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Children's books that show breastfeeding?

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I know there must be some out there, but I am having a heck of a time finding them.  Searching the card catalog for Breastfeeding doesn't exactly yield a ton of kid's books!


Do you have favorites? Link me up!!!!

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This is one we have. It's a board book, with simple text. the link to breastfeeding is "little lamb likes warm milk, just like me." and shows a mothering nursing. 

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I have a great little book with photos of breastfeeding children (including EBF) called "Near Mama's Heart" by Colleen Newman, but it seems to be out of print now. greensad.gif

Some books you can find on amazon.com include:

Mama's Milk by Michael Elsohn Ross
I'm made of Mama's Milk by Mary Olsen
We Like to Nurse by Chia Martin

ETA: Near Mama's Heart can be found on youtube!
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Ruby's Baby Brother from Barefoot Books--it's brand new!


Here's a shot from the book. 



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We Have a Baby, by Catherine Falwell
Who Has a Bellybutton?
The Dr Sears children's books about new babies and learning to use the potty
I also recently came across a book from my childhood called How You Were Born. It is a little dated but has nursing photos and even mentions home birth.
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Usborne's The New Baby talks about breastfeeding but in another area, they show a bottle.

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There's a lovely book called Only the Cat Saw that has a nursing (human) mother.

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We have Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy by Cecilia Moen. Unfortunately, it looks like it's out of print. I got mine through Paperback Swap.
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Mamas Milk is a great book. My son could never finish it without asking for some mommy milk of his own
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Great recommendations so far!!! 

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You're Getting a Baby Sister by Sheila Sweeney Higginson. Not about breastfeeding, obviously, and only appropriate for certain situations, but nevertheless there is an illustration showing the mom breastfeeding the new baby.  She also has a baby brother book, but I haven't seen that one so I don't know if it has a similar illustration.

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A friend gave me the book A Teeny Tiny Baby when my daughter was born, and it rang quite true, and now that dd is 15 months, she too loves it -- it shows the baby nursing 9 times out of 10, with dad giving one bottle -- and also shows the baby sleeping lots of places, including the parents' bed. All in all, it's a charming book, and very in keeping with our daughter's experience. She loves the page about all the different places the baby goes -- to the drug store, the grocery store, the playground, etc. 

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There are my old picture books:


Amie, the story of a nursing toddler



(they say that there’s only one copy available for $49, but I do have a few left in my basement! )


Amie and Anika, a story about being sisters




(This one is long-gone, I’m afraid!)

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Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers.  Great book that is inclusive, diverse, and loved by both my kids!

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Mariana and the Merchild. It's a beautiful book and the mermaid nurses her baby in part of the story and it's illustrated beautifully.  

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My New Baby by Anne Kubler 

A wordless book great for a family welcoming a new baby.  This book has a page with mom nursing the newborn as well as a page where dad is babywearing.  This has been a favorite as we welcomed new baby and as the little ones have gotten older.  They now make up the words and tell different stories each time, but when we were welcoming a new little one we could say whatever we thought was appropriate at the time to go with the pictures to help with the transition.  

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"Kisses, Kisses Baby-O" by Sheree Fitch. It's a Canadian Book. It's been a favourite for both of my kiddos.th?id=H.4705077666119900&pid=1.7&w=156&h=148&c=7&rs=1

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The revised edition of Usborne First Experiences The New Baby shows a hospital birth, the baby on mom's tummy after birth, babies being measured and resting in room with families and No bottles or pacifiers! Yay. When they get home there is a breastfeeding scene that shows a good amount of boob and says "When Susie is hungry, Mrs. Bunn feeds her with milk. Susie will need to be fed many times each day.(The little girl is sitting by her mother feeding her doll with a bottle) that is the only bottle in the whole book!

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The book "The Big Eating Book" is not about nursing, but features it while talking about how 'everyone eats'.

The Big Eating Book (Big Board Books)
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