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Man, cole goes to day care and then all he wants is to nurse and cuddle. It is so hard to het anything done! hubby is mia at work. it will be nice to get him into an exersaucer but he isn't ready for that yet. Needs to work on posture and strength. Play may does nt last long. His 3 y o bro likes to entertain him. Perhaps a swing would have been nice
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Mason loves the exersaucer!! It can keep him happy for a good 45 minutes!

Today he hhad his 4 month check up. He is a hair over 27 inches and 15 lbs 8 oz. That puts him in 98% for height!!! I couldn't believe it!
I also put him on his belly for tummy time while I went to start the laundry and when i came back he was on his back! First time he rolled over was today. And he kept doing it. I was surprised.
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Callie and I have a cyclical routine. Nurse/diaper, play on the floor/mat, offer nurse/check diaper then she goes on my back and usually naps after a while. Yesterday this let me cook and do 3 loads of laundry with big sis' help. Of course today is a write off: we're all snotty and sick and between the girls there was a 2am to 4:45 am party. Ugh.
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Boo, skycheat! I hope you guys feel better soon!
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Sounds like mason is doing very well.
Cole goes to bed at 8, nurses at 2:45 & 6 am and that's more for me than him ! He doesn't even wake up, he stirs.
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Oliver does like to play on the colorful square blanket someone gave us, and he usually entertains himself by flipping from his back to front and chewing on the blanket.  I don't think it's dawned on him that he could flip the other way, because he hasn't really even tried to do it yet!  I am able to cook myself quick meals and eat this way, so it's not too bad.  my husband holds him in the evenings, and I cook us dinner then.  it actually does work out just fine, but I can't dawdle and waste time the way I did when it was just me.  if I want to get something done, I have to find the motivation to do it while I can.  I'm a bit embarrassed that it's taken a baby to teach me that lesson, but what are you going to do.


Oliver had his four month checkup today, and checked in at 16 lbs, 11 oz and 26 1/2" tall.  doing great!  he's talking up a storm, and I love his little voice.  here's a photo of my two babies from this weekend:


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RF he looks adorable and healthy. Callie doesn't talk much. She's a keen observer and loves being worn, especially on my back. We call her high management around here because she doesn't do a whole lot lol. She is grabbing things like mad though. Clothes and hair are preferred but she'll settle for a toy wink1.gif
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Sky- ruby is the same way! She supervises everything from her perch on my back! Lol
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Post some pics, Kalista smile.gif I don't know what I've shared and what I haven't where but this is one of my faves. Check out the big boss face wink1.gif
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I shared this on Facebook today and explained that, if I'm bald again the next time anyone sees me, this will be the straw that broke the camel's back:


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Sky- that expressions is priceless!!! I don't have many pictures. Let me see what's on my phone!

This is a pretty common sight here, a little nosy face poking around to see what I'm doing. Don't mind how low she is here. Sometimes I get lazy! wink1.gif

Rf- are you holding a trombone?!
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haha - yeah!  I was warming up before heading to rehearsal, and he was loving it!  yanking it around, feeling the sound as it vibrated through the brass...  I hadn't played since May, but it went great!  I don't know if I'll be able to go back to rehearsing each week, though - he had a minor meltdown with Daddy, and that was even with me coming home before his bedtime.  :(

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Kalista, what kind of carry is that?

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These pictures are awesome!!! So much fun. Cole is 14&15 oz and 26.25 inches tall so on the 80% for height, avg weight. He needs some help, PT, for strengthening so I'm making arrangements for that. Poor baby.
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I've never seen these carriers u all have!
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I think most if not all recent pics feature woven wraps. There are so many gorgeous colours and designs out there and more come out every day. The only thing saving me from the poor house and an episode of Hoarders is having stash basket. If its full and I want to buy something, I must first sell something to make room wink1.gif
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I'm trying desperately to stop myself from buying one of PAXbaby's treasure chest ($300 for a sz 7 girasol+another surprise wrap...)

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The swaps are pretty slow on Facebook, so if you don't mind a used, probably broken in wrap in great condition, you can snag some real beauties at a good price.
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I've seen some nice tablecloth wraps. It involves a bit of DIY but just hemming as far as I can tell. A 60x120 jacquard tablecloth from amazon will get you a wrap and a sling. They are just all sold out right now. Durn.
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Wow this is all way over my head! You make carriers?! How? When? Lol
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