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13 mo. old biting and now refusing to nurse!

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13 Month old started biting at every nursing (6-7 xs/day) yesterday and now is totally refusing to nurse at all.  She gets angry if I offer and she'll open up and bite so that I'll put her down!  I gave her a dose of Tylenol to see if it was teething, but it had no effect.  Could she be weaning?  I am so upset.  


She's a very large baby (27 lbs) and has always nursed frequently and not taken much solids.  Now all of a sudden she's eating more than my 5 & 3 year olds and wants everything she sees us eating.  I haven't given her anything but a couple of ounces of water to drink at meals/or with a snack.  I am pumping and hoping she comes back, but I don't know.  She's so tempermental!  I love nursing - she's my last baby and she's the first out of 3 that I've been able to nurse to 1 year.

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How's it going for you? I'm sorry I can't offer advice.
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If you haven't already read up on nursing strikes. Kellymom is supposed to have good information. So sorry this is happening to you.
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Thank you for the replies, it's now been almost 2 weeks (tomorrow), and she is absolutely refusing.  She has tasted but not latched on, except for one time after a nap but when she fully woke and realized what was happening she was angry.  She snuggles, and cuddles and even raises my shirt at bedtime but only for the closeness.  I know that she is teething, but it will be a long process and it looks like there are 4-6 on the top coming down.  (my son used to get 4-6 teeth at one time too)


I am still pumping 3 times/day and fully emptying, and offering, sleeping with her, etc. in hopes that she will return.  I was hoping that this was a strike, but I have to prepare for the worst.  I am so sad.  We worked extremely hard for this, and it was hard on the whole family.  I had hoped to have a honeymoon period until she was at least 2.   I always go to kellymom first, but unfortunately this situation (as many others I have had) isn't fitting in to the standard advice.  I wonder if some babies simply do not nurse until 2; that she's had her needs met and is moving on.  She's developing at lightening speed, especially in fine motor skills and she has quite a personality.  It's been lovely to have experienced nursing exclusively for the first time after 3 babies.  I feel very lucky. 

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Wow, thank you for updating. You sound wonderful! Things may change, but big hugs to you in the mean while. :-)
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