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Looking for some opinions/advice

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I just found out that I'm pregnant with #3, and I'm hoping to have a 2nd VBAC, but I'm in a new town and it's unclear whether any practitioners with hospital privileges will allow me to try (I'm going to be 41 when baby is due).

So, I was wondering about people's thoughts on home birth vs. seeing a hospital practitioner that's 2 hours away?

Thank you for your thoughts!
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Sorry, just clarifying - you already had one successful VBAC (I assume in a hospital) and now you live somewhere where the hospital might not allow it.  So you are trying to decide between traveling two hours to do another hospital birth or having a home birth?  Just making sure that is right. 


That is really a tough one.  I am pro-homebirth and will likely have my next VBAC at home, but I live literally 1 minute from the hospital so I feel very secure about that.  Distance from your home to the hospital is something I would consider.  I would also consider hiring a midwife to act as doula and possibly showing up at your local hospital in transition/pushing. Have you met with your local home birth midwives to see if you feel comfortable with them?

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Yes, you're absolutely right!


I am pretty comfortable with a couple of the local homebirth midwives; I'm just not sure how comfortable I am having a birth in this particular house -- it's quite small, we rent, the neighbors are REALLY close, and if we have family in at that time, I won't be able to escape them smile.gif.


On the other hand, being two hours away from the delivery hospital.....well, that makes me a bit nervous.  I don't want a baby born on the side of the highway.


Too, I need to start looking into what my insurance covers and at what percentages (ugh!), so that might make the decision for me, but I still appreciate the extra opinions -- thanks!

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Have you talked to the Hospital? If your last birth was vaginal then it may be a lot easier to have another VBAC with them. I would check and see if that is an option, if you feel that a hospital birth is something you would want to do...
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The local hospital does allow vbacs, but (as near as I can tell) only one local provider both allows vbacs and uses the local hospital.  This is a group of CNMs who seem to be very constrained by the practice's relationship to their overseeing ob/gyns; that is, they allow vbacs but only under certain, narrow conditions. I can't get in to an appointment there until I'm 10 weeks (currently 5) to talk to one of the CNMs about their parameters (the receptionist could only tell me that, yes, sometimes vbacs happen through their practice) and, frankly, I'm worried that they have a no-over 40 rule for vbacs, regardless of my previous success. 


Also found out today that my insurance does not cover homebirth, but paying directly for a homebirth might actually be less than the copays and deductibles if I go with someone who is covered by my insurance.  Certainly a repeat c-section would end up costing me more!


So, I'm going to continue to gather information and think.  Thanks!

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I had a lot of your same worries before I got into my appointment around ten weeks. I was surprised that my doctor was very positive and a lot of my concerns were not a problem at all. I hope things go the same for you!! Good luck!
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I would do either (home birth OR travel 2 hours) - however, I'd probably choose home birth over traveling.  (my reasoning - what if you encounter problems while on the road?)  I had a home birth for my vba2c and it was a great experience for me.  I think you need to do what you would feel 100% (or maybe 99% :)) comfortable with.  Labor should progress more quickly if you're relaxed & feel safe.  If being at home will make you tense & nervous, then opt for the hospital.  However, if you'll feel safe & confident, then choose home birth.  :)  Hope this helps.  Congrats on your pregnancy!

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I am working on towards my first VBAC, and I have decided to travel the 2 hrs necessary to go to the most VBAC-supportive practice I could find. My local hospital does not allow VBACs, and while there is an option 1hr away, they are very conditional in their VBAC support.


My DH and I decided against homebirth, because although I am only a 7 min drive to the hospital....we are not confident in their ability to handle emergencies, nor how they would treat me if I needed a homebirth transfer. Bur most importantly for us, homebirth is not covered by our insurance.


At first I was concerned about the 2 hr drive, if something were to happen to the baby, so 1) we identified the location of all the hospitals along the way, and 2) we have decided we will start the drive in early labor...even if it means we might make the drive a couple of times because I was fooled by prodomal labor.  Based on the how long labor was for #1, it is hard for me to believe that labor would kick in very quickly, so I doubt baby will be born on the side of the road.  Nevertheless, DH and I will be prepared for that possibility. And if it does happen, well, I will have my VBAC, and  we will save a lot of money! 


Of course, your situation is unique, and you will choose what makes most sense for you and your family. ACordeliaLynn says, you will want to choose where you will be most comfortable, where you feel safe and relaxed. I also agree with dalia, it is possible that after you speak with your local provider that many of your worries will be alleviated. 


Congrats on your lil babe!

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I would think a previous VBAC would make you an excellent candidate. Personally, I'd go see the practice at 10 weeks and get an opinion (after all, 10 weeks is still plenty of time to transfer to another provider!).

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Just wanted to chime in - good luck! I have a similar situation and just stopped here to post about asking for some advice too. :)

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