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20 month old not gaining weight

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My dd is 20 months old and I don't think she's gained much weight since her 12 month check up.  She may have gained some, as I don't remember exactly what she weighed, but I don't think it's more than a 1/2 lb - 1 lb of weight gain.   I haven't taken her for her 15 or 18 months wellness exams.  We had a bad experience at her year check up, then around the 15 month old one we were in the process of moving so I just put it off till we got the the new city (honestly, I didn't want to return to the dr office we had been going to after the 12 month check up).  Then we moved and I got pregnant and had two months of vomiting so didn't have the get-up-and-go to find a new ped and take her in. I am in the process of trying to find a new ped here, but a little gun shy because I dreaded going to the last pediatrician - the 12 month check up was the last straw.  greensad.gif  I'm nervous to try out a new ped, especially if she hasn't gained much weight.


She weighs around 24 lbs - I am just weighing her on a scale with me, then subtracting my weight, so I don't have ounces or anything.  That's essentially how they weighed her in the dr office because she would cry so much when they tried to weigh her independently of me. I know she's grown in height quite a bit, her pants are getting too short on her.  She is bit of a picky eater, but eats high fat things like cheese, butter, peanut butter, eggs, meat, etc.  She eats lots of fruit though, and a few veggies.  She is still breastfed, and I don't limit her nursing (though I am planning on night weaning her soon).


She was small when born - 6 lb 9 oz, then gained weight like crazy and chunked out - into the 90% percentile in her 4th and 6th month, then weight gain slowed and now seems non existent.  I think 24 lbs is in the 50% percentile for 20 months.


Otherwise she seems fine.  Very talkative - already saying 3-4 word sentences, seems fine physically.


My question to you mamas: should I be worried?  I assumed she had gained weight, but just found out this morning that she is still 24 lbs.  I'm a little alarmed and when I searched on the internet it sounded like a big deal - particularly if she dropped percentages like she has.  But I don't feel like there's anything wrong with her.  She looks healthy, seems happy, etc.


Thoughts, mamas?

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Most children don't stay on one percentile, they move around as they have growth spurts or their activity levels increase etc.

If she is meeting her milestones and seems well then I wouldn't be too worried. 24lb is about 12kg. My LO wasn't 12kg until she was 2yrs 4mo (I know that because it's when we had to turn her car seat). This is an age where they are more active than ever and seem to gain height without gaining weight.

If she seems lethargic, isn't sleeping well or is suddenly sleeping a lot more, isn't meeting milestones or loses skills she previously had, has changes in bowel habits, or doesn't seem bright and interested in life then I'd be concerned. If everything else seems fine then I'd just keep an eye on her weight and see how things go.
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