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EC Already?

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I saw this mentioned in the back to work thread & being a SAHM, didn't want to hijack it. But we did start EC a month ago & I think we're getting the hang of it now. And what are your circumstances/ reasons? I thought it was neat Cuau (or Spotty?) was doing it for back to work. We've just not made getting a washing machine a priority & cloth diaper. Every pee I catch is one less in the pail. I'm not terribly great at it but I know she's got to pee every time she wakes up from a nap. Those are usually the only ones I catch. If I'm changing a diaper & it's dry I can usually catch that too. We tried it today going from cloth to paper for out of the house & she only went a very little bit...but it was in response to my signal, yay! I am scared to have her diaper free & try to catch a poo, that's a mess I'm not prepared to clean in a timely manner right now. She has the prettiest toilet, a blue & white porcelain pedestal bowl I got from Cracker Barrel that was collecting dust. I hold the pedestal between my knees for stability. Who else is doing/ has tried it?

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We have friends who started EC early and have kept it up for 8 months at this point. They are brilliantly determined....but all I can say is that maybe we should have bought them a tarp as a baby shower present....

All joking aside, I have heard success stories.... but only anecdotally. Very curious to hear of other experiences!
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I have never tried this BUT a good friend if mine started trying at 5 months and while it wasn't fool proof, she kept it up and he's now completely potty trained and will be 2 in Oct. she keeps a small potty in the car and even when he wasn't talking he would make some sound when he needed to go. She pulled over, jumped in the back and he went pee/poo in the potty and off they went. She only has the one small guy though. I really feel like I could never be successful with it because life is too hectic at my house. Good work Voondrop!!
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Yes, we already started Ec, maybe when Tonatiuh was 3 weeks old, can't remember.  We are pretty good about catching poo, pee is another story, this little man pees every 20 min or so, even when he is sleeping.

 But yeah every poo catched is diaper less in the pail, which is really nice.


 Voondrop, please share a picture of the potty, I just have a regular walmart potty. It is kind of tricky to position him in the potty, and we haven't tried the toilet or sink though, maybe that would be easier.


 I think is fun to try it, you get really excited when you get your first catches, and if you miss the pee, is not too bad. I usually leave Tonatiuh diaperless when I just caught a poo, that way I'm really sure I will not have to clean a big mess.

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My friend just used a Tupperware type bowl at home because it was small and convenient.
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We've been EC'ing from day 1 . . . . but we still have lots of diaper laundry.  It's more about learning Arren's language and honoring his communication than using less diapers at this point.  I would say it's our main reason.  Less diaper laundry is a great side-benefit.  It's something my husband loves because it gives him something essential to do for/with his baby even though he cannot breast feed the little one.  A very nice thing for parents who did not birth and are not nursing.  We've found our newborns pee every 5 to 10 minutes when awake.  Right upon waking and after nursing are easy catches for us.     


Learned about this with our middle daughter.  She was very adamant about not peeing/pooing in her diapers from day one.  Good thing I had a friend lend me Diaper Free while I was pregnant with her.  Otherwise we would have had one of those babies who cried all the time without ever figuring out why.  Instead, everyone commented on how content and quiet she was.  With her we rarely had to wash poopy diapers.  She had a very distinct verbal cue for poo.  It was a type of body wiggle for pee with her.  With Arren . . . he's more clear with communicating about going pee (verbal and body signals), not poo.


We use the bathroom sink when they're this little - easier on the back than bending over a little bowl or potty and the baby can be cradled securely. Great way to make sure my sink is sparkling clean - it gets washed with every "catch". 


I will also get a tupperware-type container for the car.  That was a great thing to have when dd was little. 

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This is not our potty; the camera is broken, but google images found a very similar substitute for me. We EC'd w/ our 3rd & she did great! She was taking herself to the little toddler potty by 12 months & provided she was naked underneath her dress could take pretty good care of herself, minus the wiping. Now at 3 she has regressed HORRIBLY;this came about before Leora was born, not sure what the cause is. Just the typical not wanting to leave her game to take care of herself & more often, muscle excitement standing in front of the toilet. She dances & leaks trying to get her panties down. But at least there's a diaper pail to put them in again. I don't consider her ECing a failure & am better prepared expectations-wise w/ Leora.

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We have been EC ing Lark since birth, it was a lot easier then in fact because he would hold it till I held him in the sitting position. We started with a little bowl but the bathroom sink became easier. I'm not attached to using less diapers, it's more about responding to his requests and since I know what he is asking for I am going to give him what he needs. This is our second time around, so it's a lot easier, mellow and fun. He does wear a diaper, but will protest when I missed his request and his diaper gets dirty.

When my oldest was born we were already intending to give EC a try, but figured we would start when he was a bit older. However he got nasty rashes from every diaper we tried (disposable to cloth) so we started using the potty about a week or two after he was born. It was a bit more challenging and even stressful at times (though I found a lot of my parenting duties that first year incredibly stressful). He stopped pooping in his diaper after the first couple months and from then on it was just pee we had to work on. I admit I missed a lot of cues and probably made it last longer than it needed to, but either way he was out of diapers between 1.5 and 2. I never got pee or pooped on, an he only had 2 poop accidents once he started walking, because he was distracted. He has never peed in the bed (though when he would outgrow diapers as a baby they would leek pee on the bed). Overall I'm pretty happy with my experience.


Oh and I highly recommend the sink. I use the water to wash him off then pat him dry with little cloth wipes. then I was out the sink and spray it with white vinegar. I wish I would have done this the first time and saved aa lot of potty cleaning. I'm hoping not to use a potty at all this time and just go from sink to toilet.

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Heh, we had a big regression too.  I ended up putting a potty in the main room, the playroom and the bathroom because she just didn't want to interrupt her play in order to go into a different room for using the potty.  That helped a bit, but mostly time made things change.


I'm finding it a new challenge having a boy!  We have to take off socks and booties because he doesn't like having his knees apart so he can easily shoot a stream right at his feet.  I know this will change as he gets older but it's challenging to keep him warm with all the uncovering to go pee these days!


: )

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