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Contrary phase + foot injury = insanity for all involved

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So my daughter has been going through a contrary phase the past couple of weeks or so.  Saying "no" to anything I would remotely intend for her to do (eat, change diaper, move from where she is sitting, etc).  It has been a trying time to say the least, but I've been dealing with it by trying to keep her busy with fun activities and sneak food into her whenever I can.  Well yesterday she slipped and injured her foot/ankle.  Nothing is broken (x-ray and doctor exam), but it is definitely causing her discomfort and she cannot put weight on it.  Which means that everything that frustrated her before is now a million times worse.  And she has all this energy of a newly walking toddler that she cannot exert.  Needless to say, we both had about 10 meltdowns each this morning.


Has anyone dealt with an injured toddler before?  Any suggestions to make our way a bit easier until we get through this?  Any suggestions on physical activities that don't involve walking to help her get some energy out?  Anyone want to come over and give me a break? duh.gif

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Are her ankle and foot well wrapped?  My daughter fell on her foot a couple months back and hurt it badly; we thought she broke it.  When we had it wrapped it was easier for her to walk on it.

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No!  The doctor didn't even suggest that!  How do you wrap it?  Did you just use a regular ace bandage?

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Yeah, the doctor gave us one that closes with velcro rather than the little metal tabs.  I played basketball in high school so I know how to wrap an injury.  Don't wrap it to tightly or you'll cut the circulation off to her toes.


We still had to carry her around the first day, but after that she was hobbling on her own.  Also, I would think that an arnica gel applied to the sprain would help it heal faster.


Also, to get her energy out, swimming might be a good idea.  No weight on her ankle!

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Thank you so much.  I will definitely try the foot wrap and Arnica.  And my dad has a pool.  Wonderful suggestions, all of them.  Thank you again.

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You're very welcome!  It's hard when our little ones are hurt but still need to move.  AND going through a hard phase, you really won the parenting lottery!  wink1.gif  I hope things get easier soon.

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