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Polio in Israel and Vaccination

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Hi there, I've posted this on the general forum, but wanted your advice as well, as I've read your book and found it very informative. My two kids, 3 and 5 are not vaccinated. I feel pretty confident about that these days. We typically visit family in Israel in the winter, but I now understand that there has been detection of the polio virus in sewage in southern Israel and they've identified individual 1000 carriers in the south of the country. It's the same strain that is endemic to Pakistan. The Israeli government is now working on the innoculation of 150,000 kids in southern Israel with the newest live polio vaccine. So my questions are: 1. Should I visit Israel this year, and if so, do I need to vaccinate my kids? 2. If I do vaccinate my kids, would you recommend just the single polio dose vaccine, versus the combo diptheria/tetanus/pertussis/polio vaccine? 3. Do I need to be worried about my kids coming into contact with friends or relatives who have travelled to or will travel to Israel? Many people in our community and at my daughter's school regularly travel to Israel. Any advice you have would be much appreciated.
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I'll send Dr. Neustaeder an email to let him know about your post. I think he is not receiving notifications from his forum. smile.gif

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Polio virus from the oral vaccine is spread through the stool, so the most common mode of transmission is from changing diapers of recently vaccinated babies. Adequate handwashing in older children or adults who have been recently vaccinated will help prevent infections. If you have read the section in my book The Vaccine Guide you know that more than 95 % of people who contract the polio virus experience only cold symptoms, and many people who have had the virus or shed the virus just have a cold. In some unvaccinated communities nearly all of the children have been found to carry antibodies to polio, which means they have been exposed to wild polio or the live vaccine virus spread by others and none of them developed nervous system symptoms.

I would rely on developing a strong immune system. You can find out how to do that by visiting the website www.CureChild.com and www.CureGuide.com.

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Thank you very much for your response Dr. Neustaedter. I appreciate your perspective. I'm going to hold off on vaccination for now, not travel to Israel this year, and work on boosting my children's immune systems with vitamin c this winter. If there is a polio outbreak in Canada or the US, I'll revisit the issue. The Cure Child web site looks great. I'll sign up. The Cure Guide site is in another language, so I can't read it, but, the former should suffice. I'm always working on improving the health of my kids, starting with whole, healthy, organic food. Thanks again for the feedback.
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Vitamin C will not boost immune function. Vitamin D, astragalus, whey protein, and mushroom formulas will.

www.cure-guide.com is my website. It is not in another language. Keep up the good work.

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Ah, that's a different link than you previously sent. Yes, now I can read it. Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.
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