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I'm ashamed to say this

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But I need some support

Right now, I hate parenting. I always, always try to be grateful for all that I have but right now...I find it hard

I have a three year ol son and a three month old daughter. Besides the regular stuff like breastfeeding, doctors appointments, cooking, cleaning, my son is so high energy, I plan an activity every day and my mom cares for the baby. Which makes him happy. But beyond that, he is oppositional, cries at the drop of a hat, bangs on stuff, hits me (not because he is trying to beat me, he thinks its funny)

He doesn't play with toys, he wants to go to playgrounds. He is speech delayed and I'm having him assessed by a developmental paediatrician in a few weeks. It takes him longer than his peers to learn things. I'm so tired of his constant weeping and defiance is getting to me! I also don't even know how to keep him engaged in activity all day while I care for a baby! Left to his own devices, he removes vents and shoves my shoes down them! Or rummages through drawers.

He is very good with language in terms of asking for things and making his needs known, not as good with the W questions. Who, what, when.....etc.

He starts a great nursery school program that specializes in kids with delays

I'm so tired and feel defeated.
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Huge hugs mama. I have a 28 month old and soon to be two week old and I can relate. DD1 doesn't have any delays but the baby has thrown her for a loop. DD2 cluster feeds multiple times a day and DD1 is so very clingy and weepy right now. Everything sets her off and she's not the happy, fairly easy toddler she was before. I do try to spend time with her each day but it's hard with a nursing newborn. I think I need to learn to baby wear more. That's my only idea. That and nurse in the carrier. I hope learning that will help. I'm sorry I don't have better advice; I still need to figure this out too
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I think we have all had times that we hate parenting. You are not alone. 3 is a hard age anyway and it sounds like your ds has some extra needs. I'm glad you have already set up some ways to get help and find the root of the problem. You mentioned your mom cares for baby while you engage your ds each day. Would she be up for switching that once a week or so where you have baby and she has your 3 yo? What does he like at the playground? Could you have a swing set or even a swing from a tree and a small slide in the back yard where he could get outside time with out the playground? Or a sandbox?

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I don't know why people say "terrible twos."  Two was cake!  Three was really, really hard!  


Will your baby nap in a carrier?  Can you take your 3 yo out for walks/to the playground/ bike ride while the baby naps on you?


Have you tried "fine wine time"?  I find that a little drink at about 4pm can really get me through the rest of the day.  (Maybe that isn't the world's best mom advice, but it is true)

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