. I told my MW at my last appt and she wasn't concerned. This past weekend I had a lot of bleeding during bowel movements, and today I discovered a small external hemorrhoid. No pain, just a bit more aware of my tush than I usually feel.
For those of you who have experienced the joy of hemorrhoids, what natural remedies do you use to treat them? What foods would you recommend that might be...merciful...on my colon?
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Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fiber! Metamucil isn't just for fogies. They also make Metamucil wafers now, though I haven't tried them. 


I have become insanely sensitive to sugar. Even a teaspoon of sugar gives me a stomachache. More than that gives me a HORRIBLE stomachache. It's torture because I have a major sweet tooth. I can't have desserts, candy (more than, like, 1 Skittle per hour or something), hot chocolate, coffee drinks, smoothies/shakes, or even more than a little bit of fruit. I have to be careful with adding anything to oatmeal or yogurt, and what snacks am I supposed to carry to work when I can't do fruit (or trail mix, for that matter) and even some granola bars are unpleasant? I did carrots with (unsweetened) peanut butter but even too many carrot sticks starts to bother me. 


Oh, also when I cough or sneeze, my bladder leaks. Not much I can do about that other than visit the restroom frequently. All the Kegels I did last pregnancy didn't really help that problem, even at the time. 

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Sneezing and leaking, yup. 


My allergies are completely out of control and I think I have a bit of rhinitis as well, joy. And, the tired. OMG the tired. 

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Alaura - Definitely give raw potato a try for the hemorrhoid.  I was skeptical at first, but it brings the swelling of hemorrhoids down super fast.  Just peel, slice and apply.  Hope it feels better soon. 

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My midwife and herbalist recommended which hazel and comfrey balm for the hemorrhoid to shrink and soothe then gently pressing it back in place. It worked quickly for me.
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OMG I'm in the exact same boat with hemorrhoids. None until post-partum first time around, and even then only slight. But this time around they are the worst!


I'm using witch hazel/aloe wipes and doing lots of kegels.


Erigeron - I went through the same sugar sensitivity with my first. Had to have "sour," I even had to add lemon or lime to my water or it seemed "sweet" to me. I work for a bottled water company and we use reverse osmosis, so it wasn't a mineral content issue, etc., just my strange pregnant body. Stuck around pretty much the entire first and second trimester. Even stranger, there were times I swear that I ate multiple food items at the same time and only threw up the "sweets." So I certainly feel your pain! So glad that hasn't been a recurring symptom this pregnancy!

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Thanks JenVose. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I mean, not nice that you had to suffer too, but misery loves company, I suppose. I'm glad you haven't had the symptom this time. My midwife said she hasn't had a lot of patients report this but she has had some. And that is so weird you said that about water, because I swear the water at work tonight was bugging my stomach. Haven't tried lemon with it yet but I'll bear that in mind. The water at home is fine. 


I've decided about the only snack I can eat at work is mixed nuts, so I'm working my way through a tin of those. Am I the only person who reads nutrition labels zeroing in on the protein (maximize it) and sugar (minimize it) and ignores everything else on it? The idea of trying to minimize caloric intake is totally foreign to me now. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Originally Posted by erigeron View Post

 All the Kegels I did last pregnancy didn't really help that problem, even at the time. 


Kegels actually do more harm than good - http://mamasweat.blogspot.com/2010/05/pelvic-floor-party-kegels-are-not.html

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SillyMommy, interested link!mmakes a lot of sense to me because I have never seen improvement from kegels, but the biggest improvement for me came a few months into doing the 30day shred excercise video. Loads of squats! I'm a squatting queen now, and it really has translated into a stronger pelvic floor.
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We use a squatty potty in our house and I have to say, it is the best thing ever. It is also supposed to help strengthen your pelvic floor, which is something I'm really trying to be diligent about. I totally recommend giving it a try if you're curious.

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I hate squatting... it totally kills my knees. Any ideas on alternatives? 

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A second here on the squatty potty or alternative. DH and I liked the idea but haven't gotten around to getting one yet, but when I got terrible hemorrhoids I realized I had two potty trainers that convert to stools in the bathroom that were just the right height and I started using them. No pressure squats! Puts you in position, but you're supported at all points. Also, exercise/birthing balls.

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I guess the name "squatty potty" is actually a misnomer because you're still sitting on the toilet - you're not actually doing a squat. I suppose you could if you wanted to but, the way we use it your knees are just brought up but your feet are still firmly planted and so is your rear :)
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Since reading about different bathroom positions, I often just rest my feet on the edge of the tub which is immediately in front of the toilet. But I was also thinking in terms of squats as exercises. Going up and down and doing several is very uncomfortable for me. I can hold a squat for a little while. I was wondering if anyone is aware of alternate exercises that accomplish the same or similar goals. 

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The pelvic benefits are from holding the squat, so it sounds like you're in a good place. They also make "squat bars" for you to hold on to that might help to place some of the up/down pressure on your arms or upper body.

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I puked in the bath today.  SO GROSS!!! but it totally took me by surprise.


I have always liked to put my feet up when I go potty.  I didn't know, until I was reading a potty training book when I was a nanny, that it was ergonomically correct.  Since then, when I have lived in places that didn't have a convenient bathtub, wall, etc, I have used a step stool.  It is amazing how much easier it makes pottying- especially when things are a little backed up.  We were camping last weekend, and there were port-a-potties at the campground.  I found that I just could not empty my bladder enough to be able to sleep, so took advantage of the dark and popped a squat, which fixed the problem!!  That's one reason I prefer more secluded camping to more formal campgrounds.  I much prefer a bush to a glorified communal poop/pee bucket.

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I have an ugly stripe of dark pigmentation that runs straight down the middle of my forehead. It's driving me nuts - I wanted to grow out my bangs, but this is making me want to cut them again to cover this up!

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Ok, I am finally ready to tell my early pregnancy story.

I have hyperemesis. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and have been bedridden for a month. At the peak of the vomiting, I was throwing up 20-30 times a day. That's right. Constantly. My throat now bleeds when I throw up. I have been to the E R for fluids and they started me on zofran to stop the puking. It works, but the side effects are nigh unbearable. The biggest problem is severe constipation, not the kind that can be fixed with fiber or miralax.. The zofran kills all movement. The only thing that has helped are terrible, horrible , not particularly safe for pregnancy fleet enemas. I have had to use two, each time after a week had passed with no relief.

The enemas also make puke.

I have had hyperemesis for the last 4 pregnancies. I somehow thought I would be more proactive this time, but my 6yo was hospitalized when I was 7 weeks and I stayed with him for 11 days. During that time, I stopped all my self care and got really dehydrated. Also, of course, time passed and the illness began to worsen. If this pregnancy is like others, I should recover by 16 weeks.

So I have been on my back for a month, eating unhealthy foods chosen merely by how easy they are to throw up again. Not all glowing and flutters.
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Tabitha, that's awful!!!! My heart goes out to you. I hope the 2nd trimester brings a return to vomit-free life!
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Thanks! I almost don't remember life before hyperemesis.
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