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VBAC after more then one C-Section

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I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have had 2 c-sections in the past but would really like to avoid that if it is at all possible. I want to bad to have a vbac but everybody keeps telling me how bad of an idea it is to do it. I would just like to hear from people who have tried it or have done it and see what everybody else thinks about it. Thanks for reading. 

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I clicked on this post because I'm in the same situation!  I guess we'll both have to keep checking back for replies.


I am in two minds about it.  I know that both of my prior c-secs (2) were unnecessary, but now I'm 43 with an unexpected (but much wanted!) pregnancy and I don't want to just submit to that again.  My doctor wants to see the records for my previous surgeries, but my babies were born in 1990 and 1996  - I don't think I could even get hold of the medical records for #1 at all, maybe #2.


The risk of uterine rupture is so low, but the consequences so scary, that I don't want to try it at home - but home is the only place where I think I might have a chance of pulling it off.


What are you thinking?



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I had a vba2c at home with midwives!!  






The key is finding a supportive care-provider (and beware of the bait & switch) & trusting your body & following your instincts.  I spent a lot of time reading success stories & watching birth videos during my pregnancy to build my confidence.  Vaginal birth is such a natural process - you don't really need to do anything except for avoid unnecessary interventions! :)

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I was just told that the midwives in my province are not allowed to do VBA2C and my family physician would never agree. So I guess I am out of luck. I'm sad and I'm having terrible dreams about c-sections. I keep wondering what happens if I am in full on labour before the scheduled c-section can I refuse to go in for the emergency one. 

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I had a successful VBAC after 2 c-sections 18 months ago. I had my baby in the hospital, because I felt more comfortable with the OB I chose than any of the home birth midwives I had met.
I'm of the mind to pick my birth attendant, not the place of birth, although I do take that into consideration. My frat two children were both attempted Home births that ended in transfer, and ultimately C sections.

My VBAC after 2 Cs was wonderful. I did have an epidural, and for me, it was a good thing.
I am now 18 weeks pregnant again, and I have my first appt with the dr that attended my VBAC. hopefully he's still on board for this one. It can be done!
I would caution though to be mentally prepared for a C section. My second was an attempted VBAC that ended in a very necessary C section. He got stuck. He was malpositioned, and After 77 hours of labor, I was in serious distress, and we needed the C-section. Because I wasn't prepared for the C section, it was really difficult for me emotionally. It was worse than the first unnecessary C section. Just be prepared that in any birth, there is a small chance of needing a C-section. It helps to be prepared. smile.gif

As far as safety, There is only a slightly higher chance of rupture in a VBAC after 2Cs than there is for a VBAC after just 1 C.
From what I've read, it seams that if you've never had a C section, you have about 0.2-0.5% chance of rupture. After 1 C-section you have a1-1.5% chance, and after 2 it's only 1.5-3%
Very small risk. It can be done! Good luck!
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I am hoping too as well.  I think I found a Dr., he sounds very supportive and spent the time with me like midwife, I was surprised.


kungfumoose, which part of Washington, I have been looking in Spokane?

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Actually, I'm not in Washington anymore. We're in Kansas. I guess I should update my profile. DH is military, so we move a lot. I couldn't find ANY doctors to do a VBAC when we lived there, but that was in King County, and over five years ago.
We have to drive 3 hours to Kansas City for the doctor here. Thank goodness I have long labors!
Good luck!
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