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Babywearing counts are tummy time too!

Formal tummy time is definitely not necessary if its causing stress! Ruby has never done it and she has incredible head control! It's all the babywearing! wink1.gif

Absolutely! I think Callie has had 3 minutes of official tummy time in her life. I wear her (at least a little) most days though and she's a champ at head control!
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Cole 3 mo: 13&5 oz and 24.25 inches so he has slowed down! Yay. Born at 6&8 oz and 18.75 inches
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What a sweetie pie!
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three months today!

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Yay rainbow nurse! Thanks for posting! Cool dude! It's hard when they don't like the carseat/stressful driving.
Anyone else?!
I can't believe Cole is going to be 4 mo next week, so sad! I want him to stay this size forever.
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Julia is three months old! I *think* she is 13 lbs and 23 inches long, if growth patterns have held up. 




She is holding her head up 100% of the time now, and getting better at balancing when sitting up in a supported position. She is sleeping very well at night and decently well during the day, though she still requires motion in the daylight hours to stay asleep more than 10 minutes.


She is very vocal at times and makes complex noises that sound like made-up words she repeats over and over again. It's really fun to listen to! She also became very smiley and giggled for a long time the other day, though I still don't know what hit her then!


She is getting very good at reaching and grabbing and playing with her dangly toys. She is also bringing things to her mouth now.  


We are experimenting with cloth again, this time with wool covers and hemp prefolds in the mix as well. Now that she is outgrowing a lot of her hand-me-downs, I finally getting to choose what she wears and let's just say there's a lot less pink in the mix! 

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I'd say Julia is ahead of the game! Cole blows bubbles, laughs and is talking more but not really reaching for things. I'm secretly glad he is slower than our first because I want him to be a baby forever!!!
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Lila is three months and a week. Not sure on length but she's over 16 lbs. lots of sounds nowadays and she's experimenting with quiet and suuuuuppper loud screams too! She's getting ready to roll; she puts her feet way up and leans them to the side. Night time is in a good groove of falling asleep around 7 in the Moby then transitioning into bed with us around 9:30. She still nurses every 2-3 hours but it's really quick and she stays asleep the whole time. I'm really loving her more and more! I'll say it; I didn't think it was possible to love her more today than yesterday but I do!
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She is a sweety! I agree with loving them more than we could imagine and Cole is our third:)
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Lila reminds me of Callie. I'm in a very rare kidless minute: baby is asleep on my chest in my half buckle carrier and toddler is asleep in the stroller. I'm sitting on the porch swing having a Lindt bar with hazelnuts because I can smile.gif
Chipi, you may want to switch your moby out for a woven soon. At 16lb it's probably starting to sag a bit and be less comfy.
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Ruby is almost four months. She's pretty much your average baby... Doesn't have any interest in rolling (or being put down at all, really). Reaches for things, sucks on everything, drools all the time, never stops smiling, has the sweetest little giggle you'll ever hear. She loves watching her siblings and cuddling with her daddy.

I am enjoying every minute with her. She is so squishy and kissable and has such a lovely temperament. She's so like my husband. I could (and do) cuddle her all day long!

My phone isn't fast enough to take a non-blurry smile photo. Everytime she smiles she also wiggles. Lol
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Oh my goodness!! She looks just like you!!
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Cole is 4 months I'm guessing 14 and couple oz
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Such cuties!
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Cole looks like his eyebrows are holding his whole head up! Such a sweet face.
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He can be pretty animated! He is such a good baby!!!!!!
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OMG, Cole is so adult looking! He's going to be a cute little man. 

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Oh my, how sweet are those boys!!
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They are both adorable!!!
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20 lbs.
dunno how long.
But 20 freakin pounds, four months old.
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